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12:16 AM
2 days ago, by Michael Kjörling
@MonicaCellio The wording of the email I received certainly points toward a few days, but of course it won't be official until it's on Meta.
12:38 AM
@MonicaCellio Aha. Congrats all!
@TimB and @MichaelKjörling ^^^^
@Shokhet well, nothing's official until they make an announcement. The three of us received email saying we were being considered.
But thanks anyway. :-)
@MonicaCellio Aha. Alright then.
It's a little odd; this is the first beta I've seen where this kind of discussion happened between the nominations and the appointment. I was vague initially because I wasn't sure how I felt about that.
I mean, the nominations are public and there was some pretty clear clustering, so it makes sense that they'd ask us, but they might have also asked other people (deciding we're too similar in some important way or other).
@MonicaCellio (This is the first beta I've participated in where I saw the pro-tem mods being picked -- it all feels odd to me :P)
@MonicaCellio AFAICT, most pro-tem mod decisions are private, just up to SE, but I can't be sure.....
@Shokhet this is the fifth beta I committed to (= was there at the beginning for), though one of those was Mi Yodeya and that was different because it was a 1.0 site. So, I've seen four private betas. I've also participated on several other betas, some very early in public beta, but on those (that I remember), the mods seemed like a done deal before the site ever went public. I think they're doing this later now than they used to, probably to give others a chance to participate.
12:46 AM
@MonicaCellio Cool. How does private beta work? Just like the regular site, but just a limited set of users?
@Shokhet yes, and lower privilege requirements so people can bootstrap the site. (Less rep needed to do most things.) "Officially" private beta is only for people who committed to the Area 51 proposal, but in practice, you can get in if you want to.
@MonicaCellio Less rep even than public beta?
@Shokhet yes. Like, 1 rep to create tags, because you need to seed those even if you're going to refactor them later. See the "private beta" column on this post:
A: Reputation requirements compared

Anna LearAlternatively, see reputation tables for Stack Overflow, Server Fault, Super User, a launched SE 2.0 site, a public beta site. And Meta Stack Overflow. Main sites Action Priv ß Public ß Golden SO ────────────────────────────────────────────────...

@MonicaCellio Interesting. Thanks for that!
@Shokhet you're welcome! I noticed a few of those values are out of date, like it says it takes 100 rep to downvote but it's really 125 (public and graduated), but I think that's mostly right.
12:58 AM
@MonicaCellio What does "Golden" mean?
@Shokhet I was just looking at that. Those are the requirements for graduated sites (other than SO, which raises some further and has its own column), but why it's called "golden" I don't know.
@MonicaCellio Found it referenced in a couple other MSE questions, like this one, but no explanation given. I guess it's just a term.
@Fulli What part of it is bothering you? ....if someone who has <1K rep suggests an edit, it has to be approved by either the original poster or two >1K users. (source: worldbuilding.stackexchange.com/help/privileges/edit)
On a regular site, that takes 2K rep judaism.stackexchange.com/help/privileges/edit .....beta sites have lower thresholds for moderation privileges.
Just found this in my email:
"Congratulations -- you are one of the top new Worldbuilding Stack Exchange users for the week of Oct 13 2014! stackexchange.com/leagues/week/worldbuilding/2014-10-13";
Just two questions and one answer, wow!
6 hours later…
7:08 AM
@Shokhet I seem to recall someone getting those notices even though they were nowhere near being "up there". I think something is a bit broken.
1 hour later…
8:22 AM
@Shokhet Yeah, one advantage of a new site is it doesn't take too much to get high up the lists :)
I'm #4 so far this week - :)
1 hour later…
9:44 AM
@TimB Get in early, get in often.
:) Not many questions for me to answer recently
@MichaelKjörling then board the entrance and set traps so nobody can follow behind
[cough] in a completely community-friendly manner of course
10:00 AM
"hmm...." indeed.
10:31 AM
When I go to WB Meta, I see the "Where are the magic questions?" and read it as "Where are the 'magic questions'?" rather than "Where are the questions on the subject of magic?" :)
edit it for clarity :p
10:46 AM
I don't have the rep to edit non-CW posts on Meta.
done it for ya :p
I think that's tied to "edit without peer review" on the main site. Which is 1K rep. I have 694 just now, probably as an effect of much of my contributions being on meta in the first place!
That's a little better :)
Morning/Afternoon/Evening, all
Midday @DannyReagan
@MichaelKjörling Central Europe?
10:51 AM
@DannyReagan Correct.
Or at least, Central European Time
11:51 am here
No @TimB, 12:51 here. ;)
@DannyReagan .SE
The land of the submarine hunt.
10:53 AM
@MichaelKjörling Had to look that up. Sweden?
@DannyReagan Yes.
@MichaelKjörling Would you believe Americans don't often run into urls with .se extensions? :D
@DannyReagan What's wrong with .us?
@MichaelKjörling There's a .us?
10:55 AM
I won't be around much thurs->monday this week btw
@DannyReagan There's a .us.
@TimB No worries. Might even give me a chance to earn a bit of rep.
Google are flying me to San Jose for an open source conference. I'll check in occasionally but won't be around much
@MichaelKjörling Fascinating. Never used it.
Cool. Make sure to wave that iPhone around plenty to attract attention ;)
how to get lynched in one easy step
10:57 AM
@DannyReagan It even seems to be largely served over IPv6.
@TimB Well, you'd have to get there first.
actually I've got a HTC Android so I think I'll be fine :p
@MichaelKjörling I wonder who actually uses it
Looks to be a pretty varied mix.
@MichaelKjörling Wow. Aside from lexus and a few news sites, I have never heard of any of these businesses
@TimB So, does the aircraft run strictly open source software?
11:00 AM
I doubt it :p
@MichaelKjörling No, but I bet its a drone
Self flying one seat aircraft designed to ferry programmers around the world
lol, that would be pretty cool
You answer something particularly well on StackOverflow, and bam. They're here to collect you
@DannyReagan Something like this?
Q: Can military personnel land their own private aircraft at military bases?

Keegan McCarthyFirst off, I am asking similar, but logistically different question to What process do I follow to land a civilian aircraft on a military base? If I am in the US Military (with a valid ID), am I free to land my personal (civilian style) airplane (with my civilian licence) at military bases - in ...

@MichaelKjörling Hmmm, I was thinking more quadcopter
11:48 AM
I was about to ask "Why is this a WB question" then I realised I wasn't on WB
I'm sure we could turn it into a WB question if we wanted to, though.
we can turn anything into a WB question
12:30 PM
wow, questions have been really quiet
Better ask some more then :P
12:43 PM
Oh look, more questions
12:56 PM
I have an idea for a question, but I think that one will have to wait until tonight.
1:13 PM
@TimB I'm #7 :)
A few more questions and answers and you can shoot for #1 :)
@TimB :)
@TimB #1 is David Richerby .....I have more rep than he does, but somehow he came out ahead.....he was also a member for one more day than I was
His "week reputation" (whatever that is) is somehow 3x what mine is (32 - 100)
that's looking at this week
i.e. 1 day
he has 100 rep so far this week
@TimB But that's not true -- he got 180 points this week
Oh -- league charts are behind real rep, I guess
1:28 PM
rankings are updated at end of each day
he got 100 rep on sunday
Are association benefit points counted in the leagues?
not sure
Wouldn't really make sense to -- then anyone who joins from another site has a very easy shot at top-of-the-list
it's only 100 points, not that many really
you still need to get 1000 points from somewhere else to top the list
@TimB Not the total list, the weekly list.
1:35 PM
last week I got 1039 rep
week before 1202 and I was #2
1120 week before that
I would need to put in a lot more time to get that kind of rep.
I have the advantage of knowing a lot in this field, so I don't need to do much research to write answers
mostly just looking up exact numbers when I know the rough ballpark already etc
I hear that.
You work in aerospace or something, or just an interest in these kinds of topics?
I'm a computer programmer
but heavy science background
and a lot of sci fi
I read a lot of scifi (not so much recently, though), and do really like science (esp bio)
1:41 PM
physics makes the world go round
I like the cultural and historical questions we get
Not very many of late
@DannyReagan I just joined this week, haven't seen/been involved in so many of those
yeah, there were quite a few over the 2 weeks before you joined
then they went quiet
1:45 PM
I made a really long answer to a certain question, but it hasn't seemed to get a lot of attention. Is there something wrong with it I'm not seeing?
A: Living Planet Possible?

DonyorMSo first we need to get a list of what life requires in a planet: Energy Source All planets with life need to have some sort of energy source. The most common one is a star, but probably there are other options. The energy source needs to be capable of bringing the planet up to the proper tempe...

@DonyorM I've done that on Mi Yodeya also
I upvoted it
Maybe put a short paragraph summary in the beginning of the answer, so people don't have to read a lot to like it and upvote it?
So you were the one who read that
1:47 PM
265 views on the Q so its a bit surprising, unless most of them didn't have vote privs
a lot of people maybe missed the Q, or the length may have put them off
Don't you start with vote privileges on beta?
@TimB A lot of them may have been before the answer, though, so that's not really a good proof
@DonyorM I think you still need 15 rep
says you need 15 rep
if you come in from another SE site where you have 200+ points, you get 100 for free ("association benefit")
You may be suffering from TL;DR on that answer @DonyorM
it's well written and well presented... but a lot of people have no patience for reading...
1:50 PM
I need to remember that, I don't do massive answers very much, so I don't learn these things sometimes.
3 mins ago, by Shokhet
Maybe put a short paragraph summary in the beginning of the answer, so people don't have to read a lot to like it and upvote it?
yeah, you'll note when I do long Q&A I always frame it with a paragraph at start and at end
and try and break things up a bit as well
stuff like throwing Ragnarok into a list of disasters to wake people up
@TimB And spawn awesome new questions
indeed :D
pictures help too, or just conveying ideas concisely so the user gets a high amount of information : words ratio
1:54 PM
Yeah, good thoughts
@doppelgreener My (so-far) only answer, with a score of 9
A: Can a planet realistically have multiple stars?

Shokhet This answer was started by Pink's comment on the question. Kepler/NASA have discovered what they call "circumbinary" planets -- planets that orbit multiple suns (or "stars" or whatever you want to call them). The way it works is that there is a planet that orbits two suns, both of which orbi...

has a picture that got comments :)
@doppelgreener I agree, pics are useful
@Shokhet good answer
Thanks :)
that article's from 2012, and since then it seems the main thing we've discovered about planets and habitability is that we increasingly don't know a damn thing about either :D
pretty much :)
2:00 PM
but give a planet multiple stars and all it needs is for them to be dull enough and it to be far away enough for decent non-incendiary non-frozen conditions
yeah, well :)
my three highest voted answers have no images at all
they all fit on one screen though
I guess that could work
in fact my top 5 all have no images
my 6th has images
You don't need pictures, but when they can help illustrate a point they can be very useful
@doppelgreener Thanks for the badge :)
2:20 PM
@DonyorM Though some people don't like the association benefit giving people the right to vote......
Q: The association bonus should not enable users to vote on every site

Mad ScientistThe number of upvotes for a question is a flawed measure of question quality, one particular issue is that the amount of exposure a question gets matters a lot. Questions that were linked in the hot questions list tend to get an enormous amount of votes, much more than any questions gets organica...

2:39 PM
The argument makes sense.
Drive By Voting can be harmful to a site
That feature request has been declined, so it's too late (i think)
But I think I agree most with the top-voted answer there
A: The association bonus should not enable users to vote on every site

wax eagleI don't think this is useful. I support forcing reputation to be earned on a site before votes are granted on meta. But I don't want to have to re-earn privileges on every site I participate in before I can vote. I realize that you're trying to solve a problem with regard to the hot questions ...

Why should I have to participate at all, if I want to vote? ....I have my 100 association benefit points, and that should be enough.
I think the the point they are making is that people look at the hot list, go "that question sounds cool" click it, and then click upvote on the question / top answer.
@Mourdos I don't vote that way
2:43 PM
And that specific effect is harmful.
(though you're right, that doesn't mean nobody does)
@Shokhet Then you are fine. But what I just described is what they are complaining about.
Fair enough.
so long as it's a good answer I don't really see it as harmful
@TimB Then you might get the "fastest gun in the West" problem
2:45 PM
you don't hit HNQ with FGitW tho
First answer gets all the upvotes, cuz no one bothers to read the other answers that don't have as many points *yet*
I don't think hitting the hot question list should give you free rep (which is basically what it does)
you need multiple answers to hit the hot queue
@TimB I didn't know that
Q: Enchanting a cannon

Danny ReaganIn a fantasy world steeped in magic, gunpowder has emerged as a force to be reckoned with. Cannon and muskets have become commonplace on the battlefield; and far from replacing magic, have synergized with it to create deadly enchanted weapons. Assuming a magical system like that of Pathfinder ...

Magic based question!
2:46 PM
Oh, I know this one, but I need some time to write it up
The meta question is right. These are hard to ask
Its basically a "list all the cool effects a spell could do"
it's broad, I think it's ok tho
whack a delayed blast fireball into each cannonball, job done :D
Not too broad -- how much can you do with a cannon?
I think its too broad. It falls under ideas generation.
2:47 PM
@TimB That works :)
Its reads as "what spells can you fire at people"
Well, its limited to things you could do with a cannon. And they need to be practical from a military standpoint
So, easily repeatable, cheap, portable, reliable, etc
@DannyReagan Maybe that should be put into the question, then.
@Shokhet Yup. Already on that
It also doesn't say anything about what kind of magic. "Magic" on its own is a rather catch-all term in my book. Try asking "how can magic technology plausibly turn mundane cannons into devastating weapons?" -- if that is too broad, it stands to reason that asking the same about magic is also too broad.
2:49 PM
this is a good point
actually, there is an interesting question in there....
why in a world with common magic would cannons ever be invented?
that would be good to ask too
as a separate question
@TimB Go for it
what does a cannon offer over magic?
working atm and used up my lunch break already
you can ask it :)
3 mins ago, by Danny Reagan
So, easily repeatable, cheap, portable, reliable, etc
Might be part of that answer
Define the above?
atm = at the moment
or was that directed at me?
2:52 PM
The problem is that there are no rules for the magic system
@Shokhet At this
@Mourdos Gave some. Referenced Pathfinder for a baseline
@TimB No you don't, apparently.
Q: How do I stop attack on my email id from hackers?

Manoj GWe have an email id, info@<ourdomain>.com This email id is being hacked frequently and mails are sent from this email id, Following is the example of one such email. From: info@<ourdomain>.com [mailto:info@<ourdomain>.com] Sent: 20 October 2014 03:00 To: info@<ourdomain>.com Subject: Starten Sie...

That one only has a single answer, accepted.
Yet it has hit the hot questions list.
@Mourdos That might be some of the things that a cannon has over magic -- assume your military commander is not a wizard -- he has to hire a magician to magic for him. The magician might be in a position to charge a lot of money, come as he pleases, work only as much as he wants etc.
You'll get no argument, price hikes, "I'm just not interested right now" from your average cannon
@DannyReagan Which of course means that anyone trying to answer has to be familiar with the Pathfinder magic system. And I still think it's too broad; it's asking for a list of possibilities, which is a big flashing warning sign for precisely closing as "too broad". It would be better if the question was turned on its head, asking something more like "I want a cannon to do X within magic system Y, what is needed for that?".
@MichaelKjörling And this isn't too broad?
(not attacking, just curious)
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