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4:03 PM
Yum, tiramisu steals a bit
4:31 PM
@rumtscho apart from the lean, that looks like its supposed to
4:55 PM
@rfusca you mentioned making a sourdough ciabatta the other day
what recipe did you use?
@rumtscho that tiramisu looks good, though the cream looks a bit stiff to me. I've always had it almost like a custard consistency
5:31 PM
@ElendilTheTall stiff? I was worried that it will be too soft :)
But this pic is straight out of the fridge, it softens if left out
@Gigili Really? I specifically sharpened the tiramisu while leaving the keyboard as it is.
@Cerberus Making a warding sign. Cofffeeeee is awesome
5:47 PM
It's sad that this user is sick, but he just keeps posting the same question over and over again. Can we do something about it?
Q: What are the nutritional differences between chicken broth and chicken stock?

James Wilson Does anybody have any data on how nutritionally different chicken broth(liquid in chicken soup) and chicken stock(liquid from chicken bones) are? For example will stock contain more protein then broth? Have googled the nutritional contents but i read conflicting things and I'm not sure weather t...

I think he knows health and nutrition are offtopic.
@Mien we actually had a couple hour long discussion with him last night
@Mien The new question is not the same as the old one
@Jay Yes, I've seen the chat room, but I didn't read the logs. Should I?
Measurable nutrition is still ontopic, so I wouldn't close the new question. Only I doubt that any of us will have the data.
@Mien it was interesting
5:48 PM
@rumtscho Yes, this one isn't. But still, it's (again) an off topic question.
I think I'm just tired of his questions :$
I didn't even know there is a difference between stock and broth.
@Mien There are multiple theories about what the difference is
Some people say that stock is intended to be used in soup while broth is intended to be drunk as it is, but the recipes for creating them overlap
@Mien during soup week i asked the different between soup and stew. I was also going to add the difference between stock and broth but then i decided not to do it because my question already had a really good answer on it
let me check my ressources
@rumtscho yea that makes sense to me
Wikipedia says that in stock, you remove the pieces and in broth, you leave them in.
But it also stated that there are cultural differences etc.
5:55 PM
The Professional Chef doesn't speak of broth at all
The OP stated that stock is from the bones and broth is from the meat.
@Mien that coincides with what @rumtscho said
if the broth is made with meat then you can eat the meat that is used
@Jay I don't see how?
You can also remove the meat.
you cant really eat the bone
@Mien i know that, that's why i said coincide and not is exactly what @rumtscho said
Is there a different word for 'soup with a bone'?
@Jay kk :)
5:57 PM
@Mien i dont think thre is a distinction
Anyway, movie time.
McGee gives an etymology for both stock and broth in a margin note without mentioning that there is a difference in the terms
And uses "stock" throughout the text
I know I asked here whether there was a difference and the answer I got (I don't recall from who it was) was no.
So I'm still not sure if there really is a difference or not
@rumtscho It's not very important for the question I guess, since he specified what is broth and stock in his eyes.
5:59 PM
Yes, the question is well-defined.
@mien iWhich movie will you watch?
I recently got Sherlock, maybe I should watch an episode
Have fun, Hugo sounds good.
@rumtscho Yes, the series are good.
I liked the first movie with robert downey jr. too, I think I'll like the second as well, but a lot of people dislike the second. (Don't know about the public opinion on the first movie)
@Jay There's actually already a question basically about stock vs. broth: cooking.stackexchange.com/questions/2960/…
@Jefromi cool thanx!
6:41 PM
@ElendilTheTall I didn't make a ciabatta - but baguettes. They could easily be ciabatta though
@Elendil - this recipe weekendbakery.com/posts/recipe-for-80-hydration-baguette but i replaced the poolish with starter, decreased the yeast by half, and cut the rests to 35 minutes - doing it again, i would increase the salt slightly. Pic here a3.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-ash4/…
@rfusca You did make a sourdough ciabatta, see what I've replied to with this message :)
6:59 PM
cool thanks
think I'm going to make the BBA french bread tomorrow
well, tonight/tomorrow
@ElendilTheTall ic
I had some confusion re. starters last night
Do you replace whatever you use when you take some starter for a recipe?
i've got some AB in 5 bread about to go in the oven shortly
@ElendilTheTall yup
see, I'm not sure if that's right
well, it works for me
7:03 PM
BBA says 'what you don't want to do is use 1 cup for a recipe, then replace it with a cup of flour and some water. You always want to double your starter'
@ElendilTheTall oh, i misunderstood what you're asking
The starter lasts 3 days between feeds, so I read that as use it, then double whatever you've got left (or discard then double) on the third day
@ElendilTheTall thats right. I thought you were talking more generally as in "I've used some, should I replace some"
didn't realize you were asking "should I replace exactly what I took out"
The two times I've used it, say a cup each time, I've replaced with half a cup flour half a cup water
@ElendilTheTall ya, how much you replace depends on how much you have left not how much you use
7:07 PM
and you don't do it every time, just every 3 days
you can refresh it more, it just won't be as sour
7:35 PM
got myself some digital scales today, woo
now subdivisions of 20g are no problem!
How accurate is it? 1g?
yeah, 1g/0.1oz
removable silicon cover for easy cleaning
liquid measure system
tare setting of course
@mien how was your Sunday in sunny Belgique?
@ElendilTheTall Oh nothing special happened :)
But it wasn't very sunny today.
How was your last day of the weekend?
Any day with a new toy is a good one
7:57 PM
See, @rfusca! Those are toys!
8:11 PM
@ElendilTheTall MEEE toooo!
9:00 PM
I need to find a decigram digital scale
it'd be nice to get one with a 5kg limit
9:22 PM
@Sob @derobert @elendil steam injection into oven...DONE
didn't even had to hack up my pressure cooker and left the safety pressure release intact
nor did I have to modify the oven
that's bread from earlier today, dutch oven method
@derobert nice
how did your steam injection work?
just put it together, loaf later today
but as far as putting steam in the oven, its freaking awesome
9:24 PM
you can just see steam flood into the oven
then you can make weird shaped or large loafs
and it was like 15 bucks from lowes
nice, this sounds like something I should try... well, if I had pressure cookers :-P
and I don't have to mess with hot bowls or covered dishes or opening the door
you can get a pressure cooker pretty cheap
you just need the smallest one
I only burnt myself a little on the dutch oven :-/
well, actually, the top of the actual oven
9:30 PM
@derobert ya
@rfusca I'm just going to be laughing when you have a pressure cooker on all four burners feeding steam into the oven, and three dehumidifiers running in the kitchen to prevent water from running down the walls.
"but the crumb! Its so open!"
@derobert lol
the steam is just packed in the oven, I can't imagine needing more
what temperature steam are you feeding in, any idea?
@derobert probably not much above normal steam - It doesn't take hardly any pressure to be massive steam
I only have to close the valve for a few seconds
but the valve definitely helps - don't have to worry about losing steam when I open the door
or the steam burning the !@#% out of you when you open it, I guess, if you turn it off first
9:41 PM
well I don't think I'll need to steam the oven before hand at all
dry oven, bread goes in, immediate steam
@Mien whats a 'bread mold' - picture?
hey @Yami
bake any more bread?
Something went hideously wrong with today's batch >.>
9:45 PM
I'll put it in the question :)
I think I didn't cover it tight enough during the overnight rise
Did you slice it before the rise?
No, I did that after. Should it have been before?
@Mien 'loaf pan'
@rfusca Oh is that the correct term? Thanks.
9:47 PM
@Mien yup
I edited :)
When I took it out of the fridge it had a bit of a hard crust to it that never really browned or went away >.>
@Yamikuronue No I don't think so.
@Yamikuronue Was it dried out perhaps?
@Yamikuronue ya, dried out, formed the infamous 'skin'
need to cover it better
Likely, at least on the surface.
9:50 PM
the loaves look very white?
Should I have, what, wrapped them in plastic? But if they're meant to be rising, however slowly...
cover the bowl with wrap or a shower cap
It had the long rise post-shaping, so I'd kept the shaped loaves on the cutting board and covered with the pan I planned to bake them under because it was handy
9:52 PM
@Mien answered your Q, let me know if you need any more info
Should I have put them back into a bowl?
@Yamikuronue that should have been suffient
looks like overally you got better loaves
@rfusca Just saw it, thanks :) It seems very logic now.
yeah :) just they're still pretty flat and never browned
I'm hoping they taste okay at least, but so much for eggs in a basket this week >.>
ah, did you uncover them after a bit?
you bake covered for like 15, then finish uncovered
9:53 PM
In the oven? No, I forgot
ah, ya, thats why
yeah, I got distracted and forgot I'd started them
Thanks :) How's your weekend going?
its going well, i just built steam injection for my oven, so I don't have to cover them anymore lol
9:54 PM
see the top starred link on the right ---------->
By the time I have a house I'll have an engineer for a husband ;)
ooh, nifty
@Mien see my injection?
@rfusca That too. But I meant your answer.
@Mien no, i know :)
@derobert I bet you could modify this one amazon.com/Vasconia-4-Quart-Aluminum-Pressure-Cooker/dp/… its got the similar jiggle top as mine that hopefully would thread onto something
1 hour later…
11:02 PM
ummm..steam in the oven...WOW
i'll post pictures in the oven...but ummm wow...just wow
i've never gotten spring like that from a DO or covering...and i've never gotten ears like this
Next in the tabloids: An steam explosion in an electrical oven in Arkansas
@rumtscho lol
there was steam just pouring from the oven
That moderator thing is already fun
the valve is never close more than about 20 seconds or so
I finished watching the first episode of Sherlock, checked the site and got involved in a sockpuppet investigation
11:05 PM
dang, somebody went flag nuts on photo.se
@rfusca what did they find to bemoan?
just 'not an answer stuff' we get that a lot
so i made poolish
its only been 2.5 hours and it already smells freaking amazing
i almost want to eat the raw dough
11:22 PM
@Jay If you don't want a quick rise, you may have a bit too much yeast in it
fresh poolish shouldn't have much smell
Or rather, you can notice the smell if you stick your nose into it, but only then
@rumtscho i only used 1/4 tsp as it said in the book
@Jay OK, maybe you are reacting to a weaker smell than I imagined
1/4 tsp doesn't sound too much
its such a nice scent. sweet and bready
its nice to see this site go bread crazy lol
@rfusca its also a good way to eat relatively cheaply
11:28 PM
well, its not like bread is expensive
you like that yeast you got?
i got what you recommended
you know you don't need to premix it with water like others
all 4 lb of it lol
nice :D
yup i mixed the eyast with the flour then added the water
11:29 PM
@Jay see my steam injector
so im going to make the ciabatta, poolish version
and i am thinking about using milk instead of water. have you tried that yet
@rfusca I don't know about your bread, but specialized bread here can run up to 7 Eur/kg in a bakery
And did you people see this
I'm probably late to the meme, but really, such crazy people shouldn't exist
@rumtscho lol
omfg i just shat my pants
@rumtscho i guess, i'm probably not the best person I guess, since we don't have a real bakery in town - just supermarket bakeries
11:37 PM
@rfusca are they worse only because they are in a supermarket?
@Jay are you still drunk?
Here, some discount supermarkets have an oven where they finish parbaked bread, this is nothing special (but still much better than american style bread)
But some other supermarkets have a real bakery in the corner, these are just like any other bakery, only co-located. Often part of a chain which has stand-alone offices too.
@rfusca nah lol
@rumtscho there's a 'real bakery' but they're just not very good,neither of them
making bread is serious business yo
11:44 PM
@Jay indeed
so, incoming pic of the bread made with steam- but its a cell phone pic. My battery is charging on my camera. I wish I'd have taken a picture before hand, it was pretty much a flat loaf
@rfusca Has anyone made a site called food pornography yet.
googled it
@jay you are the last person I would have thought would forget rule 34
the problem with the internet is that people has already done your ideas :/
11:48 PM
@rumtscho seriously
@Yamikuronue thanks
@rumtscho what is rule 34?
@Jay bildungslücke...
the best ears I've ever gotten and probably the best oven rise ever
@rumtscho huh?
Sorry, don't know the English term. "bildungslücke" means something everybody should have been educated about is missing from your knowledge.
11:49 PM
if it exists, there is porn of it
@rumtscho 'common knowledge'
@rfusca It is more accusing, the direct translation is "a hole in your education"
"gap in education" would be fairly reasonable
@Jefromi I see this chat fills up the second rule 34 is mentioned.
Thanks! I was silently listening for lots of bread gossip too though.
@rfusca I like the formulation "there is porn of it" more, doesn't make any unreasonable assumptions about existing.
11:52 PM
lol @mien
Lovely, right?
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