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12:26 AM
Trying to figure out why someone might DV this question.....if it's unclear, do me the favor of telling me what I can do to improve it! — Shokhet 31 secs ago
12:46 AM
@Shokhet could we get a link to the question in question...? :-)
@githubphagocyte If you click on the time-stamp you are taken to the comment in situ, but the question is here
[I like the pun!] :)
@Shokhet ah - I only looked at your username link and overlooked the timestamp... I'll bear that in mind for future - thank you :)
@githubphagocyte Took me a while to figure out also :)
@Shokhet if there's no explanation I wouldn't take the downvote too seriously - it could be any minor personal reason. It's good to ask, but if no one offers any suggestion for improvement then don't worry about it. I know that at least one answer to this question was deleted for very poor quality/lack of effort within the last 24 hours, so your downvote could possibly be a result of that - it doesn't necessarily reflect any problem with your question itself.
@Shokhet I obviously can't know who downvoted, but my point is that there are a variety of potential motives and not all of them relate to the quality of the question.
1:06 AM
@githubphagocyte I didn't know about that deletion, but I was hoping either that the downvoter was hanging around this room, or that someone else would be able to figure out what s/he was thinking.
Although you are right, not all DVs have to do with the quality of the question; I was kinda hoping that if it did, I might be able to figure it out through some discussion here.
@Shokhet the poster of the poor quality answer may not be the one who downvoted - I just thought I'd give an example of another motive so you don't have to worry about it. I know it was deleted because I deleted it...
@Shokhet bringing it to chat is certainly a good way of getting feedback. At other hours of the day it gets busier in here and there will be plenty of people keen to give advice and feedback. They just happen to mostly be asleep right now...
@githubphagocyte Your's was the low quality post, or you deleted someone else's VLQ post?
@githubphagocyte Aha.....you think that most users here are in the UK?
@Shokhet the low quality post came up in the low quality posts review queue, and I confirmed that it should be deleted (that is, I "delete voted")
It's getting late enough now that I'd guess even most of the US contributors will be going to sleep, and most of Europe (including the UK) will be asleep. There are still sometimes people around at this time but it's usually quieter over the weekend anyway (throughout the day).
@githubphagocyte I hear that.
Not all contributors are necessarily diurnal so it's always worth popping into chat just in case...
1:18 AM
@githubphagocyte I don't think that you deleted it, by yourself....I don't know what it is on a beta site, but on a regular site you need 20K rep to delete a question all by yourself
@githubphagocyte True. And even if no one's here, they can pick up the conversation the next day.
@Shokhet you're right - I certainly can't delete without other votes. It takes others to agree with me
@Shokhet exactly
At the point that I delete voted, it may or may not have been deleted, but I know it's been deleted since because I scanned through the answers when thinking about your downvote and it's not there anymore
@Shokhet I have a feeling it's 4k rep on a beta site to have all the privileges, but we're not old enough to have any 4k users yet
@Shokhet No wait - I was looking at monthly rep - TimB now has over 5k rep so we do have a full privileges member
@Shokhet just got back here after Shabbat. Hi. :-)
(I have no idea why your question was downvoted, BTW, but sometimes cryptic votes happen.)
@MonicaCellio Same :)
@MonicaCellio Aware. That question just received a mysterious upvote...... ;-)
I have the impression that this site has a fairly sizable European contingent, at least among the people who use chat.
@Shokhet not me; I had already cast mine before seeing any of this discussion. :-)
1:30 AM
@MonicaCellio .....I definitely prefer mysterious upvoters to mysterious downvoters..... ;-)
@Shokhet don't we all? :-)
@MonicaCellio :)
@Shokhet I can't help you with guessing the downvoter - but I know who the upvoter was...
@githubphagocyte That was nice but totally unnecessary.... :)
@Shokhet voting is important - up and down. This time it happened to be up...
1:39 AM
@overactor hi. Tag; you're it. :-)
@TimB and have you answered it? :-)
@MonicaCellio have you heard anything more about the pro tem decision? I skimmed through the chat and saw that there seemed to be some movement finally
@githubphagocyte stuff is happening. Timing is unknown, but shouldn't be much longer.
@MonicaCellio that's good to know. I guess it's not urgent - just knowing it's in progress is good
@githubphagocyte yeah, the community has been great about using the powers we have. There are some things that only mods can do, and I suspect there's a backlog of flags (maybe some now obsolete). But it'll be good to have people in that role.
I've participated on several young betas, and this one has has the fastest and strongest start I've seen. Good job, everybody! Keep up the great work!
@MonicaCellio yes it is good to see the review queues kept under control - I rarely see much in there.
1:46 AM
@githubphagocyte same here -- I check them fairly often but there's not always anything for me to do. :-)
1:58 AM
@MonicaCellio it's gone quiet in the Collaborative chat room so I've set up another Google Doc as a skeleton to add content to until we decide where to host it.
@githubphagocyte it's probably a good idea to remind people in here about that from time to time. Out of sight out of mind and all that. Plus, weekend. :-)
I've neglected it the last week - I guess it makes sense to add some content and then mention it in here, so there's something to look at and think about
@githubphagocyte can you pre-emptively grant access to everyone who had access to the last one, or do you need people to request it individually?
@githubphagocyte actually, there's a meta question that led to this, right? So maybe you could write up a status report in an answer (that can then be revised over time)? Most people on the site don't know about the initial survey, and if you want more input, meta would be a good place to announce it.
@MonicaCellio I think I can just copy and paste the email addresses (I can't see a quicker way available...) so now that I've linked to it I'll go back and add the current editors (it's not too impractical with such small numbers...)
@MonicaCellio I like this. Does a meta question go back to the top of the list each time an answer is edited, or only when a new answer is posted?
@githubphagocyte on any edit.
2:03 AM
@MonicaCellio In that case a single answer with a status report sounds perfect :)
@githubphagocyte yup. :-) Fire away!
@MonicaCellio OK, everyone who had access to the previous doc should now have access to this one (although it's an empty skeleton at present...)
2:54 AM
@MonicaCellio I'd appreciate your feedback on this
@githubphagocyte good job, thanks!
@MonicaCellio thank you :) - we'll see if it attracts any more attention over the next few days...
Woo, found a second question I thought I could answer. :-)
3:13 AM
2 hours later…
4:48 AM
Q: Rename [life] to [lifestyle]

ShokhetIn a recent question of mine which asked about the mechanics of life, I was about to use life until I saw the tag wiki exerpt, which reads: Questions tagged with life should be about life in general, not about its mechanics. For example, a question about lifestyle on a particular planet w...

3 hours later…
7:35 AM
@MonicaCellio Yep, replied as soon as I saw the email :)
3 hours later…
10:11 AM
A: Is there an appropriate way to build a free world on our site?

githubphagocyteA summary of what has been done so far We have a chat room for discussing anything to do with collaborative projects. We have a Google doc for specifying preferences on various aspects of the projects. We have a Google doc for content for a trial project set on Earth in 2060. Google docs is ...

We've started piecing together a world set on Earth in 2060, for anyone who would like to contribute (or anyone interested in watching/using the world for their own purposes).
10:50 AM
When we get our mods, can get get this featured on meta for a while?
11:40 AM
Yeah, do we know when we get our mods?
And @Mourdos, go ahead and flag it for moderator attention and ask for featured. The community managers do look at moderator flags (that's how Make Custom Help Articles got featured, I flaged it.
11:51 AM
It sounds like they contacted the three of us on Friday, I doubt anything will happen over the weekend but I guess if we all said yes we'll hear early next week
12:16 PM
Ok, cool.
1:08 PM
@MonicaCellio I'm it?
I must say, rather confusing.
5 hours later…
5:43 PM
@overactor thanks! Happened over the weekend while I wasn't looking!
someone here?
how dose this edit approve thing work ?
6:11 PM
@overactor sorry, reference to a kid's game -- it seemed like you and the rest of us were having trouble connecting with each other.
Tag (also known as it, tip you're it or tig (in regions of Britain), and many other names) is a playground game that involves one or more players chasing other players in an attempt to "tag" or touch them, usually with their hands. In some versions, if a player reaches their predetermined "gool or goul", they are "safe" and cannot be tagged. There are many variations; most forms have no teams, scores, or equipment. == Basic rules == A group of players (two or more) decide who is going to be "it", often using a counting-out game such as eeny, meeny, miny, moe. The player selected to be "it" then...
@TimB it sounds like we all said yes.
cool :)
4 hours later…
10:35 PM
@TimB @MonicaCellio and who else?
10:54 PM
Q: Who edited my comment? Why?

HDE 226868On Jason FB's answer here, I posted a comment saying This does not provide an answer to the question. However, it was recently edited to This does not provide an answer to the question. To critique or request clarification from an author, leave a comment below their post - you can alway...


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