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5:39 AM
Q: Why is Moon on Lord Shiva's never become full or decrease as we see in sky?

Ponmari SubramanianMoon god have to get relief from his disease as he got from his fault.He came to know that the only medicine for his disease is in Lord Shiva's hair.So he prayed to Lord and got his great position of staying in Lord's Head. I want to know why in all temples, Moon in Lord head is always in curve...

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10:16 AM
Q: Is every Jeeva eternal like the ultimate God (nirguna Brahman)?

iammilindThere seems sharp differences between what is eternal and what is not, which I came across in various conversations related to this question. Until then, I was thinking that all (like me), believe that jeevas made out of prakruti are "temporaries". Only (nirguna) Brahman is "eternal". "Temporary...

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4:51 PM
@Sandeep See this Qn regarding myth vs. mythology.
Q: What exactly is the basis/reason behind calling Hindu epics such as Ramayana and Mahabharata as myths/mythology

WisdomMany people (specially left-leaning) like to call Hindu epic books such as Ramayana and Mahabharata as myths. So my question is what is the exact reason for the use of this word myth or mythology despite so many archaelogical, astronomical and historical research into the events mentioned in bo...

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6:37 PM
@KeshavSrinivasan Hope you don't mind me copying your answer from meta to main. Here's my answer on main.
7:26 PM
Q: Mastubating after a funeral. Whats the concequences?

ThunjanI masturbated when a Tamil funeral ceremony was going on(the morning after)I have stopped it now and never want to do it again. I am wondering what is the consequence?

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9:24 PM
@sv. Yeah, I don't mind. Some of the answer is about Meta issues, but most of it is relevant for the main site.

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