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1:25 AM
Q: How can adventurers learn the story of a civilization without just using pictures on a wall?

whiterook6I have a pair of adventurers exploring some underground ruins. In the breaks between action/adventure, with the bad guys and traps and stuff (real original, I know), I'd like the adventurers to learn about the terrible, tragic fate that befell this civ./culture/community. I am fine with the adven...

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12:53 PM

Been wondering if we could resolve this...views?
1 hour later…
2:12 PM
@PraveshParekh - I left a comment on Smithers' answer. Let's close these!
2 hours later…
3:52 PM
Q: somebody please decipher this cursive for me lol

user122415 I would appreciate if somebody can translate what this is saying haha. thx

2 hours later…
5:38 PM
Q: Possessives for renting etc.?

kirdieAs a German willing to learn the English rules for apostrophes, I am confused about using it for possessives because I don't know what is exactly a possessive. Is it only for objects which someone owns or is it also if I just "have" something, or I borrow or rent something and for abstract things...

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11:18 PM
Q: Document Management

ChrisApologies in advance if this is not the correct location for this question. Hoping someone can recommend a system or piece of software (preferably OSX or cloud based) that allows for easy document management. However, I am looking for something very specific. Essentially, I am trying to create ...


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