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12:32 AM
@RoryAlsop Did you spawn a sock puppet or something?
111 1
@Iszi There are 5 users called Rory [something], which is 0.057%. How does this compare with the general population? (Estimate the proportion of nicknames and the cultural repartition among users.)
There's another Gilles who was on SO before me but made very few posts, it was a bit surprising to see him turn up on SFF
12:59 AM
@Iszi We probably got our 4th Scotsman is all.
3 hours later…
4:04 AM
4 hours later…
7:37 AM
@Iszi Heh - don't know him, but on linked in we are only one connection apart
8:34 AM
I reckon we should all rename ourselves to Rory.
@Ninefingers I second the motion
It would save confusion
steals guitar avatar, adopts scottish accent, re-writes profile in third person, changes name to Rory JOB DONE.
@Ninefingers hahahahahahahaha
nicely done
4 hours later…
12:08 PM
G'morning Rories.
Morning !Rory
12:59 PM
@ScottPack The four Scotsman of the Apocalypse?
1:21 PM
@AviD Hi Rory.
afternoon :-)
@Ninefingers Heya Rory. and @RoryAlsop.
1:45 PM
So I'm sorry to say that I did a pretty poor job of pimping the site last week
1:56 PM
@RoryAlsop @Ninefingers Are we going to have a QotW this week?
@Iszi We should. I've been really busy recently, but if we've one to do I'm happy to try to write it up.
oo we should start having a Rory of the Week.
by Rory
@Ninefingers I think #27 has been sitting, waiting for someone to write it.
@Iszi Eeek, ok
sign me up
1:58 PM
A: Vote for your question of the week #27

IsziAnother previously failed QotW proposal: Open Source vs Closed Source Systems This question is probably as old as open source software itself. I think it'd be great for us to feature it.

ok. I'm doing that
looks like I'm the rory of the week this week.
@Iszi ooo niiiiice. @Ninefingers expect to take a lot heat for that, no matter what you write.
there will be a lot of attacks Rorys thrown at your post.
Is "Rory" our new smurfism?
@AviD You bet your Rory on it!
2:03 PM
RorySec. We are Rory!
@Ninefingers We are all Rory!!
"I'm not!"
@ScottPack I think it may be time to Rory the room's Roryline....
@AviD four Rorys of the Arockalypse!
Topics include , , and not forgetting .
@RoryAlsop Rorys can't spell, but then they don't need to since they are Rory.
hahahaha - I pop out to get a sandwich and find the place Roried
2:06 PM
@Ninefingers hehe
"The first Rory costs you an arm"
no, "The first Rory costs you a Rory...."
@RoryAlsop you started it!
Or maybe it was Rory.
Welease Wowy!
@RoryAlsop Y'know, I was thinking exactly that
@AviD It's spelt perfectly - I was using the spelling by Lordi, in their classic Eurovision song "Hard Rock Hallelujah"
@RoryAlsop ohhhh. Eurovision. I hadn't realized you've been drinking already, so early in the day.
2:17 PM
In the name of Rory, mentioning eurovision should be a bannable offense in this room.
@Ninefingers yes, ban Rory!
that other one
over there
it was all his fault
@Ninefingers in all rooms, really.
It was the single Eurovision result I have enjoyed:
Final proof that Eurovision is like WWF wrestling
@RoryAlsop really? they had metal at eurogayvision?
This was, as far as I am aware, the only time
2:23 PM
did they come in last?
probably placed 120 out of 90.
they won!
what year was that?
heh heh heh - have you listened to it
not the whole way through
It's an amusing piece, but it has wonderful lyrics
2:24 PM
2006? wasnt that the year that the surgical female from Israel won....?
and is twelvety-million percent better than most Eurovision songs
sorry no, I think that was probably more like '96.
wasn't that 1998
Fifty-nine songs have won the Eurovision Song Contest, an annual competition organised by member countries of the European Broadcasting Union. The contest, which has been broadcast every year since its debut in 1956, is one of the longest-running television programmes in the world. The contest's winner has been determined using numerous voting techniques throughout its history; centre to these have been the awarding of points to countries by juries or televoters. The country awarded the most points is declared the winner. The first Eurovision Song Contest was not won on points, but by vo...
@RoryAlsop fine, whatever.
I never claimed to be an expert a Rory in that, or even to care even a little.
Rory off.
Have you actually looked at the number of views that backdoor question now has???
if we see growth slowing, I volunteer to write a blog post on that one :-)
2:28 PM
@RoryAlsop first you're talking about Eurovision, now you want us to view a backdoor. Anything we should know...?
@RoryAlsop bloody rory, say what?
over 280 THOUSAND views??
@RoryAlsop if it doesnt slow, we'll need to get SEI to requisition an extra server.
I wish I had an answer to throw under the rails of that reptrain, thats wasnt already answered.
@AviD Like I said, I wish I had been on my PC when that came out - my smartphone on a train just wasn't enough.
the xkcd one only has 38k views
and that is over a much longer timeframe
2:45 PM
@RoryAlsop yeah, very curious who roryed it so hard.
It was shared on Roryit.com
I also feel like there is a yo momma joke in there somewhere, but it's just not working for me.
short link: rory.sco
@Ninefingers heh, okay I have no idea what site you're really referring to. if any.
@AviD I'm not. I just made it up.
but chances are it was hacker redditdotted or something (probably by Rory)
2:49 PM
@Ninefingers probably. Wasnt Jeff'ed or Joel'ed?
btw I did not see it on SE's facebook feed.
@AviD dunno, wasn't here, totally missed it
@Ninefingers SE did twatter it, and I pinged out on my twit too
I love how dirty that sounds.
@AviD hahahaha
I'd have closed it as not constructive, probably. But then I'm evil.
2:50 PM
but it should be: "SE did rory it, and I roryed it on my rory too."
But that would be a bit ambiguous.
@Ninefingers looool! we should do that now.
even though I think it's an excellent question.
@AviD this!
just for fun
@AviD - for fun, look at the analytics page. Check out the graph!
@AviD I dunno. It's attracted a whole pile of nonsense, and it just says "I found people doing bad things what should I do OMG am I right to be angry?"
@Ninefingers ah, but the upside, when you look at the new users data, is that people are joining
and not just to say, "Me too"
For info, the graph looks like this _______________________|
but imagine that vertical at the right just going up and up and up
@RoryAlsop oh beautiful
though its more like:
......... /
......... |
......... |
......... |
you with your failure to observe nbsp
2:58 PM
(ignore the dots)
in fact, run that graph from graduation to today
huge amount of new users, too.
that is a scary amount of traffic
@AviD lol
glad I protected it in time. thanks, @Gilles
@RoryAlsop yeah, wow. not the biggest peak in new users, though.
dya remember when the xkcd q came out?
it doesnt even barely show on the traffic graph. ridiculous.
and, in other related news, reddit is our biggest referrer, by far.
so we got much better traction with that 'proper' question
which is fair enough
it's still a good door opener
@AviD that's interesting. The stats over on the blog have reddit about 4th I think
actually, of the non-SE sites, the top blog referrers are: twitter, Dan Kaminsky's blog, slashdot, facebook then reddit
in re-reading (the complicated way the blog does referrers) I think reddit is actually first (under 4 different referrering URL's)
3:11 PM
room topic changed to The DMZ: The first Rory costs you a Rory.... [rory] [rory] [rory] [rory]
@ScottPack lol, I cant believe he roryed it.
he roryed it so hard
AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH - I've been Roryed. I would have got away with it, if it hadn't been for those pesky Rorys
Man, I'm feeling pretty Rory right about now. Only 45 minutes until Rorytime
Oh dear - here we go
3:17 PM
Real @Rory, lemme ask you a question a second. A real, non-rory question....
@AviD hahahaha, go on then
(the answer is 2. 2 Rorys)
as a consultant, waddaya do when a potential client (that you want) tells you your proposal is far, far away from what he expected. as in, 4-5 times the price.
@RoryAlsop Imperial Rorys or Metric?
even granted that I claim to be expensive.
3:20 PM
discuss what his expectations were in terms of activities, analysis and deliverable
it's the only way
@ScottPack lol. all Rorys are Imperial.
Most times we are around the same price as the competition, but where we are much higher it always turns out to be the scope detail
@RoryAlsop well, yeah... and I suggested cutting back on scope.
@AviD absolutely
Oh, and by the way - this wins:
@RoryAlsop yeah, I always have that issue - because I intend on doing the full job, and often the "competition" tries to undercut by doing a halfassed job. Or just half a job.
@RoryAlsop hahaha
@RoryAlsop ehh, just whinging. Already cut back as much as I decently can, already been through a round of negotiations.... screw it.
Sorry, Rory it.
3:24 PM
@AviD some of our competitors have got quite good at underselling, then selling additional work. So annoying, as I am not prepared to lie to that degree
Managed Services Provider, eh?
@RoryAlsop yeah, exactly.
reminds me of House of Lies. Brilliant show, by the way.... but I dont like working that way. Many in the field do though.
@ScottPack well, I'd rather people come to me because the trust me to do a Rory job
thing is, pursuant to Jeff's theory of perpetual professional imposterism, I am starting to doubt my estimations.
@AviD Oh - I didn't realise that had been changed to 'Belgium' in the US version
3:28 PM
Was it 'Rory' in the UK version?
@ScottPack The Rory award for the most gratuitous use of the word Rory in a serious screenplay? That's just crazy talk
you Rory
@AviD also, buyers will lie to drive prices down
This is all just too Rorying confusing.
@RoryAlsop of course, but that I expect. even accounting for that (I know the guy, and he's not a total liar)
I mean Giggity
3:30 PM
@AviD admittedly, 4 times the price is a bit much of a stretch, yes
@AviD that
@RoryAlsop it could be he's just out of touch, its not like he's comparing with lots of other providers.
mind doing me a sanity rory check?
@AviD of course
you have my email if you need to send something
do you need me to sign an nda? :-)
app pentest for a complex web site, without getting into too much detail - general range of hours 120 hours isnt crazy much, right?
nevermind, I feel stupid for asking.
I've done much larger PT projects, rarely much smaller.
@AviD That could easily be in ballpark - especially if there are a number of different user types
3:33 PM
@RoryAlsop absolutely.
I feel like my previous employer would have easily tried to double that.
the smallest I have done recently was about 55 hours, the biggest was 790 days
@RoryAlsop ahhh yeah
lemme guess - some kind of web product, probably either ERP or CMS...?
that 55 hours was for a limited web app, one set of functional users plus admins
@AviD nope, just all the client's websites globally
targetting all the OWASP top ten
3:35 PM
@RoryAlsop ah, well, thats not really a single PT, is it... its a large series of pts.
there were quite a few websites!!!!!
I'd been part of one those mega tests....
had to review a large banking mega-system for an international bank... at each of it's international branches.
same system, same test, all over again.
not exciting, but solid revenue for some time
I think it was something like 2 months total for each location, times a whole bunch. I only participated a bit, didnt want to relocate overseas
not even high margin (probably the lowest I have ever done) but kept the team busy through the worst of the recession, so can't complain
3:37 PM
@RoryAlsop yeah, theres always that.
right - gotta go, speaking at the eCrime Scotland summit tomorrow, and there's a speaker's dinner this evening.
Rory On, Rorys!
okay, this bit I'm less sure about - configuration/deployment guidelines for a bunch of linux boxes, about 4-5 different types (web, db, nosql/hadoop, proxy/fw/waf...), and network.
a bit of a complicated architecture - shared but isolated multi-tenancy, etc, some specific technology (NoSQL, Hadoop)... - discussed with a systems guy, figured it could take up to a week....
@RoryAlsop oo, enjoy.
4:20 PM
@RoryAlsop Hope you have a Rory ol' time
3 hours later…
7:31 PM
Kevin Montrose on May 21, 2012

About a year and half ago we introduced the Global Inbox, that lovely little red number our analytics tell us everybody loves.



We’re fiercely protective of the inbox, making sure only actionable things directed at you go into it.  Comments, answers, a handful of post notices, Stack Overflow Careers messages, and the like.  That’s why that little red number is so loved, clicking it shows you awesome, interesting things as a rule.

However, since day one we’ve had a another class of general information notifications, badge awards, revisions, election announcements, and so on.  Stuff that’s good to know, but not always stuff you can respond to. …

8:06 PM
Q: About important hacks in history

Luis RiveraI would like to know how important hacks happened, because I can figure out how they hacked a website but I can't figure out how did they hacked into NASA International Space Station source code. Or that information was explicitly passed through the NASA website? Any general information would be ...


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