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2:25 AM
@James Touché.
2:35 AM
Hey everyone.
Anyone have any thoughts on the rights of illegal immigrants? Should they be allowed to get driver's licenses, for example?
My first instinct is yes, because being born in Mexico doesn't make someone worse than a person who was born in the US, and I just don't see what prohibiting them from getting driver's licenses would accomplish.
A lot of people seem to think that illegal immigrants are sub-humans who don't deserve rights. I think that idea is ridiculous.
3:15 AM
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3:37 AM
@James Well, then let's do something simple like designing a constitution.
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5:42 AM
@TerranSwett Very few people think that just because someone was born outside the country they live in they are sub-human. The question here is whether or not people who come into a country without the permission of the government should receive the goods and services the government can provide.
Take driving, for instance. Driving is not actually a 'right' in America, you won't really find it within the Bill of Rights, for instance, which makes sense. Driving is very dangerous to other people if done incorrectly. So the government put into place a system which enables the citizens to use driving. 'Getting a licence' is part of the whole system which includes things like national highways and police officers making sure dangerous drivers are the road.
5:53 AM
*dangerous drivers aren't on the road
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11:48 AM
Makes sense.
I guess I just have a lot more sympathy for the immigrants themselves than for people who are mad at them.
12:38 PM
@Halfthawed yeah, basically, in an ideal world, you'd have everyone getting ex ante permission to travel from $homecountry to $othercountry (but in an ideal world, nobody would overstay their welcome, either, and it couldn't get revoked more-or-less arbitrarily).
however, we live in reality, where there are countries that mess with minorities and dissidents, don't just let people up and leave, are mired in war, or otherwise are general you-know-whats to their people. So, civilized nations established rules, and codified them in international treaties, about how to handle people fleeing such nightmares, and we have processes for dealing with sort of situation ex post
problem is, some folks aren't happy that those rules and processes exist, and have been busy throwing sand in the gears of those mechanisms
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2:59 PM
@Green I mean in comparison its pretty easy
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hey again @Green

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