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12:00 AM
[rubberduck-vba/Rubberduck] 3 commits. 2 opened issues. 6 issue comments. 335 additions. 5 deletions.
[Zomis/minesweeper-flags-client] 1 commit. 35 additions. 1 deletion.
Minesweeper: Games Played: 114, Bombs Used: 43, Moves Performed: 12778
Another day with no commits. And I'm not gonna get any in tonight.
12:38 AM
Don't worry. Programming isn't the end of the world.
Although, it is fun, sometimes.
1:05 AM
@bruglesco life and family sidelines coding time. Just keep the itch and scratch it when you can.
We’ll celebrate when you can code.
2:00 AM
2:32 AM
@bruglesco Me neither, but some time not coding can give you a step back and perspective and you;ll have a better time next time. We'll get back on the scoreboard soon enough
@Marc-Andre how was your day otherwise? How was your movie?
The day was supreme and the movie excellent!
Glad to hear it.
It was a wonderful day! I'm even pumped to get back to work tomorrow!
This will not last long obviously but at least I'm pumped :)
hahaha no I cant imagine it will last long
2:35 AM
@SimonForsberg I wonder how you could have prevented that? Tests maybes? Have a dev instances to tests first? Could you simulate some games with selenium or something and see failures on a dev instace?
So I need to take a shower and get to bed! Talk to you all tomorrow!
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10:16 AM
@Marc-Andre Yeah I do need more tests and connect with real websockets. Playing games isn't so much the problem I think but rather something with connecting / disconnecting. The bug in production was that the server sent "GONE guest_x12345" a thousand times in a few seconds, indicating that "guest_x12345" had disconnected. It should do that once, not a thousand times.
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11:56 AM
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1:23 PM
Hey good morning everyone! Have a nice day !
@SimonForsberg I hope you will have time for badminton today !
Moonring @bruglesco
1:46 PM
@Marc-Andre I hope so too. I will need it.
Unfortunately there won't likely be any commits from me today.
2 hours later…
3:40 PM
@Feeds LOL alligators
4:16 PM
Q: Try to make group.toList() but looks questionably. How to fix the code?

SergeyMy problem is to load items with different types , then to sort it by types and return pair results: type to items (for the type) wrapping to object: data class MyProfilesWrap(val type: MeStore.ProfileType, val profiles: ArrayList<MeStore.ProfileImpl>) so after groupBy() i trying get it...

4:41 PM
posted on March 20, 2019 by CommitStrip

5:25 PM
@Feeds Typo in pane 3. Feels like a translation error missing was after Microsoft.
6:00 PM
Well, IT didn't fix my computer, just swapped it out for another re-imaged one. At least it's working good, though it was a pain to set everything back up
Ask them how long your warranty is on this one.
6:22 PM
7:09 PM
Q: Enabling a button via EditText

NevoluteI'm trying to enable a button to become clickable once a key on the emulator keyboard is pressed and then disabled if the field is empty. How would one implement this? This is my code thus far: class MainActivity : AppCompatActivity() { override fun onCreate(savedInstanceState: Bundle?)...

8:04 PM
@Hosch250 thanks again for the minutae detail you helped me grok with object and initialization.
LOL, just teaching that to a coworker.
Someone we hired for front-end learning backend now.
Nearly everything I've read so far in C# Head First has been review. I have indeed learned a lot more than I thought.
Maybe next time you'll believe me when I say that.
All this review has been helpful filling in the pieces and seeing how the fit together.
InitializeComponent makes sense after traversing the inheritance tree.
@Hosch250 You guinea pig is walking on his own now!
Technically, you are more Mat's guinea pig than mine.
You are his 3rd or 4th.
Me, Chris, and you for sure.
8:21 PM
There will be more too.
Just glad he freely shares his knowledge. Too many times I'd gotten a "Figure it out" attitude when asking for help understanding coding.
I tend to have that attitude at times too. If I'm not programming at the moment, odds are I don't want to help anyone program.
I'm not saying it's a good attitude, just admitting it.
Oh after using SE for a while I totally understand the anti-vampire vibe.
But when you're obviously trying as best you can, likely in a misguided attempt, its off-putting to get that kind of response.
I changed my mind about starting a programming training business, so I'm going to put my articles on my blog.
Might help somebody somewhere.
I've had several people I know personally tell me to start Excel training.
That's why I started blogging. Rather have an audience asking for it and clientele before I take the dive.
I've learned more writing the articles than I thought I would.
My writing has improved a lot. Still far from anything I'll consider good.
Yeah, I learned a lot doing code reviews.
8:34 PM
Pick up lots of new tricks that way. Mostly "Wish I'd of known that before".
8:44 PM
For all the wonders that Excel can bring (and has brought) to the world of business, I'd say only a minority of Excel users understand what it can do
@Phrancis Oh man, yes.
I don't know 1% of what it can do, and I'm still impressed.
I'd like to think I know quite a lot about it, but I admit that I don't know how much I don't know :)
8:59 PM
@Phrancis Previous company I worked for hired professional developers to take calculation out of Excel.
Sr Dev: Pish posh Excel can't do what you want. We'll have everything coded in a dedicated environment.
Excel Dev Lead: Well Excel is doing what we want.
Sr Dev: Let's take a look and get this redone.
~Meeting reviewing workbooks~
Sr Dev: Uh... I didn't know Excel even had those features.
Excel Dev Lead: So yeah that's why we can't do it as fast as you want.
Sr Dev: I guess you're right. That was a lot of engineering you have going on.
Over simplification but it was funny hearing that from a Sr Dev.
Senior just means Old. It doesn't mean competent.
Where Old can be as young as 25 or so.
Plus or minus a few years.
9:34 PM
Excel Dev Lead, Jr Developer, several others in the company were advocating for me to stay. Didn't happen because among other reasons "No Software Degree".
Don't fault them for that decision but a degree doesn't mean you know what you're doing. Just that you passed tests.
Mhh, a degree means that you can learn new stuff
Correction: You can pass tests.
At least that's what I understand from my degree, as I surely don't remember everything I learned
You can still pass tests without having learned anything.
10:15 PM
Hosch how much WinForms do you do at work as opposed to WPF?
@bruglesco Wanted to share with you some of the helpful keyboard shortcuts I've been using in VS.
`F12` to navigate to where a variable is declared `Ctrl+Click` does the same
`Ctrl+-` to navigate back from an `F12`. Navigate Backward
`Ctrl+Shift+-` Navigate Forward
`Alt+F12` Peek definition. For when you want to see where it's declared but don't want to navigate away.
`Ctrl+K, Ctrl+I` View a variables type without mousing over it. Edit menu>Intellisense>Quick Info
`Ctrl+K, Ctrl+C` Comment out a block of selected text
`Ctrl+K, Ctrl+U` Un-comment a block of text.
:grumble: bah... Can't use coding tag in multiline comments.
visualstudioshortcuts.com/2017 also helps, but without fully knowing when each one can be used makes it less helpful for me.
Ctrl+Space Complete Word
Ctrl+LeftArrow and Ctrl+RightArrow jump over entire words when editing.
@skiwi hummm no. A degree means that you pass the tests required for the degree. Nothing more, nothing less. Everything else will be up to the person.
Remember that I'm rooting for you in your coding efforts brug.
10:30 PM
A degree ia good, not having a degree doesn't mean anything.
Except when trying to get a first job.
That's a bureaucratic concern.
A big one
But in the real world not having a degree in software dev doesn't mean you can't do the job
Ctrl+J List Members is also a helpful command when you want to display an item from a list. Like for enumerations or choosing a different member on an object.
I print the list of shortcut and put it right before my keyboars with a highlight on what I found the most useful
You have any others to add?
11:14 PM
Friend of mine was going on about this Antarctic ice core analysis graph (right) showing the "natural cycle" of global warming and cooling, so I did a little research :)
@IvenBach Thanks. Some of those are useful. I use a few of them but definitely could use learning more.
Mkay. I'll keep posting as I discover and use them.
@IvenBach Don't do any of either.
We do web. Not desktop.
I've done both. WPF is much better.
11:31 PM
The little WPF I've don I can see why it's preferred over WinForms.
11:44 PM
WPF by default can scale to the user's window.
It can adjust button sizes without any extra work for translations and stuff.
WinForms can adjust the button sizes too.
But you have to hard-code them into the .resx file for that language for the control.
It's really awful.
@IvenBach FWIW, since my comment got starred, I can say this for that senior.
He was smart enough to recognize his lack of knowledge--and humble enough to admit it.
Ah. Especially after the Excel Dev explained everything they'd have to code in just to maintain functionality. There way too much trig for the Sr Dev. #3DMathIsHard

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