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12:19 AM
chuckles at the irony of giving advice on writing a good answer on Writers
@Standback Not gonna switch it for this week, but in general, how are Tuesdays for you? Maybe we should switch the day every so often in any case, to give more people a chance to catch the chat.
Parenthetical ejaculations of color? Isn't that a bit...well I believe the currently accepted nomenclature is "African-American ejaculations."
And if you switch periodically, you should keep the same day for a month or so, or else you will just really confuse people.
1:31 AM
@KitFox here here
3 hours later…
4:23 AM
@KitFox: Plenty of those "African-American ejaculations" were actually ejaculated outside of America, you ethnocentric narcissist!
@NeilFein: It's less the day, more the time.
(My schedule kind of spreads its density equally over the entire week.)
Again - blocking out an hour of unbroken computer time is really tough for me. I do things in bits and snippets.
I might conceivably be more available if you bumped it up to, say, three hours later- by then my daughter's asleep,
but what I'm really saying is that I'm a lousy choice to base the schedule around, if most of our crowd is U.S.-based, while I'm at GMT+2 and usually unavailable anyway.
8 hours later…
12:05 PM
@Standback I know. Isn't it hilarious?
I had a friend who used to cross out "African-American" and write in "African-Canadian."
12:18 PM
I hope you aren't too shocked that I hang out with those kind of people.
But Canada is right next to where I live. You can't really avoid being raised right alongside them.
4 hours later…
4:29 PM
@Standback - So let's do next week's chat at 4pm EST on Tuesday. If nothing else, it'll shake things up and maybe bring different folks to the chat.
I'll attend to it.
Looks like you can't change the time of future recurrences of an event. I'll "cancel" the recurring chat event after today's chat, then make a new one at the new time. Should we maybe try doing this on alternate days? One week Monday at the time we have now, the next week Tuesday later? Or should we make them much more different times?
I would just pick one and keep it consistent.
Whether it's Monday at 1, Tuesday at 4 or Wednesday at 3:32 am
@JedOliver - I agree, but I'm writing a post in meta about this. "When do you want the chat to happen?"
That's probably best. (He added, unnecessarily)
Q: What time is most convenient for you for the weekly chat?

Neil FeinStandback and I have been discussing what time the weekly chat should be, so more people can attend. Should we have it at the same time every week? If so, what time/day would you prefer? (Times in UTC would be best, or specify your time zone and we'll figure it all out.) Maybe we could do di...

Why is there a notification on the site saying the chat is going on right now?
5:06 PM
Q: website to publish article on high-performance cluster computing?

gojiraI am writing a tutorial-type article on high-performance cluster computing. It is aimed at researchers and grad students who want to use clusters to answer scientific questions, especially in the life sciences. I may want to re-use text from this article for future, expanded versions - long-term ...

would this person be better off submitting to a journal that focuses on cluster computing or a journal about the life sciences?
Hard to say, I don't know enough about the topic.
But its a tutorial - shouldn't it be on some kind of academic reference site? Is the purpose to get the tutorial linked to from departmental FAQs?
How much rep do you need again to chat? This user has 101.
Ah, you need 20. Have posted a link to chat in the question's comments.
So who listens to music while writing or rewriting or editing?
5:31 PM
I'd like to have a preference, but most of my writing, rewriting and editing are done to a background of rambunctious children and Sesame Street.
If I have an opportunity to pick the background noise, I prefer hard rock and heavy metal when the words are flowing, silence when they're not and classical (Vivaldi, Bach) when I'm editing and rewriting.
Damn. I missed chat?
Also, I think Wednesday at 3:32pm is a good time, and easy to remember.
5:54 PM
Does anyone else find it awkward that this is a chat room about writers for writers and nobody can think of anything to write?
nothing? [sighs]
1 hour later…
7:09 PM
@JedOliver Oh, I can think of something to write, and I am writing. But not in chat ...
Fair enough
3 hours later…
9:55 PM
Neil Fein has removed an event from this room's schedule.

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