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9:00 PM
(Thinking about that since the question popped back up to the top again this afternoon)
@Xander hmm, I like the "planning" direction, but I dont think either of those are quite there yet. Think also about what somebody would be searching for... those aint it.
@AviD Ok, just a thought.
@Xander Good. Keep thinking.
@ScottPack Hääääääi!
Cubic magnetic fields anyone?
A: Somebody bumped into me, next day my storage unit was burglarized

Tony StewartIt defies the laws of physics to read standard magnetic stripe cards with a resolution of 210 bits per inch bits unless your reader playback head gap is closer to the media than the separation between bits. < 1/210" or 5 thou (which is much less than the thickness of your slacks and wallet.) 5 th...

9:11 PM
@AviD I think estate planning might work. Succession sounds too much like kingship (only relevant to monarchs, which I think might be "too localised"!). Cory Doctorow refers to his estate in this article on exactly that topic.
@AntonyVennard Succession planning tends to be a business term. Estate planning tends to be a personal term. At least here in the States.
@AntonyVennard I might be convinced of that, but then it would definitely need a death-like synonym.
@Xander Oh I see, I think I've heard that used that way. Hmmmm.
@AviD Like "death"?
Do we have any other possible uses for the death tag that are in scope for this site?
@AntonyVennard No I don't.
@AntonyVennard well, when searching for "death" i did turn up "ping of death"...
I mean apart from , but then the tag wiki for can say "for the planet destroying weapon, use death-star".
9:14 PM
but there are I think something like 4-5 q's about this. A bit niche, for sure, but then its no longer just the one.
@AntonyVennard hehehe
isnt that more a Server Fault type question?
@AviD Yeah, and kind of an odd collection of tags used on them currently.
Okay so possible meanings of death in site context: my system died = bsod. A ping of death = ping-of-death, denial-of-service, exploit? Do they work?
@AviD They do seem to be fond of the tag, though it's fairly irrelevant.
Oh I love playing the "can I validate the flags before a mod" game!
9:19 PM
@AntonyVennard no, thats not what we're talking about...!
@Xander I think in most cases, its an attempt at directing the solution.
@AviD Yes, but that's wrong. :-)
@AviD I know, I'm just trying to see if there's any other death related words that would make the synonym death=estate-planning not work.
@AviD Hmm. Possibly.
@AntonyVennard ahhh, no I dont think so.
9:21 PM
I thought you meant about misuse of the tag.
@Xander as opposed to ??
okay, methinks its time to meta this carp.
whens I gets the chance.
@AntonyVennard hehe
@AviD I look forward to a constructive discussion... muhahaha
9:22 PM
meta.sec.se, not meta.so....
@AviD LOL...I was thinking as opposed to or but ok, maybe not. :-)
I think we should add to the room's list of tags.
@Xander I was going to riff on that for a while, could have gotten a lot of mileage out of it, but meh, too tired.
@Xander classic! :)
@TildalWave Probably my favorite MP sketch ever.
9:52 PM
? or maybe simply ? ?
@AviD I think you found it!
so compared to the previous episode, yesterday's episode of GoT was quite tame. Enjoyable, but not the usual perverse shockings.
The big surprise is how Danearys is turning into a good person, apparently.
10:42 PM
@AviD I've completely forgotten about this week's GoT and am now wondering if it has something to do with rejecting the previous episode on the subconscious level... borrowing it now from torrent, didn't even record it
11:40 PM
@AviD She was a bad person?
@TildalWave I suppose the Red Wedding would have been pretty shocking, eh?
An additional response from Google regarding PRISM.
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