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4:39 AM
So is kundalini awakening from Guru same as receiving diksha from Guru?
I meant kundalini awakening "by' Guru
5:10 AM
So there’s this kid who’s started Ramcharitmanas Path coming up with new new videos everyday in continuation I think all of you can have a look
5:31 AM
@Carmensandiego yes
5:51 AM
Q: How do you know Brahman is the cause of the universe vs a Jain model

johny manlets say that the soul has always existed apart from the 5 elements individually but that the elements and the souls were always there?like the Jains believe.how can you claim Brahman is the material cause for the universe against such a model?what if the universe simply always existed,and the so...

6:29 AM
@Panibotal haha yeah that's the first thing I noticed
@Archit the one you had shared right? I watched one. It was good.
@Carmensandiego Yes! In Diksha process, devata are installed in limbs of the disciples. It ain't any normal process. After the diksha process done, the disciple themselves becomes devata. :-)
6:49 AM
Welcome to Hinduism chatroom @Rish
@Archit These kids are from capital city Ranchi. They have got huge fan base one every social media platform. That girl singer is too good.
1 hour later…
8:18 AM
@TheLittleNaruto oh I see. Just came across them yesterday and they were singing Ramcharit. Ya I wonder whether the other two sing or they are just background noise 😂
@Archit haha! the bigger boy is tabla/dholak vadak
the smaller one sings along his sister
In the Chhand and Soratha, her tune is very very slight different from the original tune but this is I guess the only Ramcharit being sung in the authentic tune online
@TheLittleNaruto you can hear him 😂😂
Can’t hear*
You have to listen to their other bhajans/songs
8:48 AM
@Archit I went furious when Tseries claimed copyright on ramcharitamanas. I love that channel mann!
youtu.be/kujzzJr9QYo . This sundarkand by mukesh is very close to my heart
9:01 AM
@Panibotal Beautiful
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10:18 AM
Q: The Rites of Protection?

HinduKidAre there any Mantra, Stotra, shloka for protecting oneself, from internal and external foes.

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11:31 AM
Q: How to understand birth after moksha?

hanugmI heard the following statement several times Those who realize parabrahman becomes parabrahman Let us assume someone becomes parabrahman (Jivan Muktha) after realizing parabrahman. Then according to Geetha, a person who achieves moksha will never return to this material world. So, a Jivan Mukt...

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2:21 PM
Q: What is the duration for which Dwarka existed?

user96551From the Mahabharata (Gandhari's curse), it is evident that Dwarka was submerged 36 years after the war but how many years prior to the war was it created ? I have gone through some online sources but none seem to speak of the timeline of the city as in how long the city existed for ?

@Panibotal what do you mean by Tseries took copyright of Ramcharit? Firstly their tune isn’t even authentic
@TheLittleNaruto okay I’ll listen
@Panibotal I’ve heard this before he’s added a slight classical touch to the original
2:46 PM
Q: I just want to know whether this is the real image of kaanchi kamakshi

prakash i just want to know this is the real image of kanchi kamakshi or else an image of goddess from another temple.anyone who visited the temple please answer me.i am thinking this is not a real image as there is no srichakra told in front of kamakshi. So if it was the real pic then please answer me ...

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3:57 PM
@Archit Okay :-)
@RamAbloh One of my childhood favorite song of Lord Krishna: youtu.be/_S5y3iPmZwk
Q: What are the exact 18 Mahapuranas?

NIRANJAN S PATTANSHETTIWhat are the names of 18 Mahapuranas?Some resources have Bhavisya Purana but do not have Shiva Purana in their list, while some have Shiva Purana in place of Bhavisya Purana. I came across this difference in lot of websites. Please clarify why there is such a difference, why there is such a diffe...

@Hinduismbot duplicate question
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6:24 PM
@TheLittleNaruto one of mine too❤️. Have you heard of Govind bolo Hari Gopal bolo?
@Archit yes!!
@Archit Try this one: youtube.com/watch?v=VpLiKdqPIqc
One of the old song from a 1961 Telugu movie
6:40 PM
youtu.be/7S8kMm-8sNc listen this!!!!
6:54 PM
@Panibotal Nice!

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