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3:10 AM
Q: How can i see my removed questions?

Seraph MyrmidonJust a quick question,How can i see my removed questions and answers? I have some deleted posts and i would like to read them again. Also,thanks for saving me from downvotes...I bet I would have lost 200 EXP in 24 hours...Thats scary.

3:30 AM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Questions

Chen Li YongWhat could trigger an Inverse Chronological Order experience? In the movie "Memento", we as the viewer see the movie from what's called Inverse Chronological Order experience, where we see the ending first, and then the subsequent events leading up to the "beginning" of the story (which is not a...

3:45 AM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Questions

JavaScriptCoderHow many dead bodies are required to stain a river red? Historical accounts of battles sometimes talk of rivers running red with the blood of fallen combatants. Many Lancastrians were killed while fleeing; some trampled each other and others drowned in the rivers, which are said to have made...

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7:31 AM
it's not really my jam :/
7:41 AM
@dot_Sp0T sorry i wasn't in front of my computer anymore
but yes, i think the location of diferent part of towns make sense
aren't there any structure around the lake?
1 hour later…
8:59 AM
spoons strikes again
may he gain enough rep to add spoon tag himself
@Kepotx He already has. He just needs 300.
oh, i though it was much more...
but yeah, i liked l dutch answer (use the wife first, finish the job with little spoons)
@Kepotx I proposed changing it quite some time ago, but currently it's at 300 rep.
9:17 AM
both your proposition and Lio's one seems good. It's not the first time a good proposition, upvoted on meta, haven't been taken into account
is it just that it take times or is it common that meta proposition, even if upvoted, are not taken into account?
In this case it was a . Like with the recent 1-rep-on-meta it might just be that it got lost because there was never a . But there was also not a whole lot of discussion happening there. It's unclear whether switching the privileges is the way to go or to create a new kind of privilege. I suspect the latter will be too much and the former is another, bigger, change in the privilege structure on WorldBuilding.
Sadly there is no bounty option on meta so I can't just put a bounty on it to "Draw attention" and ask for more opinions.
Just like I would love to do with my automatically add a notice to posts from completely new users discussion.
And sometimes feature-requests also more-or-less disappear.
9:38 AM
is it really related to "comment everywhere"? I always though it also work on [chat]
@Kepotx I am not sure what you mean now^^
the thing that one city can have diferent origins/neighboorhood
@Kepotx That's where magic links are explained in the help center.
And in the chat it works slightly different.
@Kepotx did I write about that? :/
site A/B/C, and the history with monastery at the right
10:00 AM
ah, yeah. Site A B C are actually mining sites that move due to quarrying/expansion
you could also make a fisherman/timber site
I'll have the Abbey on the right hand side with a supporting village or maybe two
not sure if I'll keep the abbey down there or move it up into the mountain tho
about the lake, I was considering putting something there, but I want to mining site to be unused
Need to invest time into resaerching the terrain I guess; might have a logging outpost either up in the mountain, upstream. or at the lake
10:26 AM
if there is a dam, place adter it
rivers were a common way to transports suf, including wood
so you want your logging outpost to be near river, to send logs to the valley downside
wait, it's napoleonic/victorian era, right?
@Kepotx uhm, depends
I want to start the map off somewhere around 1600-ish
As a primer
The time I want to set the map when it's finished is around 1800ish to 1900ish
so yeah (I guess)
napoleanic/victorian + airships
not sure yet when airships got big
but I want airships going big somewhen after the city being founded, not before; so I can have a harbour and normal ships as well
2 hours later…
12:09 PM
Q: How can I make my trebuchet projectiles fly further than 300m?

Aric FowlerI was lounging about in my throne room when a man came to speak to me. He had one leg cut off (recently, too) and claimed he was an alchemist. He says that he wants to get revenge on the king of the neighboring kingdom, who cut off his leg with a spoon. I do not like this man so I happily agreed ...

Q: Is a pig-mounted cavalry possible?

NotATyrantRecently, my neighboor upset me. As I discover that he plan to somehow improve trebuchet to throw nasty things across the river, I tell him that my pig mounted cavalry will attack him. I need to confess you something... I don't have any pig mounted cavalry Is it possible to have a pig mounted ...

you like them
@Secespitus you were right. spoon wars begin
i still wonder how could the alchemist escape cells of notatyrant, and travel to the neighboor kingdom, with one leg
@Kepotx The powers of alchemy!
He was flying on his spoon-pidgeons.
of curs. take a bird, insert it into your leg, do alchemy stuf, and you got a spoon leg
@Kepotx logic. eat chicken; learn to make potions.
12:28 PM
@TheMattbat999 hello
2 hours later…
2:25 PM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Questions

JavaScriptCoderHow many dead bodies are required to stain a river red? Historical accounts of battles sometimes talk of rivers running red with the blood of fallen combatants. Many Lancastrians were killed while fleeing; some trampled each other and others drowned in the rivers, which are said to have made...

Did I use the sandbox right this time, @Hosch250? ;)
It looks good to me.
Q: Reasoning behind deletion of gruesome content

ArtificialSoulYesterday, there was a question of rather gruesome content. OP asked on how to make female-on-male rape a torture practice. No surprise this question got disliked a lot simply for its content - not most peoples favorite topic. While I did read some of the comments and people discussing their dis...

Does anyone think this is story-based? It's asking about the actions of an entity in a world, rather than an aspect of a world, but it's a government, not an individual. I'm not sure.
2:40 PM
@Gryphon I am not sure about the question. It reads like an idea poll for story seeds. Potential government actions are not really a problem, similar to how you can ask for Average Joe Capabilities instead of My Original Character Actions. I also don't really see what problem the OP is trying to solve.
Isn't this just asking for "Bribe them", "Assassinate them", "Make the beaurocratic processes too slow for them too realize", "Message transmission is too slow", "Racism, so they don't really care about the people that died", ...
@Secespitus So POB, rather than OT:SB?
I am not sure if primarily opinion-based or unclear. I have this feeling I am just not understanding what the problem is that the OP sees.
@WorldbuildingMeta So the next question is, should or should we not allow the spoon-torture question?
Obviously, sexual torture is now off-topic.
(And should've always been, if it wasn't.)
Should older torture questions be locked as historical?
@Secespitus I'm going to VTC as POB, because of the lack of criteria for choosing the best answer.
@Hosch250 It's not about talking about "torture". It's about playing down the topic of real torture and presenting it in a way that is just... Let's just say I agree with the comment that I am lacking the right nice words to really express how I feel about this specific question...
Also, that user has a loooong history of such questions and acting in bad faith on the site, which likely makes me a bit biased when reading something like that...
2:51 PM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Questions

Pleiades(Forgive the editing in advance; I’ll clean this up when I get off mobile) How strong does a magnetic field around a planet need to be to be habitable? To my understanding, part of the reason life is able to exist on Earth besides its ozone layer is due to its magnetic field which protects the ...

wait what did I miss?
torture is outlawed now?
@Secespitus thanks for updating the comment script. I hadn't thought about the rep barrier lowering, and would be embarrassed if I chased new users away from the Sandbox/Meta just because of saying they didn't have the rep
@dot_Sp0T No, the "Make rape more brutal" question yesterday crossed a line and was deleted because of the attitude the OP has displayed about this topic, like every time before.
ah, okay
@dot_Sp0T For your daily dose of still on-topic torture see here.
3:01 PM
merci für's zusammenfassen
Kein Problem.
@Secespitus at least this one is between "can i ride war-pigs" and "my pigeons turned into spoon", so there is little to no chance that the dude really want to know how to cut a limb with a spoon
i don't know the op neither the content of the question, but i can understand that some questions can't be asked
"how to make a bomb with kitchen and household product" may be on topic in chemistry.SE per se, as it ask for a specific chemical reaction with some products, but i could understand if someone delete it
LOL it isn't but if you want take some nitric and sulfuric acid and add glycerin
there's a post on Chem about it
lets see if i can find it
A: Should we be mindful of potentially dangerous questions?

David MulderAlthough at one hand I have grown up in environment advocating freedom of information like the other two answers do, I do believe their arguments are intrinsically flawed, because they do not account for the responsibility one holds when being trusted with information. Unlike in the past knowled...

Found the Chem.SE link
Q: How many shots will it take me to kill you with a neutron gun?

M.A.R. ಠ_ಠRecently, I've seen a trend of $\mathcal{\color{red}{SCARY}}$ questions back on chem. They're mainly about this: Get the picture? No? OK, I'll be more straight-forward 1: How to dissolve fifteen elves and seventeen trolls ASAP? How much does it take to dissolve an angry bird with hydroc...

you can literally put hollow glass beads in fertilizer to make a bomb. Its not that hard.
3:15 PM
LOL. Wow.
Which is why the BXE and FBI monitor fertilizer purchases
@JavaScriptCoder I don't buy my fertilizer.
oh... lol
I pick it up off the neighbor's lawn.
OK, now I'm REALLY on the FBI watch list. Probably the no-fly list too.
anyways ANFO (classic explosive) literally uses gasoline and ammonium nitrate
which is basically fertilizer + a little gas
Don't worry, I think anything you say here can be used in court of law as evidence :P
3:24 PM
see you folks later
Uh oh. There goes the informer :P
and now you guys are doing nazi salute...
well, at least it's one of the funniest thing to watch
@Kepotx ?
@JavaScriptCoder just a joke with the "o/" thing
3:26 PM
@Hosch250 ?
@dot_Sp0T Joke about you going to leaving to tell the FBI on us.
we were having a discussion on how to make effectual explosives
Nitroglycerin = nitric acid + sulfuric acid + glycerin
Dynamite = nitroglycerin + sand
ANFO = fertilizer + gasoline + glass beads
@JavaScriptCoder what do the glass beads do? Just shrapnel?
no, they are hollow and have oxygen in them
it is a high explosive
3:28 PM
which means the shockwave through the gas ignites successive explosions
Also, if you want to blow yourself up doing something stupid
NCl3 = NI3 + HCl
@JavaScriptCoder adding sand to nitro to make it more stable but still explosive is genius, they guy who did it must earn a nobel prize...
You knew it was alfred nobel, right? :)
yes, that's the joke ^^
and actually, the nobel prize money come from the dynamite money
there was one time that someone misreported his death
they said "the merchant of death is dead"
he felt so bad that he ended up creating those prizes for peace
3:31 PM
he earn shitpile of money, with something he wasn't that proud so he did this to make the world a better place
@JavaScriptCoder Actually, he didn't do the peace one, IIRC.
Which is slightly silly, since explosives have as many (or more) good uses than destructive.
doesn't he also had an accident with his brother involved or something like this?
now we remember the good about nobel and not the bad :) it worked
I always thought dynamite was a mis-nomer.
3:32 PM
Well, technically the good uses are also destructive too, but in a good way
I thought it was more like "die, my knight" said in a Cockney accent.
sure, canal du midi in france wad done with explosives
Tons of mining, tunnel building, stump removal when you don't have heavy equipment
Anyways, if anyone wants to blow themselves up, nitrogen trichloride is a good idea
@AndyD273 or time
3:33 PM
The best chemists of the 19th century lost eyes and arms to it
@JavaScriptCoder Is that the touch powder?
I thought that's triiodide
it smells putrid, if you heat it up, it explodes, if you shake it a little, it explodes, if a feather lands on the table, it explodes, if it is exposed to light, it explodes
could be. I'm not a bomb maker, and I don't work with explosives in any way (for the record)
It would be highly amusing if someone new walked into chat now.
3:35 PM
Also, if there's anything organic in it, it explodes
In 1813, an NCl3 explosion blinded Sir Humphry Davy temporarily, inducing him to hire Michael Faraday as a co-worker. They were both injured in another NCl3 explosion shortly thereafter.
These were the two best chemists in the world at the time
for the record, I have never made explosives and never intend to do so
If anyone's wondering why we had a long discussion about explosives in chat, don't ask
3:52 PM
It's a sort of "trust me, you don't want to know" situation?
@Hosch250 There seem to be a lot of those in the FF.
FF =...?
factory floor?
Factory Floor.
3:53 PM
Factory Floor
ok, thanks
4:44 PM
@JavaScriptCoder Correlated point, it's not illegal to own books on explosive or even to own the ingredients to make explosives....it's is illegal to combine those ingredients into explosives.
5:05 PM
@Green And it's also illegal to take those explosives and pack them into the neighbors dog house because the creature barked non-stop from midnight till 6am the night before an important presentation. Definitely don't do that one.
@AndyD273 It's good that you are not sounding as if you are speaking from experience.
@Secespitus Only the dog barking all night because the neighbor passed out drunk after letting it out part. See my disclaimer above.
Apparently a lot of people have actually been arrested for making "bombs" out of aluminum foil and toilet bowl cleaner... So yeah, it's a good idea to really think things through, even if they seem innocent.
@AndyD273 improvised explosives are all over.
Like I've said in other rooms, it would be trivial for someone with basic knowledge of city infrastructure and explosives to do another 9/11 attack.
Except it's not yet being glorified by the news, so hopefully it won't happen.
SO I am back as well
5:22 PM
@Hosch250 probably more like the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing, since that kind of attack wouldn't involve airplanes
A: Sandbox for Proposed Questions

OnyzHow to make the 'Master Swordsman' fantasy realistic? The idea of a truly masterful swordsman capable of taking on dozens of average swordsmen by himself (sometimes even above average!) is a pretty common depiction in fantasy media. A recent example I can think of is Barristan Selmy from A Son...

@AndyD273 There are any number of ways to launch attacks on cities, airports. The secure perimeter can only be so big. You can't catch everything. Hence the term "security theater" applied to TSA airport checkpoints.
@Green hear about the guy in Alaska that commited suicide by airliner? He worked on the ground crew, and decided to just take the plane he was servicing. Apparently flew some really impressive maneuvers before crashing into the ground.
@AndyD273 I guess the thought process there is: if you're gonna kill yourself, do it with style?
5:31 PM
@AndyD273 Well, not quite like that one either.
@AndyD273 California, I thought?
@Hosch250 I guess Seattle. The airline is Alaska based "Spirit Air"
That's who he worked for
OK. I was thinking it was near LA for some reason.
@Gryphon Maybe. Apparently he was a big flight sim player. Maybe in whatever state of depression or mental illness he was in the idea of flying for real before dying was too big of a temptation.
Apparently he didn't know some basics, but knew enough to get the plane off the ground and doing the acrobatics.
Including some turns where they use the yoke and rudder together.
at least in the sims the turns, etc. are acutally quite easy once you get the hang of it; I can only assume it's the same in real time
5:42 PM
Yeah, the good sims are apparently almost the same as the training sims that are considered legal aircraft.
"Have you flown before?"
"I've spent a lot of hours in training sims. They are basically considered legal aircraft."
"Well, ok, this is an emergency... What are you looking for?"
"The place where I type in the code for god mode."
"Wait, how did you know I was looking for something?"
6:01 PM
@AndyD273 No, I haven't heard about that one.
@AndyD273 If you pay a couple hundred bucks, you can get a USB key from Laminar Research that will let you turn X-Plane 11 into a fully functional, FAA certified flight sim.
Get the right controls and it's pretty dang close.
@Green It was only a couple days ago, but it's interesting that it hasn't been on the news all that much. Probably because it didn't have anything to do with politics and there was only one death.
But the dude stole a giant, tens of millions of dollars plane!
It was all over the news when a flight attendent flipped their sh**, pulled the emergency raft handle and exited the plane.
"Is it critical about Trump?"
"How many people died?"
"OK, put it on after that bit with the panda, if there is time."
Lol all news nowadays
I have a feeling trump would go mad if he wasn’t in the news three days in a row
@JavaScriptCoder Sadly
6:11 PM
@JavaScriptCoder We take it as evidence that he can't not be in the news because of all the drama that is created every day to keep him in the news.
I don’t even remember when trump wasn’t in the headlines (although I am only 14)
I do. And then it was Obama.
Except, instead of attacks, it was praise.
@JavaScriptCoder Oh, there's somebody younger than me on here!
Depends, are you reading cnn or fox
Well, yeah.
I don't.
6:13 PM
@Gryphon I violated the TOS when I joined the chem stack a year and half ago
but I’m in the clear now
@JavaScriptCoder though that's 1 channel, vs 3 (or 4?)
I actually turn the radio off on the top of the hour driving to work so I don't get the news.
If the nukes go off, I'll hear about it anyway.
@JavaScriptCoder I'm 16, so I thought I'd be the youngest chat regular by quite a bit.
Yeah, I read the finance section of WSJ only
@Hosch250 I've never followed the news. It's way too noisy.
6:14 PM
no trump there
@JavaScriptCoder Unfortunately, it's mostly behind a paywall.
Oh, I still get the paper version
Oh, nice.
Is that a thing of the past :)
although I also have a online subscription
Unfortunately, yeah.
6:15 PM
wow :P
@JavaScriptCoder I think I've used those to start camp fires before. Can be pretty handy
Oh, I roll them up and coat them in wax
Although I personally like birchbark better
6:39 PM
@JavaScriptCoder I long for the day...
@James yep
also, could you look at my question on Sandbox?
I’m preparing to post to main
link me please?
A: Sandbox for Proposed Questions

JavaScriptCoderHow many dead bodies are required to stain a river red? Historical accounts of battles sometimes talk of rivers running red with the blood of fallen combatants. Many Lancastrians were killed while fleeing; some trampled each other and others drowned in the rivers, which are said to have made...

@JavaScriptCoder Seems kinda similar to this:
Q: How many people would have to be killed to make the streets 'run red with blood'?

FriendlysociopathFor example, a street this wide to have enough blood run down the length shown in this photo? Assume that the blood isn't going down storm-drains for whatever reason and assume the stretch of road is 100 feet long. There need not be literal 'rivers' of blood, just enough that the entire street is...

Yeah, but a river is flowing, potentially dispersing blood
@Secespitus linked me to that one also
6:43 PM
@JavaScriptCoder It's not a dupe, just related.
Careful what you guys wish for. When Trump isn't in the news, who knows what will be.
1 hour later…
8:08 PM
TFW you realize that "source" typed with your right hand one character to the right is "spice" on a QWERTY keyboard.
@JavaScriptCoder Interestingly enough, it takes a lot less blood to make a river run red than a road.
It's like dropping food coloring in a jar of water. A little bit can color the whole thing.
8:28 PM
@Hosch250 Probably the big question there is "for how long?"
Maybe a few hours. Water will help keep the blood from clotting and wash it out of the cuts.
8:51 PM
Q: Are the "spoon" questions on-topic? And should they be?

Ilmari KaronenI'm not currently a particularly active user on Worldbuilding, although I've contributed a bunch of answer back when the site was new. I do, however, regularly visit several other sites on the Stack Exchange network and I tend to keep an eye on the Hot Network Questions sidebar for interesting q...

Anyone still round?
@dot_Sp0T issa
@dot_Sp0T No.
for like 4 minutes anyway
9:01 PM
sweet, check the sandbox in like 5 minutes
I know it's silly and out of the blue, but...
Q: Roller skating powered armor?

MephistophelesOne common problem with powered armors is their limited endurance. This could be remedied with electric roller skates as an efficient and faster way of locomotion, capable of maintaining its speed even in slav squat. Designing such skates, however, is a pain in the... Anyways, a roller skate l...

kesīr iksan
9:28 PM
@Hosch250 RATYT (Random Abbreviations To You, Too.)
some long 5 minutes
Well, question is on the sandbox. Go make me regret
@dot_Sp0T I find the colours hard to discern. Maybe some different colour than different versions of blue?
The scale is quite small. Maybe make it a bit larger?
It should be feasible on WorldBuilding, but I'll take a closer look tomorrow. It's too late already. But it looks quite interesting.
Also, what's up with the large white border on the right side of the image?
9:40 PM
@Secespitus what do you mean by larger?
A: Sandbox for Proposed Questions

dot_Sp0TRingstadt: How sensible is my topology geography geology hydrology [Sandbox note: Add introductory section, some exempt from a folk-tale or similar about the region] [Sandbox note: Add prose describing the features (mountains, cliff, lakes) seen in the picture || the idea is to allow dissemi...

@Secespitus that section has written down stuff and other things that aren't related to the topology. But I can't really remove it with the software I use and don't have anything to crop the img at hand
@dot_Sp0T When I click on the image and it opens up the image view in my browser window I am not able to discern what numbers are shown on the black-and-white scale in the lower left hand corner.
@Secespitus ah the writing I can scale up
the line thicknesses for topo rivers streams I can't really scale up tho, the thing is.. huge
I guess
and the detail will be down to ~5m ish
but will scale-up the writing tomorrow, could you add that as a comment maybe? :)
@dot_Sp0T Doesn't something like paint work? Or GIMP?
9:44 PM
Am I the only one that things this is insanely broad?
Q: Why Would an Enemy Army Retreat if they Will Die Anyway

Creed ArconI am Kaine!! God king of the Wraith-men exiles. With my brother Carrion and his twelve sons and their hordes, we have laid waste to many realms. It is only when we went to war with holy city of Morguss we got to fight worthy prey. My black legions march on their Holy Citadel that resides inside a...

@Secespitus will have to check tomorrow, don't have gimp installed
Okay. I added a comment.
@James would you like me to VTC it? might get a ravine rolling
@Secespitus Thank you; you're linking to the chat, is there something aside from scaling up writing and getting rid of white area?
@James 1. They don't know that they'll die, 2. It's a trap! 3. They got scared 4. Maybe they fled so far away you won't catch them... Yeah, this is starting to look broad. Oh, the premise doesn't make much sense either to be honest :P
@dot_Sp0T Possibly a reminder about GIMP if you don't have it installed.
@James It looks a bit broad. "Why would [x] do something?" is often a sign of opinion-based / too broad questions.
9:48 PM
A: Why Would an Enemy Army Retreat if they Will Die Anyway

Robert PayneBecause they have neither courage nor honor.

Well, VTC'd anyway
@dot_Sp0T Issa, I flagged it
@Secespitus I don't have many use-cases for GIMP. I use Clip Studio Pro for general drawing, also for this
(free flags, yay!)
@Mithrandir24601 why not VTC..?
9:50 PM
@dot_Sp0T ... I have 1.9k rep... :/
Although over the past few days I've raised like 10 flags, which isn't so good
@dot_Sp0T I don't know that one.
@Mithrandir24601 oh
I VTC'd.
@Secespitus drawing software used for comics/manga mainly. I got it at 50% or more off some 3-4 years ago, it's great with a pen
@Mithrandir24601 Why is that not good?
@dot_Sp0T That sounds interesting.
9:53 PM
@Secespitus It's considerably more than what I usually flag
Though sadly I can't for the life of me draw anything...
@Mithrandir24601 It is? I have that amount in the last week without any close-worthy flags and it feels pretty normal.
@Secespitus OK, in context, I've flagged almost half the posts I've looked at on WB since the 10th August
(and apart from the 2 pending ones, they've all been accepted)
Now it sounds like a lot :D
Yeah... Well I'm another ~2% of the way towards a shiny gold badge at least :P and I'm really close to the steward badge (finally)
@Secespitus me neither, as you see
so I'll relocate myself to my bedroom now, will be with you again in a few - but not for that long
10:06 PM
@dot_Sp0T Whaaa... My computer somehow didn't realise that you'd sent this here until I got a notification in my inbox O.o
@Mithrandir24601 spooky
I need to get up in 5h, any tips?
@dot_Sp0T It got this one at least :P
@dot_Sp0T Invent a time machine
Alternatively, lots of caffeine
cheers o/
hey there @Mithrandir24601
10:22 PM
@Shalvenay Rytsas! Skorkydoso aohys tubis? [How was your day... I think]
10:39 PM
alright here

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