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@Archit :)
@TheMatrix Great!
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Q: Punishment of intercourse between children below 13 or 12?

Ashish I saw some children who were siblings and still they were doing sexual activity even though they were kids and their big friends told them to do so, are they still punishable according to Sanatan Dharma? I know they surely didn't generated kama but surely any other desire, are they punishable? If...

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@Hinduismbot What a world we are living in. :(
6:43 AM
Q: What is the Vedic definition for paapa and punya

Mythomaster SanchitPlease respond to my query and upvote it. I have read about these things but can't understand fully what these things mean by the Holy Vedas

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@Pandya Not able to cast duplicate vote on this question: hinduism.stackexchange.com/q/41028/647 . Could you be able to look into it?
@TheLittleNaruto Done! Btw,
The student badge. It is a bronze badge — Mythomaster Sanchit 50 mins ago
users are interested in Badges! :) Haha
@Pandya haha
Q: What is Shandilya Mimansa?

PandyaI have recently saw a telecast of "Shandilya Mimansa" Katha By Kirit Bhai on Sanskar TV Channel. I am bit surprised because I never heard name of any scripture called Shandilya Mimansa. I know about Rishi Shandilya and have read one work Shandilya Bhakti Sutra but I never heard about a Mimansa wo...

@Hinduismbot Interesting!
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@TheLittleNaruto Am I going the right way in explaining to matrix how to answer questions? hinduism.stackexchange.com/a/41001/20129
See the comments
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@Pandya 👇
@Pandya - नाम से ऐसा लग रहा है कि पहला भाग शांडिल्य शत सूत्रीय भाष्य है , और ये शांडिल्य अलग aurthor भी हो सकता है.
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Q: Did eklavya blamed himself for cutting the thumb?

theSwapnilSasteEklavya's abilities were far better than any other archer during his time, the story is no secret that he cut his thumb as Gurudakshina. But after that did he blamed himself for trusting, was he ever thinking if he should have denied it?

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1:12 PM
Q: story where rishi durbasa curses mother saraswati

juztcodeIn particular, I'm looking for the story, where rishi Durvasha cursed mother saraswati, because he couldn't pronounce something that lord brahma had taught him and mother saraswati laughed at him when he was in brahma lok. I was also looking for that story of which I only remember little since I ...

@Archit Yeah! Good to see you trying to help new users. :)
@Hinduismbot @RakeshJoshi Any idea about this?
1:37 PM
Q: Regarding the validity of Smritis

AKP2002I have read the following claims regarding Smritis countless times : ... what scriptures also say. They say that you should keep the Desha (country or place) and the Kaala (time) in mind when you apply knowledge or a particular scripture. It had relevance at that time but they are no longer re...

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No idea
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Q: Do new God's emerge from Parabrahman at the end of each Mahapralaya?

DhashaniaPlease clarify the following: If other Mahapralayas have occurred before, have the same God's always emerged from Parabrahman (such as Shiva, Shakthi, Vishnu etc) or do different God's emerge at the beginning at each Shristi(creation)? For eg. How do we know Lord Ram will appear in the next Crea...

3:14 PM
Q: can i restart brahmacharya?

Rishabh Upadhyayi have been self indulging in masturbation for around two years but now i want to pursue celibacy. can i start it now freshly even though it wont be celibacy from birth to death but from my age now to death? what are some scriptural references and guidelines for men who haven broken celibacy but ...

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@TheLittleNaruto since he time moderation privileges got unlocked :)
@Archit great
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Q: Turn of events every mahayugam

Srinivasan SundaramWhether in every mahayugam same events reoccur with same avatarams and same souls taking birth , following same karma cycle as was in last mahayugam ?

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@TheLittleNaruto hahah see the description of the video. " Don't presume that our family has joined nityanand cult"
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@TheLittleNaruto did you see those dance videos then?
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Q: Full kundalini awakening by a Guru?

johny manCan a Guru do the job of raising kundalini for the upAsakA?I know many won't do it,but is it possible?


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