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12:32 AM
We have a lot of well known users in chat right now, I have a question. Do any of you guys conlang? I did a survey a while ago on reddit and it seems conlanging is the least popular worldbuilding type, even less than Alt history!
@TinyTrEs-2b check the metaWB, I've got a proposal running on there to create a WB conlang; so far at least bilbo is in :)
Q: The WB.SE conlanguage (proposal for community event)

dot_Sp0T'twas but a day ago on the factory floor. A discussion was held about the beauty of languages and thus the brave builders came up with the idea of creating a new language, one to surpass them all, a language to rule them all! A language to find them! A LANGUAGE TO BRING THEM ALL AND IN THE DARKNE...

@TinyTrEs-2b I have very, very, very lightly dabbled in colang. Whenever I stick a toe in it seems like it would take far more effort to do right than I would get satisfaction or use from it.
@NexTerren isn't that all worldbuilding?
12:57 AM
@NexTerren Nice question. I'm a sucker for World War II history.
@TinyTrEs-2b Fine. Proportionate satisfaction/use. :P
@TinyTrEs-2b And thanks! Trying to improve my more formal research in it at the moment.
your welcome, I have been obsessed with in recently
Never underestimate the horrors of Asperger's and worlbuilding
@TinyTrEs-2b You have Asperger's? This I did not know.
Yeah, I got tested last April and the result came in last month
@TinyTrEs-2b is it also called highly functional autism over there?
1:07 AM
Yeah technically, Asperger's is no longer a condition in the official sense, but according to its old definition I would have been it if I was tested a year earlier
Well bloody neurotypicals and their classifications anyway, right?
@TinyTrEs-2b eh. thank $deity, someone with aspergers who's well behaved, not self diagnosed, and dosen't use it as a excuse for terrible behaviour.
Yeah, thanks Glee. We think everyone has good qualities, except for people with Asperger's, they are assholes
@TinyTrEs-2b I have two folks who claim to have it on one of my chatrooms, they kinda get along like detonators and high explosive.
That's moderately concerning
1:13 AM
One's a stickler for rules, the other's too fond of finding the limits of them
@JourneymanGeek these're the worst..
Also, I was self diagnosed, but only an ass hat would go around saying they have something, without any proof what so ever
@TinyTrEs-2b not saying everyone with asperger's like that tho
or even everyone self diagnosed.
I know ;D
I'm probably grumpy cause I either have to behave like the responsible adult, or wake up to find my nice clean chatroom covered in feathers.
1:16 AM
I feel like there is a story there
(chat arguements are like pillow fights no?)
Messy, no one gets hurt, unless there's a feather dust explosion...
you stuff your pillows with feathers? Barbaric!
I don't
At the moment I have one memory foam, one synthetic, and one mysterious plant matter pillow.
I don't use pillows
1:18 AM
I use couch cushions
saves money and supports the head better
There I thought you'd apply your superior autistic mind to levitate
I need two.
oh, I have one of those fancypants, contoured, memory foam ones.
those are great
but too expensive for my blood
1:19 AM
I think it was 50 quid.
Even if I replaced them... I donno, we never replace pillows really.
50 quid is, like 70$ right?
singapore dollars in my case
Guys, I just sneezed so hard it blew my headphones off.
1:21 AM
that's rediculously cheap. Not the same I think but close enough
@Green that's moderately Concerning, see your local otolaryngologist
@TinyTrEs-2b Oh, he and I are friends already.
@JourneymanGeek that must be a shame
well call him up
@JourneymanGeek nose doctor
1:24 AM
@TinyTrEs-2b I never regret a purchase.
@TinyTrEs-2b I already have an appointment later this month. I'll bring it up then.
I'll just go then
@JourneymanGeek also with 4 brand baby spanking new rwby figures in store now, I got to sell my soul and cut my hair for a 40
@Green if he's a real friend he would bump you up to next friday
@TinyTrEs-2b heh, that show floats in and out of 'the list'
I watch it religiously, I am a sucker for its villains
1:29 AM
@TinyTrEs-2b We're not that close.
1:41 AM
Who here has seen the Evan video?
2:56 AM
hey there @kingledion pets the giraffe
10 hours later…
12:57 PM
2 hours later…
2:29 PM
@TinyTrEs-2b My first time seeing it
In case anyone is interested, Assassins Creed 3 is free on the Ubisoft website. The website appears to be receiving the hug of death at the moment, but I'm hopeful that I'll be able to log in eventually.
My favorite memory from AC3 is when it glitched and I could carry around a woodaxe as a primary weapon. When I came back the next day, I couldn't get it to happen again, and I knew I would never again feel so badass.
2:45 PM
What up people....err you know...mostly people
Not much
People are terrible
@dot_Sp0T Absolutes are always wrong.
Not all of them. I've met at least 4 good ones.
@James only a Sith deals in absolutes
2:47 PM
Damn you Whoosh
The 5th was a little tough and stringy
To join the discussion: The last time I played Assassins Creed I could climb the Notre Dame
@James How was kicking and punching things yesterday?
@dot_Sp0T you're a people.
@AndyD273 Well played.
2:48 PM
Running around Italy was great
@JourneymanGeek I know, doesn't make it better
@DaaaahWhoosh, was it your who said that Visual Studio eats children?
@Green that does sound like something I would say
@DaaaahWhoosh Well, it ate the children I have'na' got.
@kingledion Good idea. I'll mull over all of this and see if I can come up with better questions.
3:01 PM
I got it installed yesterday without any trouble but when I went to go compile something, it decided it couldn't find a certain library.
@Green sounds like my compiling-on-a-server problems
@kingledion Maybe I should delete that question and start over when I get a better format? Get rid of all the unnecessary comments?
@Green the hardships of a toolchain
@ThomBlairIII probably the easiest thing to do
@DaaaahWhoosh Even better, when I tried to do the same procedure at home, it worked. :D
@Green Punching and kicking was fantastic. All the bags I hit were green.....
@Green You shouldn't try and be your own dentist
3:03 PM
@dot_Sp0T Ok, thanks!
@James Is this a sign of hostility, doc?
@Green ...They're actually red and black I just wanted to write that :D
@James Nice. :)
Anyone know of any good tablet deals? Looking for something around 10 inches that I can download movies onto for the kids to watch while traveling (so I want a 64+ gB micro SD slot too)
@dot_Sp0T Seems I can't if it has answers already. Anyways, I was mostly trying to do something more fun than answering serious questions. Maybe I'll figure out good ways sooner or later. :)
3:07 PM
@James so you've been punching Green's avatar?
Sitting at home all day can get super boring sometimes
@ThomBlairIII Cry me a river and then consider drowning yourself in it :angryface:
kidding...I'm just jealous
Hey, what do you think would happen if I uninstalled all the Microsoft .NET framework packs from 4.5 up to 4.6.2?
@James Man, harsh today!
@James Arrg!! Such venom!
@Green A localized singularity that will consume the world.
@ThomBlairIII :D
3:09 PM
No, I know how you feel!
@James If only I was that lucky.
I used to want to go home all the time. Now I've gotten my wish and it's finally started to lose it's glamour. :(
@james I've played all the good video games I can find that I like. Video games all day long for about a decade!
But, video games are finite, alas.
@ThomBlairIII Some people I work with enjoy their time working from home (granted, their commutes are borderline insane). I don't like it. When I'm home, I don't want to be thinking about work.
Yeah, sometimes I wish I could find a good job I could enjoy enough to do from home, but they are easier to imagine and hope for than they are to find.
Fooey, the newer .NET frameworks 4.6.2 depend on 4.5. You can't uninstall them without nuking everything else.
3:13 PM
@Green I can't really see myself being a good employee from home...I mean, I am only a mediocre employee AT the office.
Allow me to work in my underwear and drink bailey's in my coffee and things would probably go downhill rather quickly.
@James I have a PM friend who is working from home a lot. He seems to be able to do his job just fine.
Ill tell you a secret...PM'ing is not that hard if you have the right skillset (bullshitting mostly)
Its all about presentation
@James most jobs aren't that hard with the right skillset. Tell me something new.
Your mom is an alien and your space dad will be coming for you some day soon. He is an evil emperor and a seer foretold that you would one day overthrow him. And once you did you would reward your friend James with his own planet.
3:18 PM
What is PM?
Project Manager
Oh dear, spawn of the devil
I too was wondering
@James You know, that explains an awful lot.
I've found that if you have a really good PM, that you get along with and who actually does their job, PMs can be a huge benefit. If they do their job and pleasant to work with....otherwise, they're a living hell.
3:20 PM
@Green That's pretty accurate
Control freaks should not be PMs
Ok opinion time:
@James Socialable organization freaks should apply.
@James, how important is that little kick-stand thing?
well...I mean I figure I will buy a case either way so we can stand it up in the car.
@James I'd go for the cheaper tablet with the larger screen.
3:29 PM
@Green Considering I need a case and a microSD I was thinking the same thing.
@Green I wonder if the larger one will get an update to Android 5...
I forgot to mention you would also use your space powers to give James elemental magical abilities. Mainly he wants to shoot fireballs from his hands.
though if it's just a movies in the car thing maybe it won't matter
but he totally won't use it on you...probably
@AndyD273 Yeah this will be for kid use so I don't want to invest too much
Gotta run for a bit
@James Good point. Invest in a really good case. Swapping screens is a huge pain
3:43 PM
@AndyD273 With Android products that aren't less than two years old and a flagship product, I assume they'll never see another update.
Then if they do, I'm pleasently surprised.
I would really love it if down the road Android went totally modular. So you could get just a kernel update or something to update all the things that aren't phone dependant
Abstract the hardware layer
@AndyD273 I'd love it if OEMs released their drivers and unlocked their firmwares.
That too
Maybe Google could at least do it for the Pixel line, and then others could try to adapts them. Though Verizon would probably throw a fit.
Or, better still. Made each device in the phone/tablet conform to a generic driver spec, much like USB mass storage devices or human interface devices do now. You don't need a special driver to use a generic USB mouse.
I wonder what it would take to get Qualcomm and Intel and ARM and everyone to cooperate like that.
3:49 PM
Then with this well defined interface, as long as a phone's camera or whatever conforms to the standard, you should be able to swap in a new, also-conformant kernel without difficulty.
Probably high explosives and family members would be involved.
A huge change in the phone market dynamics. Perhaps we'll see it with more people keeping their phones for longer and demanding that their older but still serviceable hardware get updates to the latest and greatest Android.
This would require punishment of OEMs who don't update and rewarding those that do update. Not sure how to go about doing that.
Also punishment for carriers that don't update. I don't think it's only the OEM's fault, as I believe there are a lot of hoops they have to go through
@AndyD273 I don't know how to punish carriers who don't want to do QA on older devices. If the costs are so high upfront to do QA, then a generic driver model would ease that pain a lot because there would be fewer degrees of freedom.
@AndyD273 If a carrier like T-Mobile decided it was in their best interests to upgrade older devices and they experienced increased subscriptions because of it then VZ and ATT would feel pressure to follow suit.
4:04 PM
I've been fielding QA issues for a project today while it's going though UAT. It's taken a huge amount of will-power not to shout "Expeliarmus!!" every time I closed one down.
@Pete Why hold back? You totally should shout that.
Yeah. I'm thinking standardized drivers so that the hardware is abstracted, combined with a modular OS so that pieces of it can be updated through the play store without a huge software push, then the manufactures and carriers wouldn't have to do much at all.
I have a feeling I'm going to need to conserve my energy for a Patronus at some point. Those issues normally crop up about five minutes before I'm due to leave for the day.
@Pete I don't even know how to pronounce that in my head
@AndyD273 Isn't Android going down this route already? Or is it only still issuing security patches?
4:07 PM
I suppose I should read the Harry Potter books one day...
@Pete I've heard that, but I don't think they've done it at a kernel level yet
Just because you'd have to do a different one for each model phone
I am currently slogging through the collected series. Just started the Order of the Phoenix and now I remember how bored I got watching the last films.
Unless the hardware didn't matter
I was a Windows Phone user for a long long time. I still think it's the best OS. Shame that no one is really supporting it.
@NexTerren - No it isn't - it's the afternoon. Good afternoon, by the way.
4:13 PM
@Pete I stand corrected. This work day sure went by quickly!
I have to find a job where someone pays me to come up with ideas all day.
Basically, to worldbuild all day but in Real Life (TM)
I have a funny feeling that many people worldbuild during their entire working day....
@Pete I mean, I do but that's only because I'm super underutilized at work and I want to keep myself busy.
@Green If this was a genie wish, your fatal mistake would be failing to specify what sort of ideas you have to come up with.
@NexTerren Excellent point.
4:25 PM
"How would I go about taxing Genie wishes?"
@Pete I don't know but that would be a really good trick to pull off.
I know. I think I need to use a wish up just forming that into an askable question.
@Pete How about: Merchants have started importing cheap magic lamps lately. Most of these magic lamps are very low quality, and so the wishes evaporate like faerie gold, but some good ones have also been found, and this has had the side effect causing some disruption in the currency. What would be the best way to tax lasting income through magic wishes?
You could also sprinkle in a handful of evil genies that want to twist wishes to their own dark amusement.
@AndyD273 Wouldn't you still tax it like normal? At some point the income has to pass into the normal economy so it either needs to be taxed or be laundered.
Maybe your second wish should be for perfect money laundering capabilities.
@Green It depends. It's kind of like getting paid under the table. If the genie doesn't report paying you, and you don't report getting paid, and there is no paper trail...
4:34 PM
then you'd better watch out for the Lamp Audit Officers..
And what if the wish is for non-monetary items?
@AndyD273 Then you'd run into the same complexities that the IRS runs into with gifts.
I make a wish for goods or services, should I have to pay taxes?
hey, they also audit magical swords, unexpectedly intense relationships and surprising streaks of good luck!
How would you value the return of a loved one from the dead?
@Green If it's a child, it'd be a negative amount to cover yearly expenses.
Go to Hades, find Filing clerk number 3567894, wait a few thousand years in line and fill out tax for 1fy5b.
what do you mean you don't have that kind of time? What are you doing wishing for the return of dead relatives then!?
And if you get a poor quality lamp and your wish evaporates at sun rise then do you still have to pay taxes on it?
@AndyD273 I'd guess so. If you won $1,000,000 in cash, and the Joker sets it on fire, you still pay taxes for the income.
@Pete Anyway, wish granted, that will be $4.95 in tax
4:39 PM
@AndyD273 but similarly the LAO will have some pretty strong words to say to the genie that granted that particular wish about false advertising...
Wait, would wishing for money be legal? Isn't that the same thing as printing money?
@JoeBloggs There is a EULA written in old enochian stamped into the bottom of each lamp saying that all wishes are granted without warranty and without promise of longevity. Also if you try to sue us we get to eat your soul.
I kinda see the whole thing as a kind of lottery. You might get a dud, you might get something malevolent, but you MIGHT get a jackpot. You never know.
Random wish I'd make, if my wishes were unlimited: The ability to think outside the constructs of a language for a day.
I think that'd be a really cool experience.
@NexTerren it's mostly bothersome :)
@dot_Sp0T But the concept is so alien I can't even imagine it.
Like sitting here I can't force myself not to think in the context of a language. Even when playing a twitchy shooter or watching a movie I have an internal monologue going that both guides and controls all thought.
Googling around some people actually don't think that way, but... I can describe that in words but I can't really picture it.
4:51 PM
Hey, another prime: 33751 points on WB!
@JDługosz Props!
@NexTerren I need to run for dinner, but if you like we could discuss this a little more in an hour or so; it might be worth having a look at Metacognition; in order to get a bigger picture of your own thinking
@dot_Sp0T Sure, see you then!
To give you some food for thought: I believe I do not think in language actively. Because when I really start thinking about things I often realize I lack the words to tell someone what I want to describe/convey - but I have a clear picture, idea
Maybe I just wanna be special though
5:04 PM
@dot_Sp0T: Re your new bounty on dragon butchering, am I able to post a second answer, or (having posted one already), am I limited to editing my previous one? I believe there are logistical issues so far unaddressed, such as tools and materials. Some prep advice touches on culinary issues, so I fear some food commentary may find it's way in.
@Catalyst I don't believe there is anything stopping you from making a second answer. The system will question if you really want to do that, but it will allow it to happen.
@Catalyst well, I added a description to the bounty asking for more detail in the answer; writing up a new answer doesn't really make sense then, does it? :)
@NexTerren seems I am home all alone; which means I'll skip people-dinner for some simple nutrient intake in front of my curved monitor
@dot_Sp0T What if they start over with a clean slate and then make sure there is a lot of detail?
@NexTerren props? Airplane or theater?
@Catalyst yes you can post a second answer. Is it really a different answer? Consider if separate or it makes sense to combine.
@AndyD273 I honestly do not care if they add to their answers or write up a completely new one; I just mean to say that I do not see it as a necessity to start over :) - After all, I'm just interested in the answers
5:20 PM
Re Metacognition, I kinda wonder if I do both? Like, I always have an inner voice doing the thinking or reading, but then sometimes it works a different way and is more visualizing... I do know that sometimes I have a hard time coming up with the words to express the thoughts.
@dot_Sp0T I just like looking for loopholes. I think it's a character flaw, though it works ok with world building
@AndyD273 OR you're just crazy ;)
@AndyD273 some call it a flaw, others will call it a word-that-expresses-the-opposite-of-flaw,-something-good-making-you-strong-smar‌​t-special-stuff-like-that-you-know?
@dot_Sp0T Don't think so. Crazy people can't imagine themselves as crazy, and I've asked myself if I'm crazy lots of times. So far the answer has always been no.
Re metacognition: I find myself bouncing between styles: pictures (AKA visual/spatial) versus words (AKA audio/sequential), rather than one mode only or always.
@AndyD273 I think there's a contradiction in that logic
@AndyD273 isn't that just what the people which judge others all day say? I never read an account of a crazy person calling themselves not crazy
And I'm off again, making cordonbleues
5:23 PM
oh, hey, metacognition
I can think in music
but I have no idea how to write it down
I also occasionally check if I'm a sociopath. All the cats are still alive despite their bad behavior so I think I'm good on that one too
@NexTerren Words aren't usually my primary mode of thinking. I don't need to work with every idea as a set of words. For me it's pictures.
I sometimes talk to myself in my head, and then I'll come to something I forget the word for, and it's really hard for me to move past it, even though I know I know what I mean
The dog is gone, but I was able to convince the wife that it was her idea that it would be better off in another home, and there was absolutely no involvement of 4 ounces of bakers chocolate laying on the edge of the counter in easy reach.
5:27 PM
@AndyD273 Sneaky.
@Andy, please tell me that's a fictional version typing!
@AndyD273 I originally read this as "4 ounces of Quaker Oats chocolate" which didn't make any sense but is an interesting product diversification for Quaker Oats.
@Catalyst No, the dog went back to the humane society. It really was best for the dog honestly. It wasn't a good fit in our home, it just took the wife a couple years to see that for herself. The neighbors helped. They disliked the dog about as much as I did
Honestly, I should have followed through with my promise the first day: "If you bring home a dog without me being part of the decision I'm taking it back." But I didn't.
@Andy, much relieved.
@Catalyst Like I said, so far I'm passing the sociopath test.
The cats are all still living in our house because I know the kids would be sad. A sociopath wouldn't care.
Even though several of them seem to have bladder control problems.
One for sure anyway.
5:39 PM
I still don't get why sociopaths don't care about other humans
I mean, even Spock cares about the emotions of other humans, because those emotions could get him killed
my plan for eliminating sociopathic behaviour is to make it socially unacceptable to be a sociopath. That way, they'll all get really good at faking emotions, which should be just as good as the real thing
@DaaaahWhoosh Not being a sociopath I don't know either. If I was a sociopath it might be that I might not consider that other people even have feelings. Or at least not ones that matter. I believe it's like that for Asperger sufferers to some extent too?
hmm, or maybe it's that they don't experience the same emotions, and thus are really bad at detecting them?
like I never really knew how to detect Jews, so people'd be like "oh yeah, he's Jewish" and I'd be really confused as to how they knew that
so if I didn't know about love, I'd be confused about kids being sad when their cats get murdered
Could be. I think I remember reading that some people on the spectrum see thinks super logically, so that anything emotional is very foreign.
I once tried to argue that the concept of forgiveness doesn't make sense, the person I was arguing with got really angry at me
@DaaaahWhoosh It actually depends on how you see it. Me forgiving you for being a jerk isn't to help you, it's to help me not be mad about it. Me being mad doesn't really hurt you at all. but it does hurt me. So if I forgive you, I'm dropping the charges and letting the hurt go. That doesn't mean I'd invite you over for dinner anytime soon though. You jerk.
5:52 PM
@AndyD273 lol yeah but see, that's what I was saying, forgiveness doesn't really have to do with the other person. It's just you coming to terms with the fact that they aren't the person you thought they were
So why does that not make sense?
I guess it just doesn't mesh with how I feel people understand forgiveness. Like free will, it's just a sort of vacuous concept
plus, by that definition forgiveness should happen twice. Once when you realize what they've done, and again when you realize their reasons for doing what they did
but there is no word for when you realize someone has done something you didn't think they'd do
I'm respectfully of the opinion that spirituality is somewhat vacuous too. Everything I know about how someone spiritually feels maps very closely with their emotional state.
And agree that forgivness is about making yourself feel better.
yeah, it seems to me like religion is just a reflection of the religious. That said, reflected humanity is still a very real force
and hell, maybe humanity is just a reflection of the divine
I keep on having to stop myself from preaching. I think I became more religious after I decided God was everyone's imaginary friend
@DaaaahWhoosh I've seen a few places where skeptics and snarky people say something like "And man made God in his image"
6:03 PM
@Green ooh, I like that
@DaaaahWhoosh That's a reasonable result. Humans always want completely loyal, highly benevolent best friends.
I remember Luke Skywalker was my imaginary friend for a while
And note that the Christian god are often portrayed as divine protectors and perfect judges....which makes sense for people to want in a world of profound injustice and random acts of death and destruction.
yeah, I guess that explains theodicy. God is all-powerful, all-seeing, and all-good because evil exists in the world
@DaaaahWhoosh One of the best logical descriptions I've seen for why God has to be the way he's described is given in "The Lectures on Faith" by Joseph Smith Jr. (Not that I'm endorsing him or the religion he started, in any way.)
He says "God has to be all powerful else that means there is someone more powerful than himself and if this is the case, religious people would want to worship the more powerful being."
6:09 PM
oh, wow.
There are similar logical constructions for other attributes of the Christian God.
now I want to write a story where God is missing some power, and humans invent it, and start worshipping it
@DaaaahWhoosh It's genius in some ways but it also blatantly shows how contrived God is.
@DaaaahWhoosh THat would be a very interesting story to read.
@Green it's not that I think it's good logic, it's just a really cool premise to worldbuild off of
It's "God by logical construct" not "God by empirical evidence". Any philosophy student knows that you can prove any theorem if you pick the right set of axioms.
6:12 PM
I'm pretty sure you could use a similar argument to explain why no one lives in third-world countries
Exactly. Any statement can be proven from a properly constructed set of axioms.
An interesting thing I've been thinking about; a few of the theories going around actually make it more likely that there is a God. If you look at the simulation hypothesis, then there is a being that set everything up and created the universe and everything in it.
And in a superstring universe where you have branes and bulk, you start looking at the descriptions of a 10th dimensional being, and it's basically a god. And in a infinite multiverse where the probability of a 10th dimentional being existing does not = 0...
@AndyD273 and that's a fascinating speculation but I've yet to see convincing evidence of the multiverse or string theory.
@Green I dunno. Lots of smart mathematicians seem to like the idea.
But even with a 10th dimensional being, why on earth (or the universe) would it care a Planck second about us?
6:16 PM
Why not?
it does seem like if there is an all-powerful being out there, it'd be strange to think that it cares about us on an individual level
It wouldn't think about time like we do. A planck second could be an eternity to something that exists outside of time.
I don't know. I guess you could argue it either way. Either it cares (effectively) infinitely or it doesn't care at all.
@Green Doesn't that assume that there must be some being - God or otherwise - that is omnipotent?
@HDE226868 It does but this is also in the context of a group of people who desperately want there to be an omnipotent being that cares about them.
6:20 PM
If all of time and space was rolled out in front of you like a 10 dimensional tablecloth, and you'd already seen all the stars and stuff and know intimately exactly how they work, looking at the lives of these little beings that are separate from yourself would probably be interesting.
@Green Fair enough.
and since time has no meaning on that level you had all of existence to look at each and every one.
@AndyD273 That reminds me of the God Emperor of Dune where humanity becomes mind numbingly boring. Sure, you can see everything but if this mind is even remotely human, it will want to find/make new things, learn new things, keep exploring. At the highest levels of existence, there's nothing else to discover.
It would be kind of like us studying the psychology and social behavior or ants, for instance, to learn how they work. Their society is structured much different from ours, and it's fairly efficient. We could learn a thing or two from them. Maybe a 10-dimensional being could learn something from us.
@DaaaahWhoosh, when you finish that story, would you post it to the blog? I'd like to read that.
6:26 PM
@DaaaahWhoosh Ooh, that's cool. Any hints as to what that power might be?
@HDE226868 "Follow me, my brothers, and you shall see what even God himself cannot!"
"This AI has never drowned the entire world, never commanded a father to kill his son, never cast us out of paradise for seeking knowledge. Under its guidance, humanity has achieved perfect happiness. Why shouldn't we worship it?"
"You can't stop me. No one can stop me. Not even God can stop me now. But I wonder, can I stop myself-"
that last one ends with the universe imploding
@DaaaahWhoosh If it keeps its Recommended Standard Operating procedures up to date and doesn't base them on a culture 3000 years old, that's an AI worth paying attention to (but not blindly following).
@DaaaahWhoosh One singular power that cannot be stopped by another being with literally every other power? You'll have to be awfully creative with that one.
@DaaaahWhoosh Is that Restaurant at the End of the Universe?
@Green it's around that time, yes
6:43 PM
@NexTerren yeah, not sure how that would work. I like the first one best anyway
So close to a second 200 day... only 25 to go!
@Green I want to make it clear, I have about five WB-related short stories I need to write. The first one is either about the site design or balloon whales, I can't remember which came first
posted on December 07, 2016 by Joe_Bloggs

The eye of a celestial tabby?Sometimes all we want to do is to write about people. Maybe humans with a funny hairdo and some odd quirks, or animals with human brains that speak and perceive like we do, but fundamentally just people that you or I can relate to. Can empathise with. But sometimes that isn’t enough. As Worldbuilders sometimes we need to try and find something new. That search for

but "Thee-oughta-see" is now last on the list
though based on that incredible name, I might bump it up a couple places
@DaaaahWhoosh That's fine :)
6:55 PM
maybe I can just combine them all
the robot and lady hitch a ride on some balloon whales to see the guy who sees everything. Who lives under an impenetrable shield
@DaaaahWhoosh Sounds plausible. Make it happen.
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