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1:20 AM
Q: How can i learn the name of a colour to use in a description?

Memor-XI am trying to describe this character Source her attire is pretty easy to describe, Purple and Gold (while it looks yellow she addressing herself with majestic plural so gold would be more fitting) clothing with a black coat. however her hair is a bit of a problem, i want to describe it's ...

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2:30 AM
Q: Natrual and readable language in writing

user10681Should writers really write readable and natural sentences? Please explain. And is this an example of an unnatural and unreadable writing? "Everything is bound to end, for nothing lasts forever. Every empire will fall and every man will become extinct. Hence, the products of our intelligence – t...

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2:16 PM
hey guys
how can i better formulate this sentence -
one can learn about X and Y of a product within a week which earlier used to take more than a month
can you give examples of X and Y?
2:42 PM
one can learn about working and troubleshooting of a product within a week which earlier used to take more than a month
What is the context?
You could maybe say "It used to take weeks to learn how [Product] works and how to troubleshoot it, but now you can do it in 7 days."
@Hemant "Now you can learn how to troubleshoot and work with a product in only a week, where before it would take a month."
yeah, or what Mr. Shiny says
yeah it depends on where you want to use the sentence. In a scientific paper? In a TV commercial? On a flyer, dropped by aircraft flying over the Restricted Zone at night?
it is a part of an essay
thank you @Mat for guiding me
and thank you @Mr.ShinyandNew安宇
You're welcome. Matt's example is better for an essay.
2:54 PM
no probs
3:09 PM
Guys, is this sentence structure is correct - I developed trust and confidence among my peers in my abilities.
3:24 PM
yes, it's fine
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4:25 PM
@KitFox Your chat profile says you are online but I can't see your latest message so it is probably in the secret mod room. You can come here and chat if you want.
5:05 PM
Hi @Arrowfar I am bored, lol.
Ms Fox doesn't seem to come here on other days.
@WillHunting You can talk to her by looking at her profile and seeing where she is
@Arrowfar Like I said above, she is probably in the mod room where we cannot enter.
5:07 PM
Oh, I see

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