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3:34 AM
Nice. Actually managed to delete a Nazi's coward's account before their post even showed up here.
Good work @PieterGeerkens on the quick flag.
3:55 AM
@T.E.D.: Fortuitous timing on checking my feed.
4:49 AM
Just flagged another one
5:08 AM
I must be getting old. I remember the days when trolls were sad little creatures that lived under bridges. It seems they're still sad little creatures but now they sit in darkened bedrooms, connected to the Internet, playing with their joysticks.
5:33 AM
And again with the using "genocide" as a verb. Do Nazis all go to the same moron school or something?
1 hour later…
6:41 AM
And another one bites the dust before their post made it on here.
University students out early this year i guess.
2 hours later…
8:57 AM
Q: Primary Source - Trade in Southeast Asia 1450-1750

a23I was wondering if anyone knew any primary sources that will help me learn more about trade in Southeast Asia from 1450-1750. Years are a bit flexible. I only have two in mind The Suma Oriental by Tome Pires Selections form Le Quy Don's Descriptions of the South in the 1770s If you know any p...

1 hour later…
9:59 AM
Q: Schulunglagers Nazi Re-education Centres. N7

Rob Som RobHitler set up one month training camps for teachers that emphasised Nazi ideology and the importance of promoting those idea in their classrooms. I am interested in how the training was organised, methods of indoctrination. Are there any anecdotal sources that illustrate the experience from the p...

1 hour later…
11:01 AM
Q: Did the US manage to eavesdrop on KMT communications during World War 2?

FluxI was reading How frequently did the KMT use telegrams to communicate; from where (roughly) and to whom?, which contains a quote: Following is a telegram code "dictionary" used by Japan military that already decoded the Chiang Kai-shek KMT army telegram code during World war 2. Even USA milit...

10 hours later…
8:38 PM
Q: What was the consequence of Gestapo being declared a criminal organization in the Nuremberg trials in 1945?

fedorquiAs read in Wikipedia's article on Gestapo: Between 14 November 1945 and 3 October 1946, the Allies established an International Military Tribunal (IMT) to try 22 major Nazi war criminals and six groups for crimes against peace, war crimes and crimes against humanity. Nineteen of the 22 were c...

Q: Book of French Folk Customs

AmoebaI have been looking into French culture and was wondering if anyone knows of a book or collection of documents, ect... That contain prayers, customs, ect... That the French practiced. Kinda like a French version of the Carmina Gadelica. Does anyone know if something like this exists or a comparab...

Q: What is the Mother of Dragons hat for?

Kristian BerrySPOILER ALERT (for Game of Thrones): For some reason I got this hat that looks like Daenerys' hair (from GoT), my wild guess is since I got the hat due to a posting about mass bombing, then the Mother of Dragons' temper-tantrum in King's Landing, as a sort of dragon-napalm air raid, is the refer...

9:40 PM
Q: How can we date the Trojan war?

totalMongotI have read a book about the Trojan War, the one described by Homer in the Iliad text. It often refers to multiple theories on the geography and other issues about this historical event. However, I do not understand a point: often, some theories on the Trojan War are rejected for the sake of a t...


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