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posted on June 13, 2017 by DonyorM

I love magic systems, particularly hard ones. So it should come as no surprise that the first part of Ivanturia I developed was the magic system(s). I originally developed this world for a play-by-post RPG, so I created a specific structure for my systems to serve as a background for the game’s storyline. After the RPG fell through, I decided to develop the world for its own sake. The Guilds My

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Q: Cold-hearted closing of this ice question makes me shiver

Nathan CoustenobleThis question about how to reshape ice in my world was closed as too broad. However, I don't understand what it lacked in its edited version, where I specified how my world worked, what I wanted, and up to where I had found answers. I thought I had edited accordingly to all the feedback I had ...

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Q: Request for reopening question

user39269This question was put on hold stating too broad. I have further edited the question to limit the ​scope of answers. Please consider reopening it again.

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@WorldbuildingMeta Nice title.
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Is this story-based / off topic?
Q: A poison that only works if you know it it is there

AndyD273In the book "He Drank and Saw the Spider", a poison is talked about in a metaphorical way; A person can be poisoned by putting a specific kind of spider into their cup, but the poison only works if you drink and then see the spider. If you don't see the spider then nothing will happen. The book ...

@JDługosz wouldn't say so. The question is basically asking for a visual component that triggers a poison already imbued - I wonder though if he accepts philosophical answers?
@JDługosz The question "Could a visually triggered poison exist?" Is certainly not story based.
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@dot_Sp0T I'll consider any answer
I have my own idea how it could work, but I really want to see what others think
@AndyD273 Even magic?
@sphennings It does exist in that universe, but from the description it is a natural poison that exists in a specific spider
So I was leaning more toward non magical... but if you make it good enough :)
@AndyD273 Do magical creatures exist in this world? Could the spider's venom have magical properties.
@AndyD273 The problem with an answer that says "It's magic" is that the more you explain it the more it just becomes bad science.
Any sufficiently explained magic is indistinguishable from technology.
@sphennings Fantastical creatures exist (dragons are mentioned), but they aren't exactly magical.
What do you mean?
1:15 PM
That's why I used the science based tag
From what I can tell (I've only read the one book in the series) magic exists, but it's super rare, and people have to do a lot of training in order to do even small things.
It's basically a noir detective story set in a medieval low fantasy world, where the main character is a cross between a mercenary and a private investigator.
It may be hard to cast spells but it sounds like this spider just has an inherent property to only poison people who are aware of it. "How does it work? Dunno magic I guess. "
@sphennings The thought I came up before I asked the question is pretty close to what @JDługosz answered. Some of the other ones are pretty good too
The more time I spend on here the more I feel that people should try to conserve explanation.
1:31 PM
@sphennings Please explain
Ah haha, so you have spotted my trick!
@AndyD273 Explanation is telling not showing. I see a lot of people on here trying to explain things about their worlds or their super cool anime plasma spaceguns. If you have a anime where someone pulls a cool gun out of their pocket and after an impressive lightshow everything is destroyed I am going to buy into that more if you don't say anything than if you explain to me how it did all that.
@AndyD273 I was failing my own maxim of conserving explanation. My explanation was too long to post and I needed to edit it down.
I'm not saying don't explain. I'm saying conserve your explanations.
@sphennings You are of course correct. A lot of things shouldn't be explained to the reader/observer, but I really do think that it is important for the worldbuilder to at least have an idea of how it works, just so they know the rules they need to follow. Otherwise you end up with a sonic screwdriver that is essentially a magic space wand.
@AndyD273 I am ok with a magic space wand. The sonic screwdriver would be worse if they attempted to explain how it worked.
You can still have rules for your magic without explaining it for instance. Something as simple as "Everything but for a price" can be enough of an explanation to drive a magic system.
but I think making things magical and unexplained isn't worldbuilding, it's storytelling.
@sphennings That would definitely make it worse. My problem with it is that it is super OP. Need to open a door? Sonic screwdriver. Need to reprogram a computer? Sonic screwdriver. Need to find someone in a dark maze of tunnels? Sonic screwdriver. Need to get a whole turkey cooked perfectly in 20 minutes? Sonic screwdriver.
1:46 PM
@sphennings And I like books that have author’s appendix or website that goes over technical details!
@JDługosz Have you read Seveneves by Neil Stephenson?
@sphennings No. I still never finished Cryptonomicon which I started reading in 2003, and have Reamde uncracked on the shelf.
@AndyD273 what is “OP” here?
@JDługosz In this case it means over powered
@JDługosz Seveneves is one of his best. Super hard scifi, set only a couple of years in the future at the start. He describes most of the technologies in almost obsessive detail.
Hey, everyone…
Can you let me know of posts that are written “in character” or otherwise using alternative narrative structure? I've been meaning to write a meta on this and want a good collection of samples to review and analyse.
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The sonic screwdriver just becomes this magical device that they can use for any purpose, when it is supposed to be a screwdriver, for removing screws.
@JDługosz Still for all that. In sentence one of the book the moon explodes into seven chunks. The entire rest of the 1200 page book deals with the consequences of this event. Yet he never explains why or how it happened.
@AndyD273 I think it would bother me less if other people had them more often
like that one time, when that lady had a sonic pen or something. That was nice
@JDługosz Like this?
A: Dragon vs Antiaircraft Artillery

AndyD273First, since approach by air wasn't successful the last time, I'd be cautious and approach by ground. A lot of people think of a dragon flying high above, and forget that we can walk, or hold our legs in close and slither like a snake. On my first foray into the camp I got a pretty good look a...

@AndyD273 I have one — the licenced item design was so nice that it was used in the next season, making it a precognitive prop replica — that I use for writing with invisible fountain pens. The IR LED it includes is actually cheaper than my photonlight brand IR lamp.
@AndyD273 Yes, that is one I would include in the catalog.
@JDługosz "invisible fountain pens"... "photonlight rqnd IR lamp"... huh??
1:57 PM
@DaaaahWhoosh Torchwood. “and spin-off media such as The Sarah Jane Adventures and Torchwood have replicated its functions in devices such as the sonic lipstick, sonic blaster, sonic pen, sonic probe and sonic modulator, and the most recent, sonic sunglasses, featured by the Twelfth Doctor.”
@JDługosz Ah, makes much more sense now
It's remarkably difficult to write with. Especially since I grabbed a cheap scratchy pen to fill. I need to keep the IR illumination on the page while writing.
@AndyD273 While that question got no close votes, the first person format makes me, to this day, a little uncomfortable. It's so close to being story-based.
@Green I always feel bad voting to close them
@Green Maybe you should have left off the "You, oh answerer of questions, are the dragon." part... But it was a lot of fun to answer, I will say that.
2:06 PM
@Green That's one of my points, is that a first-person question is necessarily in-story and thus story based.
I could very easily take my answer and turn it into a non-first person answer, and so I think it's ok.
I can't remember, how strong is the equivalence between story-based and "actions of a single character"?
And for the record, I really don't see a problem with story based questions, seeing as all these question are meant to be the basis for some kind of story...
@AndyD273 that's not necessarily true. Worldbuilding is for the world, storytelling is completely different
From the On-topic page, I found this reference to off-topic reasons: Actions of individual characters, rather than elements of the world they inhabit
2:11 PM
@DaaaahWhoosh That's why I said basis, as in the base, or foundation, that a story is built on.
I think you could argue back and forth about whether a well defined dragon is an individual character.
Otherwise, the criteria setup in the on-topic page don't disqualify my question. That it's written in first person just makes it confusing but not off-topic.
I wonder if our phones would seem like “sonic screwdrivers” to people from 1968. General purpose tools that do everything and acquire new functions on the fly! Recall one of my favorite answers on transformative technology?
@Green I kind of look at it as a protodragon; something that other dragons can be built on, and not something that should be lifted wholesale and used in its raw form.
I don't see an issue with in-universe questions/answers, I just feel bad when they are more about entertainment than substance
if there's actually a good question or answer underneath the framing, then it's fine. Otherwise, it's a waste of time
@AndyD273 Agreed.
2:19 PM
@DaaaahWhoosh Sure. In that specific example I think it's kind of useful for exploring the nature of a dragon that you wouldn't get from the usual kind of answer. You ask "How could a dragon get around modern weapons and infiltrate a military outpost?" and it's hard to answer that in the usual way. You think "dragons fly, they breath fire, that might not be useful against 1000 soldiers with heavy weapons..."
But put it in a narrative and you can really explore the possibilities. It's more show than tell.
@jeyejow Hi there
what are we talking about?
@AndyD273 I still think you could do that in a non-narrative way. My main concern with narrative posts is that it makes people think we value storytelling over useful information. It's like when you have science for kids, it turns into games and too many kids end up not learning any science
@jeyejow the relative merits of using narrative when asking questions but still remaining on-topic for WB.
2:29 PM
I've seen too many narrative questions that are just "I have this story, isn't it great?" and too many answers that are "here is a short story set in your world, enjoy". Putting useful stuff in takes effort, and a lot of people won't even notice it's there
@Green ah :v
@DaaaahWhoosh Your point is why I avoid first person writing as much as possible on WB. It's too easy to muddle up an other good question/idea.
@DaaaahWhoosh It probably could be done non-narrative, and my answer probably would have turned out mostly the same; dragons don't have to fly, they can walk and maybe even slither too. This opens a lot of possibilities for stealth. As it is a reasoning dragon, it would know the benefit of scattering the pack and sowing confusion, and then remove the major threats in the chaos. Once the soldiers are out from behind their walls and scattered to the woods, you can pick them off much easier.
@AndyD273 yeah, so the way I see it, you should have the non-narrative post first. If you want to present it in an interesting way, that can come later, but the primary focus should always be conveying useful information that addresses the question (or, if it's the question, that addresses the problem)
it's just hard, once you've added the narrative in, to remind people that it wasn't the primary focus
anyway, I think I've reached my "no more fun" quota for the day
2:53 PM
@DaaaahWhoosh So does that mean you're going to stop being a stick in the mud?
no, it just means I'll be a quiet stick in the mud
@DaaaahWhoosh Oh, that's less fun...
eh, it's the best I can do. I got meetings now, and also apparently this product doesn't export access rights, so that's going to take some concentration to fix
3:08 PM
@DaaaahWhoosh Ah, well, work is an acceptable reason to be quiet
Q: How often must carnivorous grassland eat?

Joe BloggsDon't go into the bonegrass. Seriously, unless you want to be dead. You go in there, brush the grass with your clothes, start to feel sleepy... Before too long your limbs will go numb, then you're on the floor in a heap. Then you're dead but you don't know it yet. The grass you crush as you fall...

Q: How can a Horror from Beyond Reason reliably communicate with mortals?

Joe BloggsJimmy is an Eldritch Monstrosity. Jimmy has a Red Ball. Jimmy wants someone to play with him and his Red Ball. All of Jimmy's friends are busy trying to Overturn the Cosmic Order and bring Chaos to all of Existence. Jimmy thinks that humans will play with him and his Red Ball. Jimmy once ...

A: Physically, how do dragons grasp and *transport* the contents of their hoards?

kingledionIf you're a dragon, why are you gathering coins one at a time? If I'm a dragon, the biggest baddest dude on Middle Earth or Faerun or wherever, I'm not going to pick-pocket people. I'm not robbing local barons, I'm going to knock over a king's palace and take the Peacock Throne and the Crown Jew...

3:48 PM
Anyone: what's the saddest movie that people will have heard of?
@JDługosz Ernest Goes to Camp made me cry when I was 12...
I don't know about movies but Bambie's mom dying and the shooting of Old Yeller are iconically sad scenes.
Up made me cry like five times, but I guess it was a 'good' kind of sad at the end
@Secespitus why do you mention those two questions and answer?
I may have missed something in the conversation.
2 hours ago, by JDługosz
Can you let me know of posts that are written “in character” or otherwise using alternative narrative structure? I've been meaning to write a meta on this and want a good collection of samples to review and analyse.
3:53 PM
@DaaaahWhoosh excellent way of putting it.
@Green he did link back to that.
@JDługosz Schindler's List?
@JDługosz Oops.
Requiem For A Dream
@JDługosz I'd second Andy's nomination of Schindler's List.
Yeah! I'm at 29,999!
3:59 PM
The thing is, the violence and death there really isn't gratuitous, like certain movies I could mention.
cough cough Rogue 1 cough cough
The use of red in that movie too... But the ending.
I guess Requiem For a Dream is more depressing than sad...
Though I haven't seen it, apparently "Grave of the Fireflies" has been nominated as "the saddest movie ever". It is by Studio Ghibli.
From one of the reviews: "It starts with the fire bombing of Tokyo, and goes down hill from there."
@Green that’s 131×229. I like to get prime numbers there.
4:53 PM
@JDługosz Here an example that started bad if I remember correctly (and your high voted comment indicates something similar) but went pretty well in the end, though I don't like the narrative style.
Q: How can I convince the internet that my magic is real?

aonphléacsmy name's amàlí and i'm a hyper spunky 23 yr old girl woman (lol, i guess, idk). i run a youtube channel called AMAzing (get it!?) where i talk about what's going on in my life and the world and draw for people and stuff. well, i can do magic and so i thought i'd share it with my subscribers cuz ...

5:31 PM
@Secespitus yes, that's a motivating example.
BTW, does anybody know the proper term for alternative narrqtive structure? I do recall there is an actual word for the kind of story made up of newspaper clippings, letters, etc. but I can’t remember that and it’s difficult to search for.
@Green you ought to answer something or edit an old one, to get through 30k.
@JDługosz I'm not worried about breaking 30K. I've mostly coasted from 29K to 29999 so I'm sure I'll get above 30K soon.
6:22 PM
Hey, this is my first HQN question! Nice!
@AndyD273 congratulations!
I like the top answer. A poison that only works if you panic sounds especially devious
@DaaaahWhoosh "Don't panic - you are poisoned!"
@DaaaahWhoosh Yeah, that was pretty close to the answer I was going to post if no one else did. The poison isn't that harmful normally, and doesn't stay in the system very long, but will kill you if it mixes with adrenaline. So you see the spider, get the fight or flight, and keel over
There is a new one from a new user that I kinda like too; That the spider body also contains the antidote, so if you don't see it and swallow it, then you'll be ok.
I vaguely remember an episode of some hospital show where a patient had one of those deadly brain blood-clots, but they couldn't operate for some reason. So they just told her to stay calm, otherwise the blood vessel might burst and kill her.
@AndyD273 I don't really see how that would evolve, but it would be similarly interesting
@DaaaahWhoosh Well, the spider would be immune to it's own poison. Spiders routinely eat each other, so a spider that had a bit of immunity would survive and pass that on, and so on, until they contained their own cure...
6:35 PM
ah, so it's the 'dragons evolved to fight other dragons, that's why they're so big' argument again
I wonder if there's a biology term for that
It does sound like natural selection...
For the top answer, I wonder if it would work if someone else saw the spider, had the presence of mind not to say anything, stole your drink and threw it out.
A wife happens to see her husbands drink has been poisoned, and grabs it to dispose of it. But then she sees him flirting with another woman, and thinks about putting it back...
@AndyD273 well, if he gets too excited, he still dies
@DaaaahWhoosh Maybe. I wonder what the chemical makeup difference between the bodies response to excitement and fear is...
6:43 PM
I guess that would be an important distinction. But now I'm thinking it'd be interesting to have a poison that only works on excitement
@DaaaahWhoosh The wife gives her husband the excitement poison, to make sure that he doesn't fool around with his secretary. Little did she know that they were planning a surprise office birthday for him...
awwww... yeah, that's a good one
I was thinking more about a sexy assassin who kidnaps her (his?) victims, poisons them, explains how the poison works, then seduces them until they kill themselves. But perhaps that't too macabre
@DaaaahWhoosh Better than Twilight
That's actually semi close to how they metaphorically used the poison in the story. A man see's that his wife is laughing and being friendly with his best friend, and thinks that they must be having an affair, and so is poisoned by jealousy. bad things happen.
sounds vaguely Shakespearian
7:05 PM
@DaaaahWhoosh It's a pretty interesting world. It's basically a Noir detective novel set in a low fantasy world, and the main character is a cross between a PI and a sword master mercenary.
@AndyD273 sounds promising :)
@Mithrandir24601 It's worth checking out if any of those things interest you. I finished it in 2 days, and there are so many references to the rest of the world that it feels pretty big, and I want to check out other books just to hear more about it.
@AndyD273 Will do... If you tell me what the title is :P
"He Drank and Saw the Spider" by Alex Bledsoe
Q: Swear words, we're not allowed to say in WB:SE

Redacted RedactedWhat are those swear words, we're not allowed to use on this site?

7:10 PM
Bonus points for such an imaginative title!
Especially since they don't explain it until 2/3rds the way through, and a lot
of characters do a lot of drinking before that.
A: Sandbox for Proposed Questions

Redacted RedactedQ title: How to get rid of this damned annoying plasma line? So, I wanted to test out this new weapon I got from Redacted Its manual says that: Thanks for choosing our product! The Induced Gamma-Ray Emission by Nuclear Isomers Our newest product (from hereby referred to as "IGENI...

7:30 PM
whoa, the community just closed a question, how does that work?
I don't even agree with my own close vote, now the Community has made it so
@DaaaahWhoosh Apparently the OP can agree
huh, okay then
I was going to answer, but I guess if he got what he needed then that's that
@DaaaahWhoosh Yeah, he picked '"Damned" doesn't sound like a typical swear word' from my comment and ignored "Sounds unnecessary."...
eh, people will see what they want to see
For the lulz
I wonder if it works with other crimes...
@DaaaahWhoosh I'm (probably) a rational being.
7:38 PM
@DaaaahWhoosh I'll ask the other ♦s.
@DaaaahWhoosh I didn't replied directly to the message
@JDługosz don't worry about it, it seems Secespitus figured it out
@Secespitus well, I guess you already found an answer.
@DaaaahWhoosh yea, well here’s the docs:
Q: New UI encourages askers to confirm or dispute duplicate votes

Shog9As of the 9th of March, the banner shown to askers whose questions have attracted at least one duplicate close vote has a couple of new options: If the author clicks the first button, they're shown a confirmation that clarifies the results of this action somewhat: If they click "Ok", the qu...

ah, yes that does pretty well cover it
8:31 PM
Ok, I'm a bit closer to cracking the system.
It judges the videos by their titles.
so you're suggesting that was an auto-flag?
I wonder if there's a safe way to test that
I'm not gonna rename goatse.jpg to something else then post it
The same vid, if it remains, then my hypothesis is confirmed.
8:37 PM
Hi I saw a flag what's up
will you stop with those flags please?
What even is this chat about
I've never been here before
Oh, worldbuilding
the video above and another before that was flagged
8:38 PM
Whatever, your video got flagged
don't do it, flags ping lots of people
so, it's sensitive for that, I have to prepare a better experiment
look, we cannot see who it flagging but moderators can.
and I think that banning a person who disturbs their fellows with such inappropriate flags is a valid option
please do not use flags unless you have to
thanks in advance.
8:58 PM
Trying to watch X-Men First Class without subtitles is hard. Why does Eric have to go to so many countries?
Next he'll end up in Russia or China or somewhere else I don't speak the language.
@Bellerophon is it weird that I understand most of what they say without subs..?
@dot_Sp0T No, I can pick up most of the German and French from context and the few words I know but I find the Spanish harder.
@Bellerophon spanish is almost as easy as french :/ Aren't there polish parts as well, or am I mixing movies? Is first class McAvoy or Stewart? I mean I initially thought I knew what movie you talked about
McAvoy, so I thought of the right one
@dot_Sp0T these timelines are so confusing
Wow, it's too warm for my dog to walk, now. She hasn't quit on me in months, since she reached her full weight.
9:11 PM
@DaaaahWhoosh yeah, remember that glorious movie reference to it?
@dot_Sp0T yes, Magneto is in Poland. So he gets to use the wonderful letter Ł.
It's less of a letter and more of a death sentence
On another note: I am slowly becoming an expert on medieval cities and defenses :/
@dot_Sp0T The start is in Poland but it is a concentration camp so it is mostly German. The Spanish was easier than I thought, he switches to German after a sentence or two so it was alright.
@Abyx I didn’t see anything. Could be moble chat?
@Bellerophon thought there was more polish :/
Oh wait, I'm a movie off
There will be more polish
9:23 PM
@RedactedRedacted FWIW, the message was deleted by “Feeds”, which is the bot that posts the meta messages and such.
This movie seems to be mostly semi-naked women and people swimming.
@Bellerophon ah yes, he was hiding out in Poland in a newer movie.
That's Appocalypse I think.
9:56 PM
Hello and good afternoon y'all!
@SCPilot Rytsas!
10:14 PM
hey there @SCPilot and @Mithrandir24601
@Shalvenay Rytsas!
how're things going?
Hello @Shalvenay!
How are things going, both of you?
Going good. Just working on some stuff.
10:14 PM
alright here, how have things been?
@Shalvenay I'm pretty good :) working away on the essay - I never thought that atmospheric attenuation of all things would be so interesting :P Tomorrow involves looking at some particular predictions of quantum gravity :D
Atmospheric attenuation?
@Mithrandir24601 -- btw, what would make a metal quarterstaff impractical, other than weight?
@Shalvenay Slipperiness of the metal
@Shalvenay fighting Magneto.
@Shalvenay hasardous during thunderstorm
@Mithrandir24601 metal rods often have a knerled finish.
10:21 PM
@Mithrandir24601 ...that is a good point, yes.
@SCPilot When you send a (in this case, communication) signal from the ground to a satellite, it goes through the atmosphere (hopefully this doesn't come as a surprise :P ). During that signal/data transfer, some photons may get absorbed/refracted/reflected/other effects that occur and so the signal strength (for some definition of 'signal strength') decreases. This is atmospheric attenuation
Ah I see. That makes sense.
@JDługosz In that case, it might not be slippery enough :P I'd want to be able to easily move my hands up and down, but without having them slipping all the time
@Mithrandir24601 just as with wood, give it the finish you want.
So, I'm trying to figure out why in my scifi universe, a lot of civilizations develop mech technologies. I have several ideas.
10:30 PM
@SCPilot did you see my mecha animals post?? I ask “why not?”
No? Link please?
Fair enough then. The next issue would be if the thing's strong enough - how easily does it bend/break? Also, you don't want it too light, otherwise it won't do enough damage. After that, I think my answer would be "Where can I get one?"
Q: Mecha exoskeletons for livestock

JDługoszCan powered exoskeletons convey the same advantages to animals as they do to human soldiers? A few years ago we saw stories about the development of legged autonomous vehicles for accompanying soldiers on foot and carrying heavy loads for them. The prototypes tend to look like cows. This did n...

@Mithrandir24601 hahaha, local hardware store. I suspect that a heavy-wall pipe or conduit (Schedule 80) of the appropriate length would work well, while rebar might be a bit on the heavy side
@Shalvenay Excellent. If I can only find an excuse to buy one...
10:33 PM
@Mithrandir24601 In movies, you generally obtain one from objects laying conveintly around the site where the fight occors. Tool handles, coat racks, scaffolding kit, …
@JDługosz But that's not a proper quarterstaff length :/
I used a broom-handle last year, so as long as it's better than that, I'm happy
@Shalvenay I bought a length of pipe to serve as a curtain rod. Items sold as such are expensive! Most pipes a d rod-shaped items are not very stiff. I found one kind of copper pipe to be suitable.
@Mithrandir24601 well, there’s an answer: if a staff is improvised in the field, you need a material that can be broken off at the desired length.
@JDługosz Hmm... Then it's too breakable :/ Unless you've got specific equipment that can do that for you
For practise purposes, I'd definitely be happy at least trying it
@JDługosz I see. An interesting idea and question.

Makes sense in some aspects especially in the medical field.
@Shalvenay actually, fiberglass tool handles would be right. Fighting staffs started out by using farming tools that were at hand, right? So the replacement for a wood handle, for durable stiff and light tools, is fiberglass.
10:38 PM
@JDługosz -- I've considered that fiberglass might be workable as well
@Mithrandir24601 most of martial arts training is about breaking boards and such. I guess now I know why.
(interestingly enough -- the notion of the "ten-foot pole" exists in reality. ask your nearest utility linesman ;) they call it a "hot stick" and use it for getting at things like disconnects and whatnot)
@Shalvenay you can also buy tube stock in carbon fiber. My monopod has been accused of being weaponizable.
@JDługosz yeah, you mentioned that before -- fiberglass is favored for hotsticks because it's cheap and a very, very good insulator
I scoff; if I wanted to hit someone I'd use Granny’s cane, not my expensive 'pod!
@Shalvenay what is a hotstick?
10:44 PM
Carbon fibre would simultaneously be amazing to have and way too light :P
In the electric power distribution industry, a hot stick is an insulated pole, usually made of fiberglass, used by electric utility workers when engaged on live-line working on energized high-voltage electric power lines, to protect them from electric shock. Depending on the tool attached to the end of the hot stick, it is possible to test for voltage, tighten nuts and bolts, apply tie wires (twisted lengths of ductile wire which fasten the running cable to its supporting insulators), open and close switches, replace fuses, lay insulating sleeves on wires, and perform various other tasks while...
I have a fiberglass painting pole that goes to 20 or so, I forget just how long. I attached a jig I made on the threaded end and use it to pick fruit.
@SCPilot -- so, I did read the links you sent me a while back re: gov't structures -- I'm wondering if there are some resources out there for various other facets of "what makes a gov't tick"
@Mithrandir24601 light — yea, the camera mount completely dwarfs it, weight wise.
@Mithrandir24601 how about making a light middle and concentrating the weight on the ends?
@JDługosz probably easy to do with fill plugs at the ends
10:49 PM
@JDługosz Oooh, would it be good? - probably, but that's a guess. I would definitely like to try though :)
I had the thought that tungston could make a very tiny blugeon.
hello there @Avantgarde
@Shalvenay Hi! :)
What's this chat about?
Better weapons
various and sundry fictional worldbuilding things
10:50 PM
Very cool
right now we're pondering alternate materials for pole weapons, and I also am trying to poke one of the local chatizens re: building fantasy gov'ts (basic gov't structure is easy, getting into the nitty gritty of structure and policymaking is hard)
@JDługosz Eventually, I want to work my way up towards this
Is this SE basically a lot of scifi?
@Avantgarde we deal with all kinds of stuff, from hard spec fic to out-there fantasy as well as alternate history
10:53 PM
(this as in using the three-section-staff - I haven't got the faintest of foggiest chances of ever being that good :P )
@Shalvenay Ah, got it.
@Avantgarde I recognise you from hbar, don't I?
This SE is .. interesting. Building your world
@Mithrandir24601 Yes, hi! :)
Hello! :)
You visit this chat often too?
10:55 PM
@Webstarian Hey :)
world building = game environment designing?
As for my ideas for why a lot of alien civilizations develop mechs and battlesuits is because of any of these reasons:

1) Ancient Precursor civilizations develop mech technologies and the younger races are following in their footsteps in terms of development.

2) Due to the usage of FTL travel, much of the universe is filled with hyperspace particles (function similar to the Minovsky particles https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Universal_Century_technology#The_Minovsky_particle ), many civilizations saw the need to enhance close combat technologies.
@Avantgarde Oh yeah, I was on here well before I went to physics - I spend at least as much time here as on there
@Webstarian Not necessarily, but that could definitely seem to fit, I suppose.
10:57 PM
@Shalvenay Yeah, I think things like culture, religion, etc. would work if you're looking for things that would make a government tick.
@Mithrandir24601 Oh I see. I am exploring other SE's, apart from physics.
Physics SE is not that popular at all compared to some other SEs. Some get thousands of views on brand new questions. Physics gets just a few.
I like it here :) it's a lot smaller, but it generally feels really creative, yet in a science-y way, which I enjoy
I'm in graphic design se and its a little strict there
lots of questions flagged, closed
Right. Let's see if I enjoy it here as well.
The smallness here means that questions get a lot more views and answers and as such, the answers are a lot more varied
10:59 PM
@SCPilot so basically let policy and structure flow from cultural/religious norms?
Something like that @Shalvenay. I've looked up resources for that, and there are a lot of resources for stuff like that!
admittedly, I'm not great at that sort of thing, but I suspect that might be an easier path than coming up with things from scratch
@Webstarian admittedly, there are a fair few closed questions here because of the difficulty of making good questions that aren't too broad/opinion based, which can sometimes be a narrow line here
Well, you could do that @Shalvenay, but sometimes it is good to come up with stuff from scratch as well.
11:04 PM
@SCPilot I mean -- coming up with legal stuff out of whole cloth
we have a lot of eager admin that want to make an index of good questions/answers, rather than a discussion forum
@Webstarian granted, SE is intended to be much more the former than the latter
yes, agreed
ita lot of newbs get turned away though
graphic design is something people come to on here when they need quick help
@Webstarian as in newbs to the Stack format, or newbs to graphic design?
you kind of have to live with the lumps sometimes as some people JDGI re: how the Stack operates
Yep, I've adapted. Still some of the other se's have more casual discussions
I guess they are newb to it all
11:13 PM
yeah -- there are corners of the internet which are very "agree or argue" and don't react well to the reactions of a mature and healthy Stack to a question that's incomplete or makes faulty assumptions
@Shalvenay I just realised/remembered - I spent a few minutes trying to use a metal rod as a quarterstaff just a few days ago - from the short time I spent with it, it's pretty similar to wood actually and it wasn't too slippy. If anything it was easier to use than some of the wooden ones I've used :)
@Mithrandir24601 ah
But of course, it was only a few minutes, so I don't know what it would be like once it's e.g. sweaty
also -- re: our discussion from earlier on dragons -- I have this scene of House Targaryen surrendering wholesale to a single infantryman armed with a MANPAD
@Shalvenay Ah. Yes, I could see that...
11:17 PM
I can only imagine the reaction of the other Houses to hearing about the incident too
11:45 PM
@Shalvenay don't 't MANPADs require a crew of two? Not nit-picking.
@Green hrm. my understanding is that ideally you'd want two, but you can get by solo?

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