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12:45 PM
hangs laundry on the line
12:55 PM
@KitFox It's admirable the way you work to keep this chat room flowing
I'm just protecting my ownership status.
I mean, I'm dedicated to this site.
I don't know why I think that having a lively chat room with help the main site, but it feels like something I can do to be helpful while the site is in Beta.
1:09 PM
I think a chat room is a useful thing to have for a site like this where there are strict rules about what can and can't be posted. It gives an outlet for discussion.
4 hours later…
4:42 PM
opens windows
5:27 PM
viv la chat!:5533407
What about my cat?
@Mr.ShinyandNew安宇 viv la chat!
@KitFox it's furry and drinks milk
She doesn't drink milk, but I can't figure how "viv" means "furry and drinks milk."
@kitfox has anyone else posted their exersice for this week?
@KitFox ;-)
Besides me and Matt?
And MetaEd's dad?
5:31 PM
@KitFox i haven't seen any of them
2 days ago, by KitFox
I wrote my dialog last night, but I might play with it some more before next week.
yesterday, by Matt Эллен
Here's a short one. Maybe I'll lengthen it, or write a different one. It just sort of flared up ended quickly.
yesterday, by MetaEd
—"Ed," she said, "Put your pants back on and go down to the restaurant and bring me back a bag of tacos."
—"But, dear, I thought you wanted to … uh, you know," he replied.
—"Never mind what you thought," she said. "Oh yes, and get a couple of wet burritos for yourself."
There you go.
@KitFox heh, nice
makes me think tarentino meets boondock saints
Thank you. You hit the nail on the head.
“What’s it look like? Come on, give me hand.”
needs an "a" in there
Oh thanks.
5:34 PM
@KitFox :-D
Personally, I was going for funny. The reactions I've gotten indicate that I wildly missed the mark.
Also, widely.
@KitFox heh. yeah, it's interesting, but i didn't find it funny. it had more a dark tone than dark humor
@KitFox interesting take, using a chatroom
I agree. I liked it.
@KitFox heh, cute
Have you edited yours? Or are you going to try something new?
5:39 PM
@KitFox i haven't touched it
don't remember if anyone made any remarks about it besides your guffaw
Well, we can discuss it if you want, or you can wait until Tuesday if you don't feel like chatting about it.
Well, "Jesse" pops in out of nowhere.
my inspiration for it actually came from a real story that my friend told me about. I jsut change some things and his name, although the dialogue itself is completely made up
@KitFox yeah, i replaced the name, somehow missed that one. fixed
Also, you changed tense in that one sentence: Bob pauses for a moment while David starts to put the pieces together.
Everything else is in past tense.
5:48 PM
sorry, lunch, be back in a bit
Oh sure.
1 hour later…
6:50 PM
ok i'm back
I really need to write my own, now. I'm being upstaged by my dad :-)
@MetaEd heheh
@KitFox so how should i reword that? "Bob paused for a moment, while David started to put the pieces together"
Or change the tense for every other sentence.
7:16 PM
@KitFox ok, i updated it
yeah, i'm bad about changing tense
@KitFox So alternate tenses in alternate sentences?
All the other sentences?
@MetaEd lmao
1 hour later…
8:17 PM
So do I need a blog to post my story here or what?
9:10 PM
@Gigili No.
Kit likes it if you use a blog though, so she can save the link.
OK, good. I don't have a blog and don't like to have one. So I'll just paste it here.
@KitFox I couldn't continue your story. I'll just ruin it!
Dialog. Whatever.
Zig: What's the matter, Teddy?

Teddy: I don't know but I can't move my hands.

Zig: What?

Teddy: And my arm just fell off.

Zig: Are you alright?

Teddy: I hardly know. I'm just happy that my nose is still in its right position.

Zig: I think you shouldn't have watched that horror movie last night.

Teddy: I see no relevance. oh, my teeth...

Zig: I can't be bothered looking at you but if it is a joke, it's not funny.

Teddy: ooooooh...

Zig: mama,mamaaaaaaa, you should sew up Teddy again.
I know it sucks but still. I'll be better!

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