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A: Sandbox for Proposed Questions

SeallussusCreating an eternal and inconspicuous prison on a planet, without too much fiction on the science, is it possible? In the past a war between an entity and a race of galaxy wide empire ended when the elders of that race sacrificed themselves to imprison that entity on a planet. The entity did not ...

3:05 AM
I want to ask a question with this title "What can the state do, if any, to reduce the amount of wrong convictions for serious crimes? "
And the gist of it is "What concepts, government agencies, legal practices...etc can be added to reduce the amount of false convictions?"
Is that too vague or broad? It's just that I can't even begin to break it down. But better to double check.
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12:44 PM
@Seallussus It would, at the very least, be helpful to know the general structure of your society, technology level, etc.
But ultimately the answer boils down to "Just have higher standards for certainty".
For instance in the current world in most developed countries, the standard of evidence is "beyond reasonable doubt" rather than just "balance of probabilities".
You have jury size, jury selection, juries in the first place.
Requirements for admissibility of evidence.
Research what current legal systems do to try to minimise the rate of false convictions and then just ratchet those requirements up a notch.
And understand that there is always a trade-off. Higher standards = less false convictions, but also more criminals not being convicted when they should be. So your society has to have values that lead them to making the trade-off a certain way rather than the other.
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I mean you asked for it so prepare for what I thought as the full question
"And as I'm working on this 16 century empire which replaced a feudal continent and it's systems with a new imperial system and very "advanced" stuff I came to imagine the legal system working as follows.

The police has efficient and reasonable practices. Torture is not allowed and legal representation is a right of people detained or questioned and there is a system to get lawyers to people who can't afford it.

Investigations are done in the most reasonable way possible including the stables such: interviewing wit

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