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3:16 AM
Voting this one as off-topic, but I think it could be S&A also.
Q: Would you go with SSD or Disk Hard Drive?

moomonkeyI haven't really heard anything on how the Soild State Drives are doing out in the real world and I was wondering if they are better than traditional hard drives. Is a SSD more secure or less secure than the traditional hard drives.

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6:31 AM
@Jin excellent! I'll take a look.
@Jin btw, I gotta say - I admit that I was a bit skeptical about the lion's relevance at first, and while there might not be a logical connection, it is pretty awesome.
@Ninefingers okay everybody - start upvoting everything you see!! we gotta get the lower rep users up higher, so we can get our shirts!! :D
@Iszi I read the question and agreed with you, and was about to close or migrate - but then I read @Jeff's answer, and thats a solid security consideration. I vote to leave it here.
what y'all think?
btw @Jin - wrt to the "more refined logo" - I liked the logo that you did for posting to the OWASP site (as sponsor/member), but one point tickled me... "powered by StackExchange" makes it sound like its all about the software. (my fault, I suggested it :) ).
On the other hand, I think something like "A StackExchange community" would be more fitting, no? This of course would be relevant for all sites, and maybe even things like the shirts...
yes, sec.se is it's own community, and viable as a site by itself - but, its also part of the wider SE meta-community, with everything that entails.
7:00 AM
arrgh, me maties, I'd done forgotten when we be
any ye landlubbers insult this ship and talk wrong, the cap'n 'll make ye walk the plank!
7:22 AM
Sweet, I always forget about international talk like a pirate day.
@HendrikBrummermann Oh absolutely. As I noted I don't think we should close relevent questions just because they could be used for malicious purposes. I am just troubled that this lacked any 'good guy' component. For example 'How can my friend better manage passwords in the future.' or 'How can he feel confident about recovering his accounts.'
@RoryAlsop What I just said to Hendrik ^
@AviD Not the covert USB flash drive lanyards, were they?
@AviD There was a point in time I always read the label, but then I have a MS-DOS 6.22 certificate of authenticity.
7:55 AM
@AviD Whaddya mean, 'start'? :-)
@AviD, @thisjosh - English Language is celebrating International Talk Like a Pirate Day
@Iszi It is weak, and I think the OP doesn't really understand the question s/he wants to ask. If there is no modification or response to my comment I'll vote to close, but you may need to remind me.
@AviD Close is probably a good idea. It protects the good answer and prevents more bad answers from following. Remember close != delete.
8:19 AM
Morning +/-12 hours (no one seemed to like diurnal isomorphism )
8:31 AM
@RoryAlsop You'll have to combat them with Scottish pirates.
Sorry, Spùinneadair-mara
@thisjosh Oooh, very good!
(but can ye pronounce it:-)
Well I'm not Scottish, so I think not, even with good transliteration
I can't pronounce it properly either, and I've lived here almost all my life
ooh - interesting one:
Q: Legalities of freelance security consultant (SQLi)

SeidrOver the years I've gained a large amount of experience in Programming (my main occupation) and server admin, and as a result have a fairly decent backing in security practices. I'm also pretty good at spotting security flaws in software (including but not limited to SQLi), and have built up a li...

9:16 AM
@RoryAlsop Don't we have something here to answer the question already?
Outch... just encounter a install program : Before proceeding with installation please disable you anti-virus...
9:45 AM
@Mvy yup - just found it
and Morning:-)
It's related to this, but the motivation is a different one:
Q: How to handle security issues of someone else's website

selfthinkerA few weeks ago I found that someone has posted admin account details for a certain website on a public wiki by mistake. As I found that data to be real (i.e. I could log into their website run by Wordpress), I immediately did the following: I removed the sensitive data from that wiki, I asked th...

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12:44 PM
@RoryAlsop ahh, finally posted my nomination :)
now to finish up my owasp blogpost...
and then to catch up on the site - there are a ton of posts I've yet to read!
hmm, seems that happens to me every 2-3 months....
12:55 PM
Oh, Israel and Germany have the same time zone?
I thought Israel is far more east?
@AvID are you sure that you are not UTC+3 in summer?
Hell of a weekend...
@HendrikBrummermann - Berlin: 52° 31' N, 13° 24' E, Jerusalem: 31° 46' N, 35° 14' E
Israel is far more east
@JeffFerland good or bad?
@RoryAlsop Hard to say. I crashed two motorcycles and lost a $600 GPS... but I had a lot of fun.
@JeffFerland ooooooo - were they yours, or just rented?
@RoryAlsop Failed to wheelie over a downed tree and was tossed off, damaging plastic and destroying a radiator. That bike wasn't mine.
1:07 PM
you a trials rider?
or was this just messing about in a forest?
That was Saturday. Second time was yesterday... following the girlfriend's family on ATVs, I wasn't ready for them to go down the wrong side shoulder of the road... tried to sharply cross over a curb that showed up after I decided to follow them at speed. Bike reacted badly when it hit the pavement.... accidentally applied throttle when I corrected and went down on the other side. Crash bars saved the bike; gear saved my body except for some muscle stiffness and a good bruise below my elbow...
@RoryAlsop Don't yet have a trials bike, but working on the skills. I can do some fairly impressive stuff on a 400+ lb KLR 650 :)
Boot saved my foot when it got caught up in the rear tire on landing. Don't know how, but I also stripped the wheel weights off the rear rim. Girlfriend was on the back... her gear saved her from everything but a minor scratch.
woah - could have been nasty. Got to love protective gear, eh!
2 weeks till my annual quad-bike/ATV bash in the highlands with 2 brothers, my father in law and brother in law, and my brother in law managed to injure himself (tore a hamstring) so it might just be the 4 of us.
Except the venue had an accident last week due to heavy rain (a landrover got washed into a river and they had to be rescued) so it may not even happen - depends on how the investigation goes
@AviD Good stuff:-)
@RoryAlsop That stuff is so tremendously worthwhile.
Anyway, unexpectedly busy Friday, so I owe you a QOTW... focus time!
@JeffFerland :-)
I swear by my Frank Thomas gear for road biking
excellent spine coverage, and really solid knee, shoulder and elbow protection
@AviD @AviD - use the raw data, new visits page with timeline from 20 Jan to now. That's why :-)
1:26 PM
@StackExchange Haha. Reminds me of a line a friend of mine used on his mom, when she wasn't making any sense. "Mom, I speak binary and you're just throwing me twos and threes."
@JeffFerland Glad to hear the two of you are ok. It's not often enough that I hear about bike wrecks turning out good.
@AviD Link to said logo variant, please?
@AviD - what @Iszi said
@AviD I like that better than "powered by StackExchange" but really like the idea of dropping such sub-titles altogether.
and hello @Iszi and @Scott
1:28 PM
@ScottPack I've had a few get-offs that would have been ambulance rides. Good gear meant that I stood up, picked the bike up, and kept on riding. I wish more people would wear gear.
@thisjosh Diurnal isomorphism was pretty cool, but a little hard to parse for those unfamiliar with the terminology.
@JeffFerland it always freaks me out looking back to when I used to ride big bikes (over 750cc) as a 12 year old wearing jeans and a t-shirt and no helmet. And I'm relatively sensible compared to some of my friends and grew up. God knows how I didn't crash into something solid
@Iszi @AviD agreed on no sub-titles.
@JeffFerland heh
@RoryAlsop I have never crashed into anything solid (unless you count that tree in the dirt). Some wisdom imparted to new riders in order to give them confidence that they can lean is that you can scrape the pegs before the bike will lose traction and fall over. I started motorcycle riding with an autocross background, so maybe that wasn't the best thing to tell me.
1:32 PM
@JeffFerland Anyone else getting a suggestion for sneezing baby panda? I love that clip, but what does it have to do with subtitles?
I think I've got the street-riding gaffes taken care of now, but I've got a few more dirt ones to learn.
@JeffFerland I learned on peat bogs, so crashes as a child never hurt...but that didn't help me learn how stupid I was. It took seeing the aftermath of a car vs bike crash to do that.
@RoryAlsop I picked up a lot of wisdom before riding, and more while riding, from reading accident writeups by riders on advrider.com and ninja250.org
Excellent video - what camera did you use?
@JeffFerland I'm a lot more accustomed to street riders, where jeans and a t-shirt is the norm. Ugh.
1:37 PM
@RoryAlsop GoPro HD
I have my Yamaha 750 Super Tenere, but really haven't done anything with it in the last 2 years. I should take it off road - as it should cope perfectly well
@JeffFerland ahhh - yep, seen them advertised. My brother uses one when kite surfing. I was tempted to buy one for videoing gigs, but apparently they don't cope well with low light levels
@RoryAlsop I got your email, and was just about to respond since I've had such bad luck catching you on here. What's your price?
@ScottPack I wear either a two-piece Olympia set (Ranger 2 pants and AST jacket) or an Aerostich Roadcrafter... It's very rare that I'm not in head-to-toe gear.
@JeffFerland Good man.
@ScottPack The princely sum of $15 including shipping. Does that sound okay to you?
1:40 PM
@HendrikBrummermann ah, yes of course - the difference between GMT and UTC still confuses me. (one of them accounts for summer time, the other doesnt... or is it the other way around?)
but yes, we are 1 hour ahead of you, 2 hours ahead of UK...
@AviD GMT is fixed all year, so right now I am on GMT+1. UTC is constant (I think)
@AviD GMT is stellar, UTC is atomic (with a twist)
It is not a question of timezone
@JeffFerland ouch! any real damage, other than replacable hardware? (i.e. to body and limb...)
Coordinated Universal Time (abbreviated UTC) is the primary time standard by which the world regulates clocks and time. Computer servers, online services and other entities that rely on having a universally accepted time use UTC for that purpose. Coordinated Universal Time is a time standard based on International Atomic Time (TAI) with leap seconds added at irregular intervals to synchronize with the Earth's rotation. UTC is conceptually different from Universal Time and Greenwich Mean Time (GMT), but it can be used interchangeably where sub-second precision is not required. Time zon...
@ThomasPornin excellent answer (it's not often you get Stellar and Atomic in the same sentence)
1:43 PM
@RoryAlsop lol
right, anyway, I'm still not any clearer...
Don't confuse GMT with the time in Greenwich.
which one has the +X hours stay constant, per timezone?
@AviD The worst is about a 1.5" (4-5cm) diameter bruise on the inside of my arm below the elbow. Little stiff there. Everything else is negligible.
@RoryAlsop ah yeah, seen that...
1:44 PM
GMT and UTC are identical, for anything that does not need sub-seconds.
@JeffFerland Wikipedia, the bane of all show-offers. How am I going to demonstrate my superior knowledge if you all have Internet access ?
@HendrikBrummermann arggh. So, yes, right now I'm UTC+3, dang it.
@ThomasPornin we all just use wikipedia as a proxy for direct access to your brain, anyway.
@HendrikBrummermann (btw the onebox works better on direct xkcd page link, instead of pic link...)
ah see? kudos :)
@ThomasPornin Having 20k rep not doing it for you?
1:47 PM
@AviD okay, edited.
And I did not even get a star :-(
@JeffFerland Apparently, 20k rep will ultimately get me a free T-shirt. Not bad !
@Iszi @RoryAlsop you can see said logo here: owasp.org/index.php/OWASP_Israel_2011
@ThomasPornin yay - and WIN!
I think having such a subtitle makes sense for external logos for several reasons: in the case of sponsorship, to know to whom the credit really goes, and as I said previously, we are an individual community, but as part of the larger SE community, too.
@AviD That works very well, actually
I like it
1:50 PM
@HendrikBrummermann there ya go! :)
@AviD Good to see you tapped up my old org as well:-)
@AviD Yay!
@RoryAlsop I do too. Just think a more "community" oriented subtitle works even better than the "software" oriented one.
Now that two people have starred his line, any of us can claim we did it.
@RoryAlsop which is that?
ah, e&y?
@JeffFerland heh, nice. like the riddle with the cheating indian tribe... good principle for internet elections, too...
1:57 PM
@RoryAlsop Princely. I like the sound of that :) I've never bothered to set up a paypal of my own, so I'll fill out the PO and submit it to my purchasing agent.
@ScottPack Princely is sending an email saying, "Pay this" rather than filling out a Paypal form.
@AviD I prefer the logo we have in the bottom-right corner here.
But, for business card type stuff, that one does work better.
@Iszi yes, here its good. However, out of context, that doesnt work too well.
@Iszi exactly.
also, there is the aspect of attribution (e.g. for sponsorship).
speaking of which, there hasnt been enough response to this yet:
Q: Which OWASP Project should SEI support?

AviDConsequently to this post - OWASP Conference Sponsorship - SEI has graciously agreed to not only sponsor the conference, but to become full OWASP Corporate Members too! According to the membership terms, SEI can allocate an additional 20% of the membership fees to one of the many OWASP project...

@ScottPack Purchasing agent? Cool - very formal:-)
should be a clear preference for which project to sponsor, so upvote your favorite! Or, add a new one...
2:15 PM
@RoryAlsop Thanks. How she reacts to said statements depends greatly on her mood :)
@AviD As soon as the election is over we (or the new mods) could do a banner to get some more activity on it
@ScottPack LOL
So sad. A "Popular Question" only has a single up-vote.
Q: Is there a way to move a column in between existing columns with drag-and-drop?

IsziIn Excel 2010, I want to move a column with some data to be in between two existing columns which also have data. However, a simple drag-and-drop of the column will just prompt me to replace the data of whichever column is closest to the drop. Is there a keyboard shortcut, or other equally-effi...

@Iszi ahem..... two, actually.
Sorry :-)
I'm so on top of lousy-question, good-answer patrol today :P
I think "views" are only counted if they have a referer header pointing to google.
So it's likely that those viewers don't have an account.
2:22 PM
@JeffFerland Doubt it. I only got 1 upvote on my reasonable answer to a shitty question :)
@ScottPack Star in a reasonably priced car?
@JeffFerland I need to get caught up on that show. I haven't seen any of the most recent season.
@ScottPack There, now you have two. Enjoy your Scooby snack! :)
@ScottPack wait, what show?
@JeffFerland speaking of which, any of you guys regularly check the unanswered tab?
@JeffFerland I've been throwing some seed out to the infertile ground lately.
@AviD Top Gear
2:25 PM
@ScottPack ah, of course...
currently 18 q's no upvoted answers, and nearly half that with NO answers at all...
we should work on that... "we" being those that have anything intelligent to say about those questions.
@AviD good call Mr. D
well, it excludes me...
@ScottPack You should check out the American version.
@Iszi Is is any good?
2:28 PM
@ScottPack Let's just say I don't expect the Brits to be doing donuts in a duallie so soon.
@AviD Huh... I always figured I could keep up with the recent questions as a matter of course... must finish article first...
I remember watching them do doughnuts in a semi....
@Iszi Hehe... powersliding a supercharged pickup is fun...
@ScottPack Duallies are a bit more redneck, methinks.
...maybe had this explained to me before, but what is a duallie?
2:29 PM
@RoryAlsop 2x4 pickup.
hmm, are we needing to add a ?
@RoryAlsop Meaning, the rear axle has 2 t[iy]res on each side.
@Iszi so a pickup without 4 wheel drive?
@ScottPack ahh - right
@AviD 7?
@RoryAlsop 2x4 referring to two wheels on the front axle, four on the back.
Ah, here we are.
sorry - different nomenclature. Here 4x4 means 4 wheels, and all 4 of them driven, so the 2x4 looked like 4 wheels, with 2 driven
2:33 PM
Oh, and a Ford Fiesta now holds a speed record thanks to those guys.
@RoryAlsop That's actually the same terminology for here, as well.
@RoryAlsop Erm, by that translation the latter should be 4x2.
That's a big truck!
(for the UK)
@RoryAlsop Which is why it's not in the UK.
@Iszi hahahaha - fair enough
2:34 PM
@RoryAlsop and pretty common for Texas.
I would still call that a Big Truck round these parts as well.
@ScottPack 'Cause you're a bit too far from the equator.
I am always astonished at the different size of vehicles. My Forester is a big off-roader over here, but park it next to one of them and it's a baby
F450? That's for farm and construction. Then some shmucks drive them around as their normal truck as well.
Aside: stoplights are a plague and sitting at one for several minutes with no traffic is representative of why security controls are often ignored.
... or 25mph speed limits in rural areas with clear vision and straight lines, etc.
2:36 PM
@Iszi Need I remind you that I grew up surrounded by rednecks in tobacco farming country?
There's a few 350s and 450s (or vehicles of comparable size) in the parking lot where I'm at. Those are mostly because their owners need to haul a boat on the weekend.
for a large vehicle for the band we are seriously considering one of these:
The Mitsubishi Delica
Here the biggest trucks you can expect to see tend more towards TItans.
good engine though - have seen one pull a bogged landrover off a beach, sideways
@RoryAlsop It's adorable :)
2:39 PM
@RoryAlsop Again, demonstrating the difference in translation of "large" across the pond when it comes to vehicles.
@ScottPack ;-P
@Iszi yup. 7 seats, and 7 sunroofs - large!
@Iszi Tell me about it. My Honda Fit is downright tiny!
About the only way I could reasonably get smaller would be a Smart.
@ScottPack If you can call that reasonable.
@Iszi That large Delica could easily cope with a two week tour with all our instruments, amps, costumes:-)
@Iszi I was planning on getting on when I bought my fit. Having a dealership nearly 2 hours away was a big negative.
2:41 PM
@ScottPack Saw one of those in the left lane on a highway where speeds average about 80 MPH today. Definitely wouldn't want to be riding in that one.
@Iszi On the highway? Heh, not so much. For my commute? It would be epic.
@ScottPack as a city car that stays only in the city, it would be useful. In London they don't pay congestion charge, and I think they pay no emissions tax. And you can get two in one parking space
@RoryAlsop This is pretty much your standard cargo van around here.
The Chevrolet Express and GMC Savana are full-size vans from General Motors. They replaced the Chevrolet Van and GMC Vandura in 1996. The Express and Savana currently hold 44.8% of the full-size van market in the United States, just behind rival Ford's E-Series. The Express outsells the Savana by more than 3 to 1. After 2003, the Express and Savana had updated sheetmetal similar to the GMT800 light trucks and SUVs, and at the same time, fitted with the LS engines. In 2004 Stability Control (Stabilitrak) was added to all passenger vans. In 2008 the interior was updated and side impact ...
Ummm.... wow.
The image it picked for onebox really isn't right.
There we are.
@Iszi touring in style
I can just see it in black with orange flashes:-)
Or, on the smaller end, you could go with this...
The Dodge Caravan is a family minivan manufactured by Chrysler Group LLC and sold under its Dodge brand. Along with its nameplate variant, the Plymouth Voyager, the Caravan was introduced for the 1984 model year. In 1987, the Dodge Grand Caravan long-wheelbase (LWB) model was introduced and sold alongside the short-wheelbase (SWB) Caravan. The SWB model was discontinued after the 2007 model year; and, since the 2008 model year, the van has been sold only under the Grand Caravan nameplate. Other nameplate variants of the Caravan include the Chrysler Voyager (1988–present), the upmarket Ch...
Bah. Onebox is horrible at Wiki picture selection.
2:47 PM
Hah - the Dodge Caravan, eh. Go here and look at the bottom right picture:
direct link:
We have a fleet of those Savana's out front. The physical network guys love them for hauling around all the cabling and kit. The field desktop support guys mostly use mini-vans like the Caravan.
It even has a sponsored by stackexchange sticker on it
(And that's me dressed as a gumby)
In fact it is a Dodge Grand Caravan, the only one in the UK - entirely kitted out in Red Velour interior
top speed: nearly 55
@RoryAlsop Why do you have to bring boobs back into this?
that was the team name:-)
@ScottPack with a trailing wind
2:49 PM
And by "gumby" you mean "shirtless" ?
Gumby must have a different image attached with it over here.
Oh, and for those interested, here's your current holder of the world indoor speed record...
Hang on - that is a Ford Fiesta. Indelibly associated with 17 year olds driving round car parks in my head. Will have to look for youtube videos after work
It looks good in that paint job and body kit
It's Tanner Foust's rally racing fiesta.
2:53 PM
So is he in the same sort of racing category as Ken Block? I don't know the US race leagues.
Just watching that video reminded me of Ken's Subaru stuff
@RoryAlsop Neither do I, but probably.
I'm only aware of Tanner Foust and his Fiesta because of America's Top Gear.
It beat out a Corvette and an Audi supercar to claim that record.
@Iszi wonder what on earth is powering it then
First, the Corvette couldn't break the pre-existing record. Then the Audi broke it, but Tanner said he wanted the record to be all-American, so he brought in his car.
and how long a building did they need to do that? :-)
@RoryAlsop Don't know exactly, but it was pretty big.
@RoryAlsop "Fiesta ERC Div 1 is racecar with a 2.0 L Duratec turbocharged four cylinder engine, running on gasoline or E85 (85% ethanol/15% gasoline). It produces over 550 bhp (410 kW; 560 PS) and 820 N·m (600 lb·ft). That propels the 2,600 lb (1,200 kg) rally-prepped Fiesta up to sixty in 2.8 seconds."
2:58 PM
on my todo list for this eve anyway. Cheers
The Ford Fiesta is a front wheel drive supermini/subcompact manufactured and marketed by Ford Motor Company and built in Europe, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Venezuela, China, India, Thailand and South Africa. The current-generation Fiesta is marketed worldwide. By 2010, the sixth-generation (Mark VI) Fiesta had been introduced worldwide, including in the United States and Canada—making it the first Fiesta model to be sold in North America since 1980. The Fiesta has sold over twelve million units since 1976. History The Fiesta was originally developed under the project name "Bob...
550 bhp!!! hahahaha - wow
@RoryAlsop Later in the article is mentioned an 800 hp model.
At 2600 pounds no less!
that's a serious power to weight ratio
2:59 PM
210 hp/ton's not too shabby.
almost as high as the Westfield Megablade
which doesn't have as good a top speed at all
actually - about the same as the top spec megablade!
Westfield 250hp/ton
It seems polished floors causing low traction is the real bane of the indoor top speed record. I wonder what they could do if the floor had some real grip to it?
@RoryAlsop well, besides the top 4, there was the shuttle talk, though that's probably gonna subside now... and no.6... hmm... dont remember?
@AviD my brain is tired, my knees are grey, my eyes are warped and grizzled
3:10 PM
@AviD Now sitting at 8. Not sure that mcollective one is going to be easy to answer.
@ScottPack did you end up finding out info on that one?
@RoryAlsop Graham pointed at a relevant document on their site, though I swear it must have been added after I posted the question :). I haven't had a chance to digest it yet.
Were it an answer, I probably just would have accepted it and not worried about it, but it was a comment.
I know you can turn answers into comments, but can you do the other way?
I feel like I should have info for the oracle one, but I really dont.
@ScottPack Nope, doesn't look like it.
@grahamlee Can you look at your comment on security.stackexchange.com/q/1065/485 and change it to an answer?
Do you need to double at that?
Just for the stats, you realise:-)
3:14 PM
Natch :)
double @ is fun
it's because we can
My intention was, after I actually read the document, to throw in an answer saying basically the same thing and accept it.
It wouldn't earn me anything, but at least that loop would be closed.
that could work too - @Graham - are you fussed about rep?
@ScottPack you could also expand it a wee bit - giving some added value
@RoryAlsop Unpossible!
@ScottPack I do not think that means what you think it means
@AviD - your election stats look impressive - 313 consecutive days!
I have missed the odd one
3:24 PM
@RoryAlsop Same here. Looks like I've missed two Sundays. Bah.
@RoryAlsop :DD:DD
@ScottPack really annoying when that happens...
The election results should be interesting. I don't think there's a single candidate on there I wouldn't be happy with.
@ScottPack what about that guy second on the list?
I'd been working on my fanatic badge on SO for a LONG time, kept missing one here or there... by the time sec.se came online, I'd worked out the kinks in the system.
@AviD I blame it on the UTC days.
3:28 PM
@AviD (cough autoreload plugin for firefox)
during the week, easy enough to jump on in the morning, and have a quick look round... hopefully make time for it in the evening too.
weekends are trickier - but figured that out, too :)
I'll bet those are both days where we had travelled for the weekend and while I checked it every day local time, I missed the UTC day.
@ScottPack How do you get exact data on which days?
@ScottPack I agree - no matter what, the site should benefit.
@RoryAlsop I recently saw a meta post where they said that refreshing the page wasn't enough, but they were unwilling to say exactly how much worked.
3:29 PM
@ScottPack heh, of course
@RoryAlsop cheater! ;)
@RoryAlsop Go to your user page, and click on the text saying how many days you've visited.
@AviD you can tell I haven't done it that way
It's actually a link that will pop up a calendar.
I can't believe the bar for nomination is only 300 rep.
by the fact that I keep on missing days
3:30 PM
@RoryAlsop I think you have a plugin that auto-responds to every question....
I tend to browse at initial level using Droidstack on my phone, which doesn't actually log you in until you open in a browser
@RoryAlsop coool
uurrgghh, I hate paying taxes.
@AviD LOL - we have a guy on the empeg bulletin board who ended up being tagged 'FAQ bot' as he answered everything
a bit like a Jon Skeet
but even faster
curious how jon keeps his day job....
3:32 PM
You do not have access to the User List.
damn exclusionists :)
@RoryAlsop Up for review.
@AviD oh darn. Summary - tfabris 29000 posts, next highest 16400. Me way down at 2000
@JeffFerland checking it out now:-)
oop - you are still in as 'editing'
@RoryAlsop Closed out the windows.
@JeffFerland - have made couple of minor grammar tweaks, and added a final bullet point of: At the end of the day, sometimes a business unit may accept the risk from a weak control, despite it looking severe to you as an auditor. That is their prerogative, as long as you have correctly articulated the risks
does that seem reasonable to you?
anyone else think this is a dupe:
Q: Random number for HTTPS MAC

NutelRecently I found that Netscape used quite simple algorithm to generate random number for Message Authentication Code to establish an HTTPS connection (Nestscpe used time, process identification number, and parent-process identification number). So now I wonder what source of seed do modern browse...

Q: Howto seed the PRNG in OpenSSL properly?

espengraI am creating an application which runs on a mobile node with Ubuntu, which does not generate enough entropy bytes to the /dev/random, and does not always stay connected on the Internet to use typical socket entropy-gathering solutions such as EGD. Are there any good tools for gathering the need...

@RoryAlsop Yes indeed
3:47 PM
@JeffFerland cool - will schedule it in. All good.
@RoryAlsop Not a dupe -- asking for what browsers are currently using as opposed to asking how to best source own data.
@RoryAlsop Best line of the day I've now read: "Don't hash entropy". If it made your entropy any longer we'd call it Viagra, not a hash function
@JeffFerland :-) nice
@JeffFerland okay - will scratch that comment
@JeffFerland - I reckon with the hosts file question (security.stackexchange.com/q/7282/485) , your final comment "Take the w9.hitbox.com address out of your hosts file, flush your cache, and run your network utility again. I'm almost certain your system is referring to itself as w9.hitbox.com. You have a service listening on the IPP port, and that's pretty common for OS X" should definitely be in your answer.
I think that is the key element:-)
4:04 PM
@RoryAlsop Always a challenge when you have to get more information to answer the question... edited as such.
@JeffFerland I realised after I posted this comment here that he obviously hadn't given you the key info "it says this in my hosts file" :-)
until after your answer
commute time - and it's still sunny. Yay!
catch you later all
Would these two crypto.SE questions welcome if migrated to security.SE :
Q: Security of using passwords or even passphrases to encrypt files

Andrew RussellIs it ever appropriate to use real-world passwords to encrypt files to be sent via unsecure means. By real world, I mean a password that is memorable and memorisable by a mere person? I am implying that in order to securely encrypt a file you must follow this guidance: Use a long random passw...

Q: How can the impact of cold boot attacks be minimized?

StephanieShort of powering down and maintaining physical security for sufficient time, what are effective strategies for keeping keys from being disclosed by cold-boot attacks, and can anything be done without hardware designed to prevent such attacks? http://citp.princeton.edu/memory/

@ThomasPornin Yes and yes.
4:46 PM
Posted by Alex Miller on September 19th, 2011

As you can imagine, we’re sitting on quite a bit of data here about programmers and the technologies they use.  We’ve used this for various things in the past (for instance, you can use your history on the site to promote yourself on Careers 2.0) but we’ve never done a deep dive into the data and presented what it says about the popularity of various technologies among developers.

Well, as you can tell from the title of the post, that ends today.  Thanks to the help of our summer math intern Qiaochu, we pulled millions of data points around some of the most popular technologie …

Suggestions for migration:
Q: Scan for mobile phones?

GiliI'd like to measure queuing time, similar to what they're doing in Finland. Instead of detecting bluetooth (which is disabled in most phones) I thought of detecting EDGE/3G. I'd like to log the following information: Phone 1 entered the zone at 14:00 and left at 14:30 Phone 2 entered the zone ...

I bet there is no mobile phone stack
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