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4:16 AM
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5:23 AM
@Gilles don't we have theoretical cs?
1 hour later…
6:35 AM
Theoritical? We have real computer science. Luckily we have a lot of test subjects for the failure cases.
Yes, I know:
Q: Existence of zero-knowledge proof for location

this.joshN items have been placed at specific points on a map. A prize is awarded to the first person who turns in a list with the location of all N items. The location of each item must fall with a distance error of E. Player 1 has J locations where $$J < N$$ Player 2 has K locations where $$K < ...

And thus I learned about Secure Multi-Party Computation
Just cause I'm no doctor doesn't mean I dont like the theory :P
6:55 AM
So what was your question?
7:16 AM
@Mvy Read the FAQ: Theoretical Computer Science - Stack Exchange is for theoretical computer scientists and researchers in related fields. We welcome research-level questions in theoretical computer science (TCS).
The 99% of computer science that isn't research-level theoretical computer science is looking for a home
Ok so the other is for non research?
Still the scope seems to overlap
since CSNP accept research level question
7:34 AM
My Question?
8:02 AM
> Theoritical? We have real computer science. Luckily we have a lot of test subjects for the failure cases.
6 hours later…
2:13 PM
@Mvy Really since TCS wants research-level and only research-level, the scopes should butt up against each other.
1 hour later…
3:27 PM
Alright, have we any real Perl monks around here?
Q: Perl data structure traversal -- reference followed key

Jeff Ferlanduse strict; use File::Basename; use Data::Walk; my $files; while (<>) { chomp; #ls -l output in a file; referencing filename from it (8th column) my @line = split(/ /, $_, 8); #fileparse exported by File::Basename my ($name,$path) = fileparse($line[7...

3:55 PM
For the non-Tweeters...
Why your kids should see Star Wars in order of film release, not story chronology:
@Iszi I like it!
2 hours later…
6:11 PM
Quiet in here for a Monday.
@Iszi Better than Friday
6:35 PM
@Iszi When you hear only the voice acting, it sounds horribly forced. The immersion of the scene made me never notice that.
6:48 PM
"Your edit to the comment makes me want to retract my vote (I haven't) and possibly kick you in the shins."
@Iszi The actor who played Vader (David Prowse, I think) actually had the same reaction upon watching the movie at the Premiere. It appears that in order to keep that point secrete, the director had Prowse say something else (Vader's voice was all done in post-production anyway, by James Earl Jones).
I don't know what was the original line. Maybe something like "Obi-Wan was your father".
@ThomasPornin Interesting.
@ThomasPornin Sebastian Shaw, by the way.
@Iszi Ah damn, I am getting old then.
Though I've heard the new release of Return of the Jedi is getting an overlay of an aged Hayden Christensen.
Hey no !
David Prowse is the guy in the Vader costume
Wikipedia confirms !
6:54 PM
@ThomasPornin Yeah, just saw that. In Episode V he was. Shaw was in VI.
@Iszi With the dvd release they replaced the Force ghost with Christensen. sighs
Um. Hi. I had a quick question (apologies if I'm screwing up protocol). I had a question migrated over here from Server Fault and I'm not sure it belongs (yes, I mention security in the question, but I go on to say that I have that part taken care of). I obviously don't want to get into a "You take him!" "No you take him!" sort of back-and-forth, though.
I was just wondering if it does, in fact, belong or no?
@mjbraun Looks along the lines of "shopping recommendation" to me. I'm surprised they migrated instead of closed.
@Iszi sysadmin1232546525145138709837436145645432678143 is usually pretty good about that. Since his was the only vote, I'm going to assume it was a flag.
@JeffFerland Wherezat from?
7:00 PM
Hm, I'm re-reading the FAQ, but I don't see how I'm running afoul. Now, I'm not saying I'm not, rather, I'm just not sure which rule I may be violating.
James Earl Jones went originally uncredited because he thought his contributions were too minor? WTF? James Earl Jones practically is Dart Vader! I've got no clue who these guys Prowse & Shaw are!
@mjbraun Might not be in our FAQ specifically, but it's a general SE thing that "shopping recommendation" questions are usually off-topic.
A: Perl data structure traversal -- reference followed key

ikegamifor my $name (keys(%$files)) { for my $digest (keys(%{$files->{$name}})) { my @qfns = @{ $files->{$name}{$digest} }; if (@qfns > 1) { say "For $name and $digest,"; say " $_" for @qfns; } } } (I'm assuming you're looking for duplicates, so I p...

@mjbraun Your question is definitely relevant to our site.
@mjbraun It's also a shopping question, though... that sometimes gets people's ire up.
@JeffFerland Ok, I just thought it more of a pure-networking thing.
@JeffFerland Interesting. After poking around, I find this post. I see how folks would get riled up over "Oh hai. I like computers. What should I buy?" type stuff. I guess I tried my dangdest to Do My Homework to avoid being that kind of person.
7:15 PM
@mjbraun You'll probably be alright. I'll play champion to keep it open. That usually works.
@JeffFerland Much obliged!
@Ninefingers "First past the post" is quite a misnomer: it should be called "first past the moving post"
7:38 PM
Ever feel like you had to do a task that you knew would be useless? A ton of news reporters have already written "Guilty" and "Not Guilty" stories for the Amanda Knox case, and half their work will be thrown out.
Ever have a moment where, for some reason, it seems you've forgotten how to type your password? I mean, you know your password - you haven't forgotten the password itself - you've just somehow lost the memory of how to punch it in on the keyboard?
@JeffFerland Ah, I feel sorry for those. Imagine how it must be during election season!
@Iszi Superbowl
@JeffFerland Nah, I still say the elections would be worse. Superbowl is one event, with one of two possible outcomes. Though the details of those outcomes may vary, there's still really only two possibilities to account for in one event. The elections on the other hand, are multiple simultaneous events each with generally one out of two, but sometimes out of three or more, possible outcomes.
@JeffFerland Unlike the reporters who write obits for famous figures. Their work will be used...eventually.
@mjbraun Now there's job security.
8:18 PM
Random interview thoughts: Proudest moment: Guy asks me how many gas stations are in Maine... I instantly respond with saying I'd check the state's Weights and Measures department for the answer (I see those little stickers on every gas pump). He say he hasn't heard that one before.
Most amusing moment after-the-fact: Guy asks me one of those logic puzzles, but lays it out very poorly. It dawns on me afterwards that it may have been intentionally laid out poorly, and that's a very good trick if it were purposeful -- it should be done that way. Made me really suss out the details from him.
My favorite question: "Admin Assistant needs document printed for VIP to have at a meeting in 10 minutes. She's having trouble accessing her networked printer. What's your first step?"
Answer: Find a printer she can use, and get the document sent off there. Then, troubleshoot the problem.
I had a class with Jef Raskin where he wanted to calculate the time an alien would need to do UI tasks if they had to dip their single digit into a lubricating fluid (don't ask) and what interface improvements we'd recommend. I said "use a thimble filled with the lube". He smiled, but then sent me back to redo the question as it wasn't what he was expecting.
Hey @Iszi did you catch up @jonskeet and @codinghorror on twitter today?
@Mvy Think I saw something about an SO shirt at Google?
8:33 PM
@Mvy That was via RT from you or someone else though. I don't directly follow them.
I RTed it a couple hour before
I saw a guest in the Google office wearing a #stackoverflow T-shirt. I resisted the temptation to introduce myself. I'm not quite that vain.
Good to share with the non-Tweeters, too. :-)
Imagine, you're walking in the street with a SO shirt, then a guy come and say: hello I am Jon Skeet :P
(cf your video: I am your father)
@Mvy Actually, I don't recognize Jon Skeet (sacrilege, I'm sure) but I definitely would be impressed to meet Mr. Jeff Atwood regardless of how many MSO down-votes I've given him.
Jon Skeet, Reading, United Kingdom
354k 86 1438 2594
8:38 PM
@Mvy Holy crap-ton-of-badges, Batman!
This is Jon Skeet :P
Can't wait to get our Sec.SE shirts...
@Iszi I see you skipped past the rep and went straight to the badges.
Higher Hisghest rep of SO
tsk tsk
8:40 PM
Heard of him in the podcast
@Iszi vote, vote, vote (especially the people on the second page)
seems to be a really nice guy BTW
@ScottPack Badges are slightly more prominent on the flair thingy.
@Iszi Kids today.
@HendrikBrummermann I wonder what kind of a page1-2 spread they're talking about?
8:41 PM
Would be interesting some day later down the road, if we saw a tweet like that from @ThomasPornin or some similar figure on Sec.SE.
@HendrikBrummermann Sorry, I was unclear. I wonder what kind of a page1-2 spread they want.
I was here for the conversation about putting off our care packages.
Wow, there's a 7.4k diff between our top two users!
Lion thing and all ?
@Iszi I do not tweet. Also, I may need some gold badges.
8:46 PM
Y'know what I think would be cool? My Gravatar, as a lapel pin. Yeah, that'd be just nifty.
Definition of LAPEL
: the part of a garment that is turned back; specifically : the fold of the front of a coat that is usually a continuation of the collar
got it
We should petition to get OneBoxing of M-W or similar.
@Iszi What's the rule about you and the Wiki?? any online reference collection?
8:48 PM
@JeffFerland I'm not in Wiki. Though I was having fun with the Star Wars stuff earlier.
Oh, and apparently I've got a probable distant cousin in the minor leagues.
@Iszi And I used to be involved with a descendent of John Adams whose brother is a professional baseball catcher.
@JeffFerland Erm... I'd think you'd skip the "descendant of John Adams" bit and go to the currently-culturally-relevant bit about the pro baseball catcher.
@Iszi I find it more interesting than the baseball.
@JeffFerland Keep the good work, and your kids might say: I'm the son of a prominent sec.se user ^^
@Mvy And their friends would say, "Oh, c'mon... your dad's not that attractive!"
8:52 PM
@Mvy And their peers will say, "I find the other stuff not related to that more interesting" :)
Finally the kid got closed as not constructive. End of story. Sad.
@Mvy Who-which?
I tried a joke.
@Mvy Oh.
@Mvy You are not allowed to terminate child processes -- insufficient permission.
8:55 PM
kill -9; jail father;
Speaking of wanting to terminate things... Person X is responsible for creating: 337 copies comprising 216 distinct revisions across 91 filenames (the basename, not the full path) for 8 reports.
Person X responded to my attempt to demonstrate the need for version control by emailing me a list of which directories were used at different points in time.
svn blame X;
@Mvy That's how I've dealt with it so far... I committed every unique hash & filename combination to git using the applicable pathnames and timestamps for the commit message.
9:05 PM
my, oh my!
I concluded this morning that my job is causing depression.
9:57 PM
Good night gents'

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