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2:16 AM
Q: How to handle harassment?

weakdnaWhenever my questions on Writing SE get even slightly political (usually in reference to LGBT topics or misogyny in writing), there's a user that downvotes the questions and leaves degrading comments about my being an incompetent writer and a leftist propagandizer, or something to that effect. E...

3:15 AM
Q: Can I request a moderator remove comments from my question?

weakdnaOn my most recent question a user in the comments has repeatedly been harassing and trolling me, and though I stopped replying, deleted my own comments back to him, and flagged the comments he posted as harassment and disrespect, only a few were removed. How can I ask a moderator to remove all o...

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9:18 PM
Say I'm talking about X, and I want to start talking about Y
In an essay
Do you guys typically end a paragraph about X with a sentence explaining why you need to now talk about Y, and then the next paragraph begins talking about Y?
Or do you have one paragraph all about X, and start the paragraph about Y with a sentence explaining the connection to X
I feel like the former is a little easier to follow

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