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8:10 AM
Views per day has jumped to 843, nice :)
8:36 AM
That may be my clothes question :-p
Morning :)
9:02 AM
Site appears to be going strong :-)
9:16 AM
@Liath Pfft, answering a too-broad question :p now the asker is confused as to whether to narrow it.
I think this makes an excellent meta post
because the answer is "Yes, narrow it. The question is there to help you get answers. Answers can adapt"
I know, that's what I said :)
9:40 AM
I was halfway through my answer when you posted... in hindsight...
I think it has potential, multicultural/multispecies nations... but yeah, it is too broad
yep, as I said in my comment it's a good question but it's too many good questions all in one
10:18 AM
Which is a lot better than the hugely broad ones!
The question about sending a river a mile into the air...
Is made easier if you... whats the phrase. Streamline the water. Remove all the impurities and air and turbulance with filters first.
Its what they do for fountains that use jets for clever displays.
gravity fountains are much lower tech level than that though
Than what? Running the water through a filter? We already do that for existing fountains, and water coming out of fireman hoses.
without disrupting the water flow/losing pressure/etc ?
[raised eyebrow] Yeah, I mean--there are nanofilters and such that make it better/faster/easier, but we've had the tech to filter and re-pressurise water for thousands of years.
It may not be easy at low-tech levels, but the Hanging Gardens of Babylon say that if we want to make water dance to our whim, we can.
11:03 AM
So what's up?
Nothing much. We are doing well for a beta site, we just need to double our per day questions.

Beta Q&A site for writers/artists using science, geography and culture to construct imaginary worlds and settings.

Currently in public beta.

Yeah, I guess we probably need to focus on getting new users
11:09 AM
Everything else is steadily improving
Has anyone else heard of thunderclap?
Our visits are up at 850+
Probably not in the way you mean.
It's something that helps people coordinate social media posts, meaning that everyone posts a post at the same time
It's a way to get the news out about something
So anyone got any thoughts on what a good logo for the site would be?
I know we're still early on, but it's never to soon so speculate
I just have to say that I have never seen the messages from any of their case studies.
We discussed it a while ago, search the chat for 'jigsaw'. We were told it would be a couple of years.
Sep 25 at 15:02, by Mourdos
Has anyone talked about our logo and stuff?
Thereafter follows a brief discussion
I'm sure there are others
One unanswered question on the entire site: [Looks at @Liath]
Of course. Yeah, I kinda hadn't realized how long a site's Beta is
11:17 AM
Robotics has been going since forever.
Blender has been a while too
Yeah that question that is unanswered needs to be closed. Too broad
area51.stackexchange.com/proposals/40020/robotics but, and I don't mean to be disrespectful, looks terrible on the stats
I think it's a problem a lot of sites face, not enough questions
I don't think that will happen here, but it could.
Too small a scope I suspect
I'm going to take a look at other sites in beta and see who they are doing
We look to be on track to be one of the better sites, provided we don't run out of questions.
But we already had a good visits per day for this early, our question rate is good, we already have @TimB on 3k rep, with others soon to get there.
I'm kinda sad
I was doing really well on rep
but then I just kinda stopped
Got one good answer in recently and that helped, but I used to be much closer to Liath and Monty
Guess I shouldn't complain, I'm doing pretty good in reality
11:24 AM
I'm at the rep I am because of one question...
@Mourdos most of the beta sites have very low question rates
I know. Ours is actually surprisingly good for a beta site. Especially for us being in day 20
@githubphagocyte But don't they require a good question rate for you to get out of beta?
Since the unanswered question now has an answer, it would be good if someone could have a look and close vote if appropriate. It's so broad that I expect the first person to look at it will close vote (it has 4 already). Otherwise more people will waste their time on an answer before the question is narrowed down enough.
@DonyorM they do indeed. Most beta sites are not likely to get out of beta. There are a few that do really well and a lot in between that just stagnate.
@Mourdos What did you have in mind when you recommended that I turn this into a Worldbuilding question?
in RPG General Chat, 1 hour ago, by BESW
But I'm suddenly fascinated by a worldview where no one makes mistakes or is misinformed, and all the wrong things we do and say are done on purpose.
11:32 AM
I'm not entirely sure. It is a fantastic psychological change. Politicians would not longer be able to lie for instance.
Because once they were found out they wouldn't be able to claim "I just got it wrong"
What would change within society? Would anything change?
Except that is someone says the wrong thing on purpose, other people would then be misinformed.
Thinking about it, I don't think it is feasible, simply due to the above.
bbl, food
@Mourdos don't look at me! I tried to answer it! :p
11:50 AM
hi all
Is anyone up for some discussion of the high atmospheric refraction question?
What's there to talk about? Ship-in-the-distance is pretty basic observational evidence for a round world.
I'm not convinced it would work with that world
I feel like there is no possible path a photon could follow that touches the surface of the planet and then goes on from that point
since the light will curve down faster than the surface does
If you get what I mean
My physics is pretty rudimentary, but that describes a race with practical vision problems far beyond "can't tell what shape they live on."
why so?
it's exactly the physics I'd like to discuss, maybe I should take this the physics.SE?
If you want to talk about precisely the physics of it, without considering the how? or the what does it mean?, then yeah-- physics.se might be better. if you want to talk about the cultural implications of the resultant physics, or how to justify the physics, that's what we're for.
12:01 PM
here's the thing though
if the earth looks concave
you would always be able to see the whole ship
[shrug] I'm not sure that's strictly the case (thinking about near-horizon atmospheric effects in our world, I'm thinking the ship might be upside down?), but the conclusion is the same regardless: if the inhabitants of the world are at all observant, they'll be able to figure out the shape of the world they inhabit. There are at least a half-dozen ways to do it: comparing a clock to the sun to distance traveled; observing near-horizon effects; going all the way around the world...
The precise trick they use may differ, but various cultures throughout the centuries will figure it out using various methods.
Ok, that question is talking about refraction in the atmosphere bending the light
because the light is bending it changes the perspective
and the world actually looks like a bowl
i.e. you do see the world curving up
when ships sail away you see them sailing up the inside of a bowl away from you
at least if I understood the question right :)
However, they might be able to come up with some cool looking tricks because of it :P
Am I correct in assuming that the bowl would be a paraboloid?
or a hyperboloid maybe?
I think the question belongs here, but more specific questions could be asked on physics.se to support specific aspects of an answer.
12:10 PM
@githubphagocyte I'm going to write up a related question on physics
@overactor I think that is just the kind of specific question that would work for physics
Then that can be linked to as support for an answer here
I've just done something similar for another question so maybe that will be a test of whether the approach is acceptable. I've been open about the fact that the question is inspired by a worldbuilding answer.
@overactor upvoted :)
I think tandem questions could become a thing on here
@overactor did you see the meta post about it?
12:24 PM
since many questions ask for both a very creative as well as a very technical approach
no, link me?
While I agree we should avoid simple cross posting, I like the idea of subquestions being scattered to different sites.
Q: Copying the questions (or claims) from this site to science SE sites?

DVKIn many cases, a good answer to the worldbuilding question would result from a good Q&A on a real scientific site (e.g. What efficiencies make a realistic food chain? on Biology.SE) Do we have a policy on doing just that (e.g. taking Worldbuilding question, and rewording it to be a real SE quest...

@githubphagocyte yeah, instead of phrasing the question as a whole and posting that on one or more of the possibly relevant sites, you can phrase a few sub-questions that fit perfectly in the scope of each relevant site and post them there
@overactor yes I like this. We'll see if the physics community likes it too once our questions have had a few days to gather feedback...
@githubphagocyte Your question is quite interesting by the way
I can't imagine the planet to bounce back much due to the pressure difference though @githubphagocyte
especially since there is nothing special persay about the center of the outer shell
12:45 PM
Yep, my gut feeling is the same as the answer you got there - it would act like a parachute to slow things down but not much more.
I don't like the parachute analogy, since I feel like it could actually stop the inner planet, just not put it back to the center
it can't
it's an inherently unstable system
as soon as the inner planet moves away from central there is an increasing gravitational effect pulling it further from central
it's the same reason the ringworld was unstable
Oh, I forgot to consider that
I think i was considering the inner planet to have negligible mass compared to the shell
not quite accurate I suppose
wait, are you sure of the instability?
sure, the parts of the shell the inner planet is closest to get pulled in harder, but there are more parts being pulled to the opposite direction now
Isn't this exactly the reason that the gravitational field inside a hollow sphere is homogenous?
(and 0)
1:00 PM
and I'm rep capped :)
hmm, interesting question on the cancelling out, one sec
ahh, you are right
on a sphere it does cancel out
it's only in the case of a ring it doesn't
the net gravitational effect of the shell on the planet and planet on the shell is always zero so long as the planet is entirely within the shell
and the planet and the shell are both uniform
> If I had a sufficiently massive ball to create a significant radial pressure difference and a sufficiently large swimming pool, then I wouldn't have asked here... :)
- githubphagocyte
@TimB hmm, I suppose the planet isn't sufficiently uniform
actually the inner planet doesnt need to be uniform
thinking about it
but the shell would need to be reasonably balanced
@overactor My thinking is that since the outer shell exerts net zero gravitational influence, the atmosphere will be densest near the inner planet (which does exert a gravitational influence)
@Mourdos lol I hope that came across as friendly - I put a smiley face to try and get that across...
1:10 PM
@overactor think of the atmosphere centred on the inner planet, as if the outer shell were not there.
So if the planet is close to the shell and not mobile
Yes I tried thinking of it that way round too. If the planet was at rest against the inside of the shell, the atmosphere should make it drift towards the centre.
the planet will tend to move to the center so it can have its atmosphere nicely, uniformly distributed around it?
@overactor The atmosphere can extend beyond the shell since the shell is not airtight
So however small the effect, it seems like intuitively, it could reverse movement towards the shell
@githubphagocyte The more airtight the shell, the bigger the effect, no?
1:13 PM
The atmosphere presses on both the inside and outside of the shell, but it presses harder on the inside since the shell has a certain depth - the inside is at a lower altitude than the outside
Usually that difference is the same in all directions so the shell stays still, but if the planet is closer to one side of the shell then the pressure difference across the shell will be greater where the shell is closer (deeper in the atmosphere at a lower altitude)
that could work, you are right
so actually it could well end up as a stable system
@TimB I think what I say adds up, but I want to see if the physicists point out some other effect I hadn't even thought of...
It seems like this system is about as stable as a ball on top of a 1 millimeter circle cut out of a sphere whith a radius of a few kilometers.
I'm worried about maybe the holes in the shell causing jets of atmosphere leading to the air being lost or something like that
wouldn't matter, it's the partial pressure of the atmosphere doing the work
gravity is neutral
1:17 PM
@overactor do you mean it would have to be pushed a long way from the stable point before becoming unstable? I think the stability extends all the way to contact with the shell.
so atmospheric pressure and gyroscopic effects are the only ones to worry about
even in contact it would be stable - the air would push it away again
I mean that a tiny push would likely already be too much to be corrected
@TimB yes, but if the slight movements force the air away sufficiently fast to lose the atmosphere, the stability will be lost. I don't think that will happen but I'm interested to see if physics brings some definite numbers
technically the center is the only stable position
@overactor I believe all places inside the shell, even as far as the planet actually touching the shell, have a tendency back towards central
1:20 PM
@githubphagocyte I agree, but I feel like that tendency will be minimal
@overactor yes I think that's the key - the tendency is there but is it enough? I think it depends on what other forces are applied. I think an orbiting moon or tidal forces from the sun would be neutral when the planet is central in the shell, but they might amplify any deviation. That's what I'd need to know to be sure.
It might be easier to ask for someone to quantify the force in the case of a non elastic, entirely airtight shell
That gives you an idea of whether you're playing in the same ballpark as some other forces?
I have to get back to World 1.0 - I'll be back to see the results later.
1:43 PM
we currently have 5 in the top questions list
on my screen at least
We have 4 in the top 50 and another 2 in the 51-100 range.
Q: Is there any kind of technical term for a civilization that "eats" others to gain their knowledge, powers, etc.?

Josh ZmijewskiIs there any kind of technical term for a civilization that “eats” others to gain their knowledge, powers, etc.? Such as… the Borg from Star Trek sort of did this, or at least they said they were going to during their “You will be assimilated” spiel—their commitment to actually doing so seemed to...

is this the right place for that question?
seems like it should either be on english language or scifi
I'd be happy with that being on topic.
but those two are both also appropriate places
@Mourdos Asking for coming up with a good term for it (if one doesn't exists) seems more on topic here.
Its on topic because the word your looking for is related to worldbuilding.
Asking for a word that means "throwing someone out a window" would not be on topic here.
@Mourdos That's a pretty weak claim
@Mourdos to defenestrate
1:52 PM
I won't disagree that scifi and english language are both better places to ask.
( Yes I know the word )
But Worldbuilding is still on topic for that specific question.
I'd go with sci-fi, personally
@Mourdos me too.
Mind if I take this to meta?
I've never get offended if you want other opinions :-)
17 hours ago, by Tim B
just because it's also in scope at another site doesn't mean it's out of scope here
Q: Are questions asking for worlbuilding related terminology on topic?

overactorThis question asks for a term describing a civilization that eats others to gain their assets. It's an interesting question and clearly related to worldbuilding. I would agrue that worldbuilding is not the best fit for thsi question though and think it would do better on either English Language &...

need a 'd' in 'worldbuilding'
2:16 PM
Q: Are questions asking for worldbuilding related terminology on topic?

overactorThis question asks for a term describing a civilization that eats others to gain their assets. It's an interesting question and clearly related to worldbuilding. I would agrue that worldbuilding is not the best fit for thsi question though and think it would do better on either English Language &...

I guess you did it :P (edit:P)
@Mourdos He did vote up before, I voted down.
And you should downvote mine too : )
all this negativity
Well, it's meta.
a downvote doesn't mean "you're wrong", it means "I don't agree"
Does that mean that we are allowed to talk about feelings?
Well, in this case my downvote does mean "you're wrong" :-)
I normally use my upvote in meta to approve of an idea. and reserve my downvote for "this is utterly terrible"
Mostly because I like to see how many people have views on each, and I don't have the privilege to see how many actually upvoted
Actually, this topic itself is probably worth bringing up on meta. Do we downvote when we upvote on yes/no questions?
2:32 PM
I think you're overthinking it
just do whatever you want in voting, it's all good :p
Its actually interesting though. If one person up votes and another up and downvotes, the person who does both has more voting power.
indeed, but if the other voter felt strongly enough they'd have done both
Well, I won't downvote everything I don't entirely agree with
but I will downvote everything I'm interested in and actively disagree with.
sounds like my policy
So I'm in good company then.
2:36 PM
"good" is a relative term
@TimB I notice you haven't downvoted my answer to my question, does that mean you don't actively disagree?
I'm on the fence
I agree with Mourdos but I don't disagree with you either
in fact I might do an answer
I feel like we can define rather freely decide what we do with questions like these and I feel like calling them off-topic would be more beneficial, since they'd do better on two other sites.
right, there you go
posted and edited an answer
We'll see how people vote I suppose
2:44 PM
On a slightly related topic, there are two questions tagged terminology, and they both interpret the tag differently.
how's that?
well, one is looking for a term to call a something he wants to put in his fiction, the other asks for clarification about terminology related to world building.
Or is that sufficiently similar?
3:01 PM
both are about terminology
it's a pretty vague tag though
my point
I really want a tag now
With a description of "Go ask on English Language and Usage"
@Mourdos Ha! I am not the only one that uses ^. I got told to use the @reply feature instead.
But glad I am not the only one that uses it :)
3:04 PM
Uses what?
The @ feature is for people, the tag feature is for tags?
@Mourdos he means "^"
Or are you talking about using a tag instead of a comment?
Oh. ^
I will use ^ to mean I agree with the above.
Yeah that is how I used it
3:06 PM
but only if it is the line above :P
And got asked not to :)
You see, you could have been clever there.
Who told you?
3:07 PM
I wouldn't use it to reply to the person above me though
I think it was BESW and githubphagocyte off the top of my head.
(I agree with you agreeing with me)
The ^ is a very specific usage in my mind.
It is shorthand for "I agree with the comment directly above mine"
3:08 PM
Same here
I use it in dota2 all the time
When talking about picks
Since we are on a time limit
Time limits suck ^ (example of bad usage)
^_^ (example of emoticon usage)
> (Sideways quote usage :P )
If you can find where he was saying it, I might be able to see context
It was so long ago
Like days
So much effort...
3:40 PM
The risk with it comes because communication is asynchronous
you could use ^ to agree with something above
then someone else type in the meantime
Which makes sense.
and you end up agreeing to sell your soul to santa
And why I try to not use it here
when you meant to agree to freedom for elves
Just glad I am not the only one to use it
Would I get free cookies and toys if I sold my soul to santa?
3:41 PM
If someone has typed in the meantime, I edit my post.
@Vulcronos ^
3:57 PM
Q: Can we get some math markup in here?

Jay VoglerFor questions like this one, the lack of good support for math equations makes things difficult to explain or follow. It would be nice to remedy this, especially for hard science answers.

BTW, @TimB You haven't heard anything more about moderation have you? I expected it by now, or at least an update
4:38 PM
No, not heard anything
Sometime in the next week or so I'd expect, no rush though.
Good to know
5:27 PM
Q: What is the socital effect of an easily available resurrection service?

clockworkLet's take a world where you can be resurrected, D&D style, but maybe a little cheaper and easier to access. Perhaps any cleric worth their salt can bring you back to life if your body isn't too decomposed, too old, or totally obliterated for a reasonable fee. What kind of effect would making mo...

Its really interesting but we really need some more details
6:12 PM
@TimB @Vulcronos doesn't this mean we have mods now?
6:23 PM
@ivy_lynx no, Robert works for Stack Exchange as a community manager. All the CMs get diamonds on all the sites. If you go to "users" and then "moderators" you'll see we don't have any yet.
6:34 PM
@MonicaCellio got it, ty
@ivy_lynx yw
7:20 PM
these assistance posts are great :)
Q: Assistance to fight off a silicone-based lifeform

Ifree ContractorsI am a survivor of the United Nations Space Corp's 2nd Exploration Fleet. On our travel to the distant Epsilon Canares system, our scouts encountered a strange lifeform. We call them 'shapeshifters'. At first contact, they looked like 6-legged crabs. After a few months, they started to mimic us ...

@TimB there's more?
q and 2 a
afk a bit :)
8:07 PM
11 questions so far today, nice :)
Q: What is the socital effect of an easily available resurrection service?

clockworkLet's take a world where you can be resurrected, D&D style, but maybe a little cheaper and easier to access. Perhaps any cleric worth their salt can bring you back to life if your body isn't too decomposed, too old, or totally obliterated for a reasonable fee. What kind of effect would making mo...

I wish that author would respond to the comments
I want to answer but there are so many possibilities I don't think I could give a good answer yet
ah well, either he wants an answer and will respond or he doesn't :)
Yeah. One way or the other :)
3 hours later…
11:06 PM
Did anyone see this blog - it says they added 3 new editing badges but it's the same ones that we always had right?
well, certainly explainer, since I have that one, and it's exactly the same
wth? might be a mistake or something, it just came up
here's a list of people getting awarded the gold badge on Sep 30: stackoverflow.com/help/badges/4370/illuminator
pretty definitive
and damn, I won't be getting to cap today. Not too far off, but deep woe
hmm, the list for the bronze badge has the earliest awards being on sep 30 as well: stackoverflow.com/help/badges/4368?page=468
so maybe the blogpost is just a week late
Ivy... a suspicious thing just happened.
and I suspect your hand is involved, since you're pretty much the only person online
11:15 PM
Ah. The smiley of guilt. I see :D
to be fair though, I discovered I've already upvoted all your stuff anyway, so it was just one vote and a fair one :P
there's a reason I have "lynx" in the name you know :P
Hmmmm... i'm happy that apparently in three days, I've gotten into a nice position on the little e-peen reputation scale
11:17 PM
yeah but it's getting harder quickly
it'll keep me warm when my wife shouts at me for staying up late
LOL I bet
this gameification stuff - i mean expletive!
11:19 PM
gamification - the rep
the spelling gods are not with me tonight
they have abaddoned you? :D
btw, I credited you as "Rowan" in the post, did you want your full name?
@RowanKallioBaker-Whittaker xD
no, and if I had a look at my profile and found a way to change it, I would
11:20 PM
Come on, I've done it before, lemme check
just press edit and change the display name
I signed in via facebook because it's easy (despite never using facebook), and that's the only place, anywhere, that uses my full name.
Easy to change, like I said, I've never looked :D
lol, so it works right?
Yup. I haven't used my proper name, because I'm Rowanas online
...even though on here, I still appear as rowan
I've lost about 100 rep to the cap today I reckon :(
11:22 PM
I'll go change it in the post so it makes sense to newcomers
@TimB yeah you hit it early today
oh, Tim, I feel for you. Let me get out my tiny violin
@TimB gotta pace yourself :P
14 questions today, nice
Not many questions that interest me today
11:23 PM
I think we can be fairly confident on the progress of the beta really
That genetic modification question kept me in rep yesterday, and the river helped out today, but alas. If I do anything but sit at the computer and post, I can't make cap.
@TimB we're only lagging behind on number of questions and visitors per day, but it's picking up, views at least
both are
views is just a matter of time
@RowanKallioBaker-Whittaker it only changed your name for WB btw, you might want to change it from your stackexchange profile and mirror the changes
@RowanKallioBaker-Whittaker or edit again and click "reflect changes"
hence Rowan on here
11:25 PM
questions is related to views I gues
but we had 14 today which is more than any time since first few days of private
Ivy, the part where thinking happens is undergoing maintenance. Where's "reflect changes"?
@RowanKallioBaker-Whittaker ahh it might not be there, gimme a sec
goodnight guys o/
@TimB night
@RowanKallioBaker-Whittaker for me it says it will automatically update all my profiles but i have over 20 across SE, so that might be why. I think it used to have two buttons, one was "save edit" and the other was right under it saying "save edit and reflect changes across all profiles on stackexchange" or something to that effect
11:30 PM
meh, then i'll leave it. I'm not so bothered that I'm willing to go through much effort to change it, although I do object to the hyphen in my name
I guess that's my fault. Must have put it in there myself.
@RowanKallioBaker-Whittaker ooh it seems it just hasn't updated it here
I'm appearing correctly in my questions and whatnot?
@RowanKallioBaker-Whittaker it points to the proper parent user, but if you check through the chat, the name isn't updated yet, when you relogin it'll probably be updated
@RowanKallioBaker-Whittaker yep
11:52 PM
gnight ⛰⛰⛰⛰
Damn, just as I post a new question

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