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4:10 AM
8 hours later…
11:40 AM
@Gilles thanks, flagged it.
@StackExchange also a bunch, some, and a number.
though MSWORD thesaurus for "several" has "more than a few".
Oh, Chrome is bad...
I rarely use Chrome, so when I do browsing history cleanup in it I just nuke everything (History, Cache, Forms, etc.) "from the beginning of time"...
Come to find out it doesn't just nuke Chrome's data. It also kills Flash data from other browsers.
12:01 PM
Hrm. Apparently the same happens with IE. WTF? I thought they all had separate copies of Flash?
12:28 PM
@IsziRoryorIsznti Pretty much, no. There may be different plugins, but the flash system is shared.
@IsziRoryorIsznti yeah, blame sucky flash for that, not Chrome.
user image
2 hours later…
2:40 PM
Hello Rories, would this Rory be more on Rory here?
Q: Secure way to store Userdata without encrypting the Database

kekerianot quite sure if crypto or security exchange is the right place to ask but I'll give it a try... I'm looking for a way or best practise to store Userdata securely in a Database without encrypting the Database. We'r talking about an Application Server connected to a Database-server. My approac...

@Ninefingers for suresies.
and if a question like that gets asked on crypto, methinks the tagline might need to be clarified a tad.
mmmmmm but it's got the word crypto in it. therefore all things encrypted must be asked there.
Sounds like SF. "I added the word server to the question so it's on-topic, right?"
Or StackOverflow's "it's about computers OR facebook"
@Ninefingers but he specifically said "NOT" encrypted
@Ninefingers ala boat programming...
2:57 PM
@AviD faceboat
@AviD I'm on a boat?
@RoryPack like a boss
nearly time to change gravatars to beeratars for Kortuk's event :-)
@RoryAlsop ?
'course you know I read that as "bearatars". yknow, like special for @Thomas's Return.
3:01 PM
@AviD lol
Q: The Great American Beer Festival Meetup of 2012

KortukOften stack exchange sites have events to help bring the community together. We have not had any on site events in the past so I am bringing forward a suggestion from chat. What: The Great American Beer Festival Meetup of 2012 When: October 11-13(Thursday-Saturday), 2012 Where: Colorado Conven...

October?? thats like, weeks away! at least!
all the beer will be gone by then!
@AviD Bearatars should be prepared though, for the big Bear's return
@RoryAlsop oh? is he coming back?
gorramit, I just saw a great Beerbulance somewhere, cant find it now :(
@AviD I hope so - but I guess he can wait a wee bit until we overtake him in rep :-)
3:55 PM
My beer fest starts on Friday.
I'm so excited. And I can reasonably hide it.
You're not about to lose control and you probably don't need to fight it
oh, is that what we're doing now?
Because I totally hate tomorrow.
4:26 PM
So I ended up ordering too much pork bbq over the weekend. We also ended up making too much bacon yesterday morning. So lunch today is pulled pork with bacon.
Oh baby!
Possibly not kosher.
1 hour later…
5:27 PM
@RoryPack "possibly". also sounds possibly delicious.
Pretty yummy. I didn't have any malt vinegar so I ended up putting some powdered red pepper flake on the fries. Also yum.
2 hours later…
7:01 PM
@RoryAlsop Are you around per chance?
@JeffFerland Do you need Alsop, or would any ole Rory work?
@RoryPack The Alsop's advice probably relates more to the profession I'm leaving
7:47 PM
Hi @Jeff - am back now
@RoryAlsop Left my first job... have an offer for job B, have an interview with job C
I'm interviewing Wednesday with C so I don't lose offer B
This is during the last week of my notice with A
It's a problem because I need to fly to the opposite coast
It's a quite a rory of a problem, really
Being that job A is the professional services
and I"m tempted to say, "I'm sorry that this inconveniences you and you insist that I reschedule, but rescheduling simply isn't an option. I am still committed to ensuring that my transition is as smooth as possible and am willing to extend my notice period or make other arrangements to cover the... blah blah"
oh whoops, sorry jeff /contrition
runs away
8:04 PM
@JeffFerland I reckon that should be the way to do it - it's professional services. In the profession they will expect you to do what it takes to make sure that transition works, however you should also be able to ensure your next stage works for you
@Aarthi @AviD may have realised that my answer was perfect :-) hahahahahaha
@RoryAlsop we can go with that. if @AviD can provide more "why" then that would be amazingsauce
"why" that isn't just "they're so cool omg"
@Aarthi LOL - yeah, he or @RoryMcCune could also probably weight in. Other Rory is also an OWASP leader
sounds like an A+ plan. :) We won't move forward with the sponsorship until we see some good reasoning for it.
@Aarthi - Rories get everywhere, you know
@RoryAlsop you're like tribbles
8:12 PM
@Aarthi fuzzzzzy
hmm. is it on purpose that so many sec.se mods are also active on sf?
of course, SF and DIY have a weird overlap, too
Many of the sec folks I know (inlcluding me) were once sysadmin and network admins
natural progression
SF and DIY????
That's because SF people are a bunch of crazy libertarian types who don't trust anyone else to make their tin-foil hats.
Seriously? It's rude, snarky, accusatory, and references tin-foil hats and yet only garners one star?
8:19 PM
@RoryAlsop yeah! believe it or not about half our topmost DIY users are sysadmins
I'm actually surprised that Rory[0] is surprised by that.
@RoryPack well, I'm a huge DIY fanatic, but that's just cos I want houses to be better
@RoryAlsop Me too, but mostly because I'm cheap and would rather not have to contact someone over the phone.
If we had contractors here that would schedule via email, I would probably be a lot more willing to hire them.
right gravatar changed over to beervatar. Let's see how long this takes
4 days 30 minutes until Brew Week starts. Yay.
Earning the Tumbleweed badge makes sad Rory sad.
8:38 PM
@RoryPack I was trying to figure out what the best way to get that one for the collection is
new grav yay
@RoryAlsop So far I've managed to get one on both sec.se and SF. So my advice: Ask about OpenSource tools.
@RoryPack hahahaha
@Aarthi beer. Picture taken during Saturday's tour of the Caledonian Brewery. The last independent scottish brewery. (although now owned by Heineken, if I remember correctly)
@RoryAlsop And to think, I'll just be hiking (assuming the weather holds).
@RoryPack We had the wettest 3 days in ages - colleague from work competed in the Caledonian Challenge. Damp :)
8:49 PM
Wow, that's pretty hard core.
On the plus side, since it's only a 24 hour period with no sleeping your pack will be relatively light.
@RoryPack most people get failed off at the last checkpoint - the doctors bin off anyone whos feet look like they are falling to pieces, as the Devil's Staircase is a bit unforgiving
It's only a 200 meter ascent over 1 mile. Come on.
it's the trying to run it when soaking wet, tired, bitten to pieces by midges - in the dark!
I bet.
right - time to try another one of my birthday presents - Absolut Pear vodka. Later all
8:55 PM
@RoryAlsop I came home from picking up last night's dinner to a subtle mixture of Bombay and anti-malarial. Happy Father's Day indeed. :)

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