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3:19 AM
@tylerl I trust you mean more than just registration.
@FalconMomot nope. that's it.
Add in sms 2-step verificiation, "private registration", and lots of "I don't remember my password"
hours and hours and hours
4:02 AM
yeah, when I decided to ditch them I think I transferred about 35 domains in like... 1.5 hours maybe?
4:24 AM
@tylerl if they registered it via google then apps can log you into the godaddy cp too
tho I'm sure you already knew that...
4:47 AM
@TildalWave wait... if you register via g.apps it's actually registered w/ godaddy?
@tylerl iirc it's one of the options (out of two registrars when I last used it, might be more now)
I'm surprised google doesn't become a registrar
5:03 AM
looks like they still use just the two, eNom and GoDaddy
@FalconMomot thats a pretty serious undertaking that's not really part of their core business.
if they did, i'd sure use them
well they might be doing better business-wise being "just" a referrer
it seems like a pretty trivial line of business to me
they don't operate the root or anything... they just apply ICANN policy.
@FalconMomot you have to run a nontrivial infrastructure... but nothing that can't be done by a company 1/100,000th their size
@tylerl I imagine it's easier to run than, say, ingress.
5:17 AM
@FalconMomot hella easier to run than GAE
@tylerl I'd hope so.
godaddy, with all its crap hosting stuff, might be more complex than GAE
5:49 AM
where the bleep is "belongs on another site" in "off-topic" VTC menu?
@TildalWave For what post?
Q: Truecrypt whole HDD encoded - lost rescue disc, but know the password

NeverEndingQueueMy girlfriend have 2 partition (C:, D:) and whole HDD encrypted with Truecrypt. She formatted the C: partition where the Truecrypt bootloader reside. It resulted in unreadable partition D:. She don't have a Rescue Disc, however she knows the Truecrypt password. My question is is it possible to r...

Q: What is migration and how does it work?

Yaakov EllisI posted a question which was closed as off-topic and it seems like it could fit on another site in the network. How can I go about moving it there? What is migration and how does the process work? Who can migrate questions? When should I consider migration? What can cause migrations...

> Only questions which are younger than 60 days can be migrated to other sites. This rule applies even to moderators on the site.
@FEichinger Oh, yup you're right, thanks
Any time. Meta lurking has to be useful for something. :P
5:55 AM
it could say something tho, I sometimes feel like I'm in a minefield
even knowing all this meta shit doesn't help because I really don't care to go through the complete checklist each and every time something unexpected happens ... it's too darn complicated and needs not be
I've seen bibles shorter than SE rules
e.g. help section... all nice and dandy, but 99% of problems come from users not knowing what's the difference between forums and Q&A sites... so why not put it in nice big and red letters "we're not a forum" first?
@FEichinger anyway, what are you doing up this early on a saturday? :O
Q: Tell me why a close or flag option has been disabled!

FEichingerAs we know, it's not possible to flag upvoted posts as "very low quality", or vote-to-close as "belongs on another site" if the question is too old, but the system doesn't actually tell us that. If we have already voted to close a question, we see that in the close dialog. Even "already raised t...

Writing a meta Q for you.
@FEichinger hehe thanks!
Nah, I'm up because I've been busy with a small project for the past few hours.
oww you linked to here ... hi meta girls and guys! I'm actually a nice guy otherwise, just a bit naggy early in the morning and before my first coffee :))
Timing timing timing.
6:15 AM
for reference
@FEichinger it's OK, if you weren't here I'd annoy someone over at TL with it :)
those dialogues are usually q:why don dis work? a:u stupid!
7 hours later…
1:42 PM
So a friend just posted this onto facebook: imgur.com/gallery/GV71l
It spawned a new idea in my mind. I've seen rainmeter stuff where they can grab information and give you statistics on your desktop but what if someone made a little app that downloaded an image from a server and set it as your desktop every x number of minutes. With those dumps alone if set at 1 minute you could have a unique wallpaper all the time
*edit 1 new wallpaper every 10 mins would last you almost a year just off those dumps.
@Griffin Actually, that would be almost 35 days.
@Adnan For 10 mins each?
@Griffin Oh. I read it 1 minute. Apologies.
@Adnan You read correctly the first time I said it but then I thought that what I said wasn't right and did an edit.
@Adnan My fault for the confusion
@Griffin Also, that application already exists. lifehacker.com/5885032/the-best-wallpaper-manager-for-windows/…
2:00 PM
@Adnan Thanks for the heads up. I thought it was a cool idea and I'm glad to see someone has already implemented it.
Gm everyone!
@TheRookierLearner Good morning to you too sir.
Ya, but rainmeter offers tons of customizations as compared to any other app out there.
2:18 PM
Afternoon all
Afternoon Cyber Rory
Are we still doing that?
2 hours later…
3:56 PM
@Adnan :-)
4 hours later…
7:40 PM
A: Encrypting with Mongo

Dharshan SSL - To encrypt data in motion you need to use SSL. You need a special build of mongodb to enable SSL Encrypt data at rest - You can use volume encryption technologies like LUKS. Then your backups are encrypted as well if you use snapshots. At MongoDirector.com we can setup both SSL and disk ...

> Disclaimer: I am the founder of MongoDirector.com
... and I'm the founder of the spam flag I just raised
@TildalWave why? Does his post not answer the question? did he conceal his affiliation?
I would say a small edit + comment would be enough. though OTH other answers there are more spammy....
8:08 PM
@AviD question is about mongodb, not some "special build of mongodb" isn't it?
@TildalWave well thats the answer then....
and since mongodb is ostensibly opensource, I dont see how its even a big difference.
@AviD because that special build is a service that you pay for and is no longer open source and free?
@TildalWave ah, is that what he meant?
@AviD well, it's a bit like q:how do I encrypt something? a:you pay for my service and we'll do it for you
@TildalWave oh, didnt catch thats what he meant.
nevermind then.
8:11 PM
it's ok
this is why I dont moderate when my mind is elsewhere.
8:29 PM
@tylerl that's what I meant, rep lost as in rep you didn't - but should have - gained. Anything past the repcap.
1 hour later…
9:53 PM
@TildalWave ugh, so much spam on that question
we can see how spam begets spam when they all start following each others' examples on formatting
10:53 PM
A: Does hashing a PRNG make it cryptographically secure?

derekmcSo I want to say that I'm very unsatisfied with some of the answers above. Much better answers: http://crypto.stackexchange.com/questions/9076/using-a-hash-as-a-secure-prng

1 hour later…
11:55 PM
@RоryMcCune You have red squirrels in your garden? Nice!

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