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12:28 AM
If anyone can figure out a way for a star of mass ~1-2 M$_\odot$ to rapidly lose most of its mass but not destroy the core, can you please ping me? I've encountered an issue with justifying mass loss for my self-answer. Thanks.
14 hours later…
2:00 PM
@Shalvenay Sorry this weekend I didn't get much time on the internet. As to your questions, I am a novice black smith, I have no idea about production speeds, but I'm guessing it is significantly less than by hand.. Also I have NO IDEA what steel I would use to make a sword. Haven't done any research into it. Still working on Black smithing, not blade smithing myself... I'll try to find out more about swords
1 hour later…
3:04 PM
oh, no...
the next topic challenge is
I have a strange sense of foreboding
also, the last challenge was on two tags, that'll break the answer generator
you'll have to do each separately and merge them I would guess.'
@HDE226868 Rogue black hole. Traveling at .1-.2 c it would go through a solar system pretty fast, and passing through a star wouldn't slow it down enough to keep in in the system. If it was a grazing shot it might take enough mass without causing the star to go nova.
Though it looks like someone was thinking that calendar should be bumped up because of leap year this month
@DaaaahWhoosh It could be interesting, or horrifying. I'm not sure which either.
Is there anywhere that shows the queue of upcoming challenges, or does the next challenge only get decided when the last ends?
@AndyD273 There is a main thread that meta.worldbuilding.stackexchange.com/questions/1768/… where the suggestions are voted on. The highest one at the end of the previous challenge is generally the next challenge. Steampunk was at the top on Friday.
And Mythical Creatures and History are tied with gender right now
and Now Mythical Creatures is in the lead
3:20 PM
@bowlturner Well, I put a vote in for mythical creatures. I'm hoping that balloon-whales falls into that catagory.
They sound pretty mythical to me!
does anyone feel up to generating the new challenge question while I reconcile the old challenge answers?
I've never done it, but I can give it a try if no one else wants to...
@AndyD273 give it a shot!
So, since mythical creatures is in the lead, that's the one that gets chosen?
3:24 PM
and here's the generator: jenkinsstuff.bl.ee/challenge/#
Q: Fortnightly Topic Challenge #26: Mythical Creatures

AndyD273Now begins our 26 topic challenge! Topic: mythical-creatures Dates: 1 February - 15 February Proposed by: Myths are always fun to adapt to one's world and entertaining to read about. Lets bring on the mythical-creature questions. Remember to use this tag if you're asking a question as ...

All right, it's up. If I made any mistakes feel free to correct, or whatever
I also updated the previous question list to include culture and society
Oh, but I can't mark it as featured, since only mods can do that.
well, I put up an answer to the last challenge, but I get the feeling I made a mistake
I also think we broke a record with this one, though I'll need to double-check
Q: Fortnightly Topic Challenge #26: Mythical Creatures

AndyD273Now begins our 26th topic challenge! Topic: mythical-creatures Dates: 1 February - 15 February Proposed by: Myths are always fun to adapt to one's world and entertaining to read about. Lets bring on the mythical-creature questions. Remember to use this tag if you're asking a question a...

3:40 PM
Well the challenge certainly helped me on my way to a silver tag badge in Society
is there a way to track tag badges?
@DaaaahWhoosh what do you mean?
well, you were talking about tag badges, I want to know if I have any or am close
Well you do have Society for sure. you can see all your badges on your profile
oh yeah, there it is
3:51 PM
you are closeing in on reality-check, 95, but need to answer 6 more questions
what does it take to get the silver version?
400 upvotes and 80 questions answered
Gold is 1000 upvotes and 200 questions
well, neither of those things seem in any way obtainable to me
If you go to your activity tab, and click on the little gear by the tag you are currently 'working toward', it will show you your progress on each tag
You have plenty of time!
I don't know, it feels like Worldbuilding rep is one of those upside down exponential functions
3:57 PM
how do you mean?
like you get a bunch early, then sort of start slowing down.
maybe that's just how I am though
ah, yes, though for me, I have slow downs and then things pick up again. So... But then I try to answer almost anything, even at times I probably shouldn't.
@DaaaahWhoosh I feel like it just goes in spurts. I'll have a run of really good ones, and then it slows down to where it seems like nothing is getting upvoted, and then it picks back up again.
I'm not sure if it's me, the questions that come in, or the other users on the site.
I have mostly giving up trying to guess which questions people will like, because I'm almost always wrong. But activity on a question makes a huge difference (obviously)
My paranoid side tries to convince me that it's because when I get into the top .4 percent people stop upvoting because they don't want me to stay there.
Paranoid me is kind of irritating though
If someone isn't on the recent participents in chat, will they still get pinged if you reply to them. I'm just curious if my reply to HDE 226868 will get lost...
4:15 PM
32.6k page views on friday to go with the massive number of questions. Looks like we just had a lot of visitors that day
wow. And I'm guessing saturday was dead.
Friday 36 questions, 32.6k page views, 127 answers
Saturday 11 questions, 11.9k views, 38 answers
so about 1/3rd
but still 11 questions on a saturday is pretty good
I remember when we used to get 2 or 3
ya, dead is relative.
Hey Tim B. I put the next challenge page up, but don't have the ability to mark it featured. I don't know if there is a system for that or whatever
sigh I keep getting so close to that fanatic badge...
Had a sick kid over the weekend, and forgot to check in.
4:32 PM
ouch. I had to start over once, because I didn't use the phone app correctly one day when I had no other service available.
Well I tried a bigfoot question for mythical creatures.
Might need to tweek it, we'll see how others take the question
4:50 PM
Yeah, I've been close 4 times now. 98 days once.
Ya, at one site (I think it was a different one) I had 96 and some mistake caused me to miss it.
@AndyD273 yeah, you need a mod to do it. If one of us is online then ask in the chat here - if not then flag it for moderator attention and ask us to feature it
I've made the change but it might need a little time to filter through
@TimB Yeah, that's why I brought it up :) I forget about flags though. I'm never sure if I'm using them right or what's appropriate.
Did we have elections?
Got my balloon whales question up :)
Q: Evolution of giant floating mammals

AndyD273Whales are majestic creatures of the sea, as they glide more gracefully through the water than their size should seemingly allow. What kind of evolutionary path would it take for whales to glide gracefully though the skies? Would it be possible on our planet, or would other conditions need to ex...

5:03 PM
Also, hello all.
@Samuel Not yet
after the new site is up I heard?
Also, long time no see
Yeah, I was travelling. Six weeks.
Back to the winter hemisphere, le sigh.
5:19 PM
So @Samuel you come back so you can pass me up again? ;)
well in theory the site is eligible for elections at any point after we went out of beta, that doesn't wait till the site design is done. We've heard nothing though so no idea if they planning to do them any time soon
the only thing that's waiting on the site design if the change to permissions
5:44 PM
@TimB I could be wrong about that. I kind of remember overheard Monica Cellio and someone else talking about it, but that was a while ago.
@bowlturner After I get caught back up at work, perhaps.
6:18 PM
man, mondays are awesome
all day I've been half-asleep, it feels so good
6:47 PM
@Samuel welcome back!
There's a pileup of sites waiting for elections, and it appears they prefer not to run bunches of them concurrently. (It appears there's some extra CM load during an election.) My unofficial, not-informed-by-anything-in-particular guess is that they'll start our election in the next several weeks. How's that for vague?
6:58 PM
@MonicaCellio 6/10, could be vaguer
@MonicaCellio That's pretty specific. Maybe instead of "weeks" use "unspecified time units".
@MonicaCellio But, thank you for the information :)
1 hour later…
8:08 PM
Well I guess we now know when the elections are being held.
Q: 2016 Moderator Election Q&A - Question Collection

Grace NoteIn connection with the moderator elections, we will be holding a Q&A with the candidates. This will be an opportunity for members of the community to pose questions to the candidates on the topic of moderation. Participation is completely voluntary. Here's how it'll work: During the nominati...

Q: 2016 Community Moderator Election

CommunityThe 2016 Community Moderator Election is now underway! Community moderator elections have three phases: Nomination phase Primary phase Election phase Most elections take between two and three weeks, but this depends on how many candidates there are. Please visit the official election page a...

Lets's hope it doesn't go like that.
@bowlturner well, lookie there. I did not yet know about that when I made my earlier comments. :-)
Huh. I almost never get to see flags in the chat... While I was away there were 7, and then they were all taken care of before I got back.
@MonicaCellio I know. Just claim you were messing with us and didn't want to spill the beans! ;)
I tried updating my Big Foot question. is it any better?
8:21 PM
@bowlturner Since your follow up question is "How would they continue to successfully hide and have enough diversity to keep from dying out from in-breeding?" You seem to assume it's likely enough to have occurred, so you might leave that rather subjective first question out.
Also, to narrow down the second question you could ask how they avoid some particular detection method, like cameras.
I see what you mean.
I was even wondering about never finding bodies.
Also, you've got two fairly different environments there.
Ah, yeah, that's a good angle.
Maybe it's because they never die. That's a good way to avoid bodies and the problem of inbreeding (they don't breed).
ha! or at least very rarely.
Like that movie "A man from Earth", or something similar
I'll bet they get waxed and play in the NBA for a while before hiding out again to resurface later.
Ok, I'll try to narrow it down some more.
8:26 PM
Who of you are going to nominate? Just curious.
Probably half of all knee injuries are just Yeti's needing to drop out of the limelight.
Though with the answers you're coming up with do I really need too? ;)
Yeah, cause they're joke answers.
Welcome back @Samuel :)
Plus any votes from you to me gets you closer to second place again :)
8:27 PM
So who'll be the first to nominate themselves? :D
@bilbo_pingouin Thanks. It was a great trip.
I guess :)
and nicer weather, I trust?
Afternoon all.
@Samuel I don't really think bowlturner's question has to many faucets. It's not like he's including the kitchen sink...
@AndyD273 Good point, where do the Yeti cook and wash up?
8:31 PM
@Samuel Good to see you, how was the trip
OK, made some more changes. any better?
Soooo....elections were posted.
Nominations more specifically. 30 minutes ago or so.
@James It was amazing. The most salient part for this crowd is probably the afternoon I spent in Hobbiton.
It was so freaking cool.
@Samuel ...I am suddenly exceedingly jealous.
Please tell me you went barefoot.
8:36 PM
@James Not the whole time, but yes, I definitely kicked off my sandals around the Party Tree.
@bowlturner I dunno, but I think it's ok. You're asking for ways that a species could survive large amounts of time without being seen by people. I have a couple thoughts
@Samuel Well done sir.
@bowlturner Are you getting this blizzard up in the cities? We are expecting 12 - 18 inches between this evening and tomorrow.
@James I'm a bit North of the cities, and No. But my wife (still living at the other house) is expecting to be in the middle of a huge snow dump. She's planning on staying home tomorrow.
She's south of the Cities
@bowlturner I just got a super friendly email from my boss' boss saying, "If you're planning on not coming to work you have to take a vacation day"
Wonderful people. Just spend the night at your desk, and go home in the morning...
8:43 PM
I live in Michigan, and it's 42F out. It was a weird January, and so far February has been stranger weather wise.
@bowlturner Its an awesome policy considering I am required to work from home at night at least once a week...
@AndyD273 Its been a weird one for sure.
@James Like in the contract required or work-shamed if you don't kind of policy?
@James that makes it terrible.
@James, if you can work from home, why don't you do it tomorrow?
@Samuel Required...config engineer.
8:45 PM
and there it goes :)
@bilbo_pingouin "There is no approved work from home policy"
moderator elections are on
A little behind @TimB ;)
@TimB Jeez keep up man
@TimB and already two candidates, one of them being among us on chat :)
8:46 PM
@James Ah, sounded like the same "can't discuss compensation" kind of policy. Which is illegal.
If there is no approved work from home policy, then I would guess you can't work from home at night either...
@James yeah, I have the same in my work. Kind of a pain sometimes.
@TimB It's just a couple of eager dorks that nominated themselves.
@Samuel You just described everyone in chat.
@bowlturner Yeah I tried that it didn't work...
@James Just trying not to point fingers, just vaguely gesture at the room.
8:49 PM
@James so logic isn't really their forte, is it?
@James seriously, they can't legally have it both ways. I can see why you are thinking about learning mainframes, might be less frustrating.
@bilbo_pingouin The lack thereof makes my brain cringe on a daily basis.
@James and that's the job that you considered leaving, right? You haven't yet changed, have you?
@bilbo_pingouin Not yet. Working on it...a couple of large companies in town have shed tons of jobs lately so the market is pretty saturated with people...makes the search slow...
We're constantly looking for new Software engineers, preferably if you're willing to move up North, but some telecommuters are hired.
8:52 PM
@bowlturner I can't really code...I am more on the PM side of things...
Ah. Well Sometimes we need them too. But I think we're good for right now.
@James I'm not sure half of the persons who code for a living can... :D
@bowlturner Moving seems like a lot of work right now...its tough to PM remotely...far to easy for people to ignore you.
@bilbo_pingouin You have point there...some of the garbage we get is amazing (ly bad)
@James true, though plenty of our people are managed remotely.
Election chat room, for those interested:
Feel free to talk here too, of course. SE gives every election a dedicated room to make it easier for people to ask questions of candidates and for candidates to be available to answer them and stuff.
8:58 PM
Right, put my nomination in :)
@bowlturner Well if something comes up and they are willing to deal with remote most of the time (I could drive up from time to time.) let me know.
@James will do.
@bowlturner Gracias. If I get a job via the WorldBuilding chat room I will buy 10 people world building swag...once it exists.
@James we hope you'll buy them either way ;-)
9:10 PM
@James that'll be hard, as SE doesn't sell the swag. But weren't you the one who was going to fabricate the robots from the site design? Do that. :-)
@MonicaCellio oooh, good call, ok if anyone gets me a job I get ten robot miniatures created and share.
@James when you say PM do you mean project or product management?
@MonicaCellio I can do either honestly.
Oh...I just posted a question about lemmings.
9:35 PM
Looks like we've got quite a few candidates
6 so far...
And it's been less than an hour
on the other hand, I don't suppose it'll keep up to that...
the guy with a candidate score of 1 self deleted his nomination I think
The Anathema was his name
9:37 PM
enthusiasm is good but he'd have needed more experience to win
I saw that, he might have thought Samuel was referring to him up above...
@bilbo_pingouin I'll bet you Trump Tower that we get at least 20 nominations, though.
How many are actually elected?
well, I think that was not necessarily a bad thing... you don't have to be the highest beast on the field to give it a try
@bowlturner 4
yep 4
9:38 PM
OK. That's what I thought.
@HDE226868 let's hope!
@bilbo_pingouin I tried for beta moderation, it didn't go well, got a few down votes and said...uh, nevermind.
@James well that sounds a bit aggressive... on SFF, I have seen a couple of relative small fishes trying it, and they just got no upvotes and that was the end of it
we have 7 days. I refuse to put my name in the hat until at least tomorrow! Besides, I need the time to come up with my catchphrase, maybe "Feel the Turn!"
@bowlturner Man...a catchphrase...I didn't know I had to do that.
9:42 PM
so far 5 of our top 20 users are in...
@James How are you supposed to parody trump without one!? ;)
so, does this mean the current moderators have a chance of getting kicked out? As I recall, there are already 4 of them
yes. every year the moderator positions are up for grabs
Just to make sure its clear he said grabbing not groping.
Though they do have the incumbent bias
9:47 PM
normally no. Only when moderators step down. But since we never had an election on WB, they have to run for it
Why not eternal dictator-moderators? :P
it's a special case here
the current moderators are all pro-tem
we were appointed not elected
so we need to re-stand
@bilbo_pingouin they'd better run... I never realized the potential of that pun
and yes, there are 4 of us and 4 slots
OH, I thought it was a yearly thing
9:48 PM
I don't know if all 4 plan to re-run though
but so far only one nominated himself
@bowlturner it is often a yearly thing, but not all spots are vacant...
@HDE226868 Hey, I put an idea to answer the question you asked last night. I don't know if it'll help any...
I'll let the others speak for themselves :)
@AndyD273 Oh, right, sorry. I did see that.
the recent SFF election had only 2 spots free for... (I don't know how many in total)
9:49 PM
@HDE226868 Ok cool. I didn't know if it would ping you if you were out of the room.
It's an interesting idea, and could work. I'm looking for something I can make periodic (with a period in the tens of millions of years), so that might work if I can put a black hole in a huge orbit.
I don't know if it would still be gravitationally bound to the system, though.
Former pro-term moderators after the election: "Hey! Where is my nuke button?"
@TimB I'll have an answer up for the purposes of sanity-checks within a half hour or so.
@HDE226868 Yeah, tens of millions of years would be hard because it would need speed to keep from getting caught in system. unless it was orbiting something else even more massive like the galactic core and just happened to pass through the target system on it's way around.
Alright I am taking off, have to grab a few necessities before the blizzard arrives (beer mainly, I'm out)
9:58 PM
@TimB Here's my very rough, very not-yet-totally-hard-science answer draft:
A: Can stars exist that are not powered by nuclear fusion?

HDE 226868Note: This answer is not even close to being finished. I’m putting it out there as a sort of sanity-check, so I can get some input as to whether or not my idea is totally crazy or not. Links and more numbers will be coming. Introduction When I wrote this question, I thought that the Kelvin-He...

Cool :)
Or hot...probably
@James 'Night. Wait, blizzard? Where are you?
@TimB Yeah, I don't know what temperatures it will reach. Probably not more than a few thousand Kelvin at the surface, hopefully!
@HDE226868 Have you looked into Black Dwarfs or Iron Stars yet? An iron star is what happens to black dwarfs after all possible fusion has stopped, since they don't have enough to collapse into a black hole. The theory is that way into the future, all stars that are left will be iron stars
In astronomy, an iron star is a hypothetical type of compact star that could occur in the universe in 101500 years. The premise behind iron stars states that cold fusion occurring via quantum tunnelling would cause the light nuclei in ordinary matter to fuse into iron-56 nuclei. Fission and alpha-particle emission would then make heavy nuclei decay into iron, converting stellar-mass objects to cold spheres of iron. The formation of these stars is only a possibility if the proton does not decay. Though the surface of a neutron star is iron, it is distinct from an iron star. == References == ��2...
@AndyD273 I thought iron stars were something waaaaaay in the future, not related to black dwarfs.
I also wanted the star to be standalone (besides a giant honkin' disk), which is why I discarded cataclysmic variables.
(They involve binary systems)
@HDE226868 I read somewhere that after 10^1500 years anything that can fuse will have fused into iron, while any heavier than iron will decay into iron. I'll see if I can find the source later.
10:09 PM
@AndyD273 That would be great. Sounds a bit far in the future for me, though.
So a black dwarf would become an iron star if it's under 3 stellar masses
Yeah. it really is
headed home...
Ironically, I had considered quasistars at first, which are way back in the past, at the opposite end of time.
@AndyD273 Safe passage.
Goodnight all, will take a proper look at the answer tomorrow HDE
@TimB Thanks.
10:27 PM
@James that was more than a year ago, though, so don't let that affect your plans now. Back then maybe you weren't as active or people didn't know you or whatever.
Moderators, once elected (not appointed), serve for as long as they want to (barring something going wrong, which thankfully is rare). Elections after the first are to add to the team; as sites grow they need more moderators. Or sometimes people retire and need to be replaced.

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