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12:36 PM
Q: Is it known when the next Community Moderation election will be?

A Lambent EyeI missed the last election period and would like to make sure that I don't miss the next one, but when I looked at the last dates it had been on it was twice in February and once in July. Is it already roughly known when the next election period will be? Is it even a periodical process?

1:18 PM
Q: What to do if your question/answer is downvoted out of bias

thescribeSo, I was looking around recently, and I saw several answers/questions which were downvoted because people thought that "Oh, that science is 'incorrect'", when the person actually proves in their question/answer that their position is correct. As an outspoken Intelligent Design proponent, I am a ...

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2:24 PM
@Gryphon-ReinstateMonica You have to get the version with the file extension. Generally you can right click on the picture and view image in new tab, or copy image url.
@Gryphon-ReinstateMonica Also, is that a real planned rocket, or a joke? It looks like something he would plan, but with that acronym... Then again, his car line spells out s3xy, so I wouldn't put MTHRFCKR past him...
@AndyD273 It is a joke, but it took me a while to figure out it was, especially since the F in the BFR doesn't stand for Falcon.
Like, if he actually announced that on TV, I'd just be like, "yeah, ok, business as usual"
2:42 PM
@AndyD273 I wouldn't put genetically-engineered catgirls for domestic use past him.
He's basically just a giant nerd who also happens to be a genius billionaire. So he still acts like a giant nerd.
@Mephistopheles I've heard that meme before... Is it based on any specific comment?
3:01 PM
@AndyD273 I think it was based on a tweet from a fake Elon Musk account about genetically engineering catgirls.
@HDE226868 what say you of this question: worldbuilding.stackexchange.com/questions/152426/…
2 hours later…
5:21 PM
@Green I think it would at the very least need to host a clown college.
@James hah! Yes!
5:59 PM
@Green I haven't been able to make any progress on it. I think I bountied it a while back, to no success.
6:14 PM
4 hours later…
10:37 PM
Q: What does "- Reinstate Monica" mean?

thescribeSo, I was looking around on Meta lately, and I saw a bunch of people with "- Reinstate Monica" in their usernames. What does this mean?

11:36 PM
hey there @Green

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