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5:00 AM
Q: Was Governor Solá expelled from Mexico?

Aaron BrickPablo Vicente de Solá was a Spanish military officer who served resisting the Hidalgo Revolt and then as the last Spanish governor of Alta California. [Nuttall: The Gobernantes of Spanish Upper California: A Profile]. He ended his Mexican political career by serving on the Committee for the Devel...

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7:36 AM
Q: What are the current obligations of Treaty of Lausanne?

ÖmerThe Turkish President Erdogan and his followers are always talking about that they should update the Treaty of Lausanne or even they are claiming that it will expire on 2023 and they are saying that the country will be free from certain obligations. They have pretty wild claims and I didn't rea...

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12:30 PM
Q: Why Russia didn't have capitulations treaty with the Ottoman Empire till 1711?

GangnusIf we check the list of the so-named capitulations treaties (trade treaties they were really) of the Ottoman Empire, we'll see that Russia had got that treaty only in 1711. Why? There existed many foreign Russian traders, the trade with Persia was going on practically uninterruptedly, so, why not...

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2:24 PM
My biggest gripe with "why didn't" questions is - why should they?
2:42 PM
@Semaphore I do believe that fielding many such questions here has served to make me far more forgiving of supposed "continuity issues" with fictional works that consist solely of a character making a (retrospectively) suboptimal choice.
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3:54 PM
Q: Was English taught in schools in India prior to British invasion?

Michael SenthilWas English taught in schools in India prior to it being invaded by Britain? Indian Revolt started in 1857. India got independence in 1947.

4:12 PM
Wondering if he's referring to The Beatles.
4:43 PM
Ha! Or 'The Buggles'
5:42 PM
Q: Was it not clear to the Entente that it was over-reaching the treaty of Sevres?

einpoklumIn the treaty of Sevres, the Ottoman Empire was made to cede not only all (?) territories outside modern-day Turkey, but also: Control of the Bosphorus straight and the Dardanelles Significant amounts of territory with large ethnic-Turkish minorities to Greece and France A huge chunk of land ce...

6:13 PM
Q: How do historians and linguists know the names in non-phonetic scripts?

DevinIf we take hieroglyphic writings like the Egyptian one, an Egyptologist knows that this hieroglyph must be interpreted as Nefertiti. Or we can see in the following Sumerian cuneiform script that there is a syllabic representation of each cuneiform symbol. Since these writings (and others) ...

6:43 PM
Q: Ship tonnage in19th century

Dick TempletonI see the following in historical ship records: burthen 1050 75/95 tons. what does the "75/95" mean? I don't see anywhere else on the web where this question is answered.

7:42 PM
Q: Are there biographies on Boris Shumyatsky that included his history before 1921?

George ChenZhang Guotao in his memoir recounted his meeting with Shumyatsky in 1921. The then King of Siberia was very busy but managed to treat Zhang with a private dinner in his home. After the dinner, Zhang wondered why Shumyatsky ate so well in the deep of a famine. Zhang's companion (Wedensky?) said so...

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8:58 PM
@axsvl77 I don't care what the MTV VJ's said, that was not a British Invasion.
Q: What weapons did the Mongolians use in the 12th century?

Simone. CDoing a school project, need lots of information.

9:49 PM
Q: Did Edward the Confessor choose Harold Godwinson as his successor?

MAGoldingIt has been claimed that King Edward the Confessor chose Earl Harold Godwinson as his successor on his deathbed in January 1066. I googled "did Edward the Confessor name Harold his heir?" and got about 651,000 results. On the first page that came up: 1) Wikipedia: Edward the Confessor. E...


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