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3:04 PM
I messed with hardlinks just once and it was the source of one of the weirdest bugs I ever saw
3:26 PM
A: Is it possible to hide a python exe file behind a jpg file?

ThusInfinityYes it is 100% possible, but very complex and you will need advanced knowledge about encoding/decoding JPG, PNG codecs and Hexadecimal encoding on JPG, a little bit of machine code... There is an explanation about how you would do it: let's assume you already have the .exe, pick any JPG and use ...

Man... somewhere on Stack Overflow, somebody posted a video of creating a .cpp file by picking very specific colors in MS Paint... I'll have to find the link later
It was back in the days when they tolerated "fun" a lot more
4:13 PM
When I try to connect to ts3 to my server directly, then it works
When I try via my external IP, it doesn't
No one knows
According to nmap, the port is open
5:01 PM
Is the ISP filtering VoIP traffic?
6 hours later…
10:45 PM
Q: Will I get caught? How can I fix this?

John NevertellOkay so long story short, I found a random CC online and I used it just once I didn't even know if it was a real CC and I shopped just one thing from it and the order went through. I emailed them that I want to cancel the order but they said they've already shipped it. It arrived today, I feel ex...

help me I used a stolen card to buy things and now I am afraid!

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