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1:19 AM
Q: How many distinct independent paths are there to achieve Moksha?

108iumHow many distinct independent paths/practices/methods are there to achieve Moksha? Can moksha be achieved through just one path/practice? If not, what are the minimum combinations of practice, and in which order must they be practiced? Is there weightage to these practices, for example, a part...

Q: What are the ultimate objectives in Hinduism?

108iumWhat are the ultimate objectives in Hinduism? Is Moksha the only ultimate objective?

3 hours later…
4:55 AM
@AwalGarg hi... i am online now
@Mr.Alien hii ol?
@jabahar blahh. was getting bored yesterday night. so pinged you for some productive chat...
how r u?
productive chat!!! what's that? :P
m fine...
productive chat === chat which is productive
dah! that was a joke .. :/
@jabahar what is happening with the main site? I am not much active these days u c
4:59 AM
me also not... busy days :(
Q: How to deal with less productive days?

AjaxkeviYestarday I had one of those days you get once in a while. You are less productive it is hard to focus on work related subjects or just any subjects at all and you cannot wait the day to be over. The day seems to go past very slow and you are simply not productive while you really want to be as t...

but I saw you giving an answer last night.
thats why I pinged you.
thinking you would be there. Then I slept immediately.
yeah... i come here when get a chance
I think the site is not active enough to graduate some time.
I don't see much scope.
don't worry man... it will take time i think
and the same for Chemistry
5:02 AM
chemistry looks good... what's wrong?
and to be very honest, I don't see how any site on any religion could live to eternity.
@jabahar we keep stirring the same old questions every now and then. nothing interesting is going on.
ours will... coz its sanatan dharma (eternal religion) :D
rather like, SO. it was good once like anything. the major popping thing. now, they don't get many interesting questions.
everything seems to be already covered.
it is extremely difficult to keep making something new.
yeah i know... some questions are very good and some are just casual ones which one can easily know from wikipedia itself...
yeah... hinduism is certainly wide enough to have a lot of questions, but face it, the model of SE doesn't entertain all of them
5:06 AM
yeah that's true
and the problem that chemistry is facing, is that chemistry is really boring, until put in practice. and on the internet, we can't put it into practice.
but its going fine actually in someway
@jabahar are you active there?
no, i am only active here
yeah, thats the truth, something is interesting when there is a practical aspect to it, else its boring
stackoverflow is good, because people get there help for real life problems they are facing while coding
maths is one exception, cus you have riddles and funny and else questions in there.
physics can really be visualized, with practical fun, so it is good enough as well.
5:11 AM
but what can we do! Religion is only stories and mythology to most people who are not practicing it, hence they are asking what they know....
so it can get boring sometime...
yeah, we can't do anything. thats why I see it dooming.
@jabahar its difficult to come back to something, after it gets boring.
exxxxxtremely difficult
people are not interested in religious things than they are in other things..
and we can't complain.
I myself came here only because of the mythological stories. stories
see .. ? :D
hello @joker
5:13 AM
change this rooms mode to gallery... lol
only we can talk.
I mean, all indians.
like me, alien, joker, jabahar, green, dictator, and other hinduism users. etc.
so @AwalGarg what point you want to make?
@jabahar we need to have some fun and interesting q's...
like that adult one which @AnkitSharma answered... (not necessarily related to adultish things though)
it really boiled up things.
something like that.
chat is also going boring these days.
well, i don't know... religion is a serious topic... if we want it to be fun in someway then we have probably wrong objectives....
@jabahar every serious topic needs some fun. all serious = no fun
5:21 AM
yeah true... so occasionally it would be ok... else don't you think the site will lose quality?
no fun != good
@jabahar when is the next occasion thennn?
i don't know man... i am just going with the flow trying to help someone who really wants to know something....
i know you are young and have not felt the heat, but once you are into spiritual practice life gets a bit harder..
but on chat we can certainly have fun... there is no problem..
so if you have any silly questions then ask here...
and we'll make fun of everything...
@jabahar how can hanuman grow so big? and how can he talk?
@AwalGarg haha ... so you are a skeptic, eh?
@jabahar how can the arrows of rama go so far?
and how tall is Rama?
I have heard that people in that time were very tall... is is true?
then, is lord sita also very tall?
5:30 AM
should I tell you the truth?
and if all the weaponry they have is made of Gold, then how can they be considered a sanyasi ?
@jabahar ofc
sanyasi = no money nothing
and why does everybody at that time wear a mukut?
first thing is, no body of today was there, so no one knows the truth unless he can see the past. So I personally don't care for such things because knowing or not knowging these wouldn't matter much. (UNLESS YOU ARE AN ATHEIST OR SKEPTIC :P )
Do we need to know real things for imagining?
anyway, let me answer few of your questions
@jabahar we need some idea of the truth to imagine things.
5:35 AM
Hanuman could grew big because there is a yogic power known as Mahima which allows a person to be as large as he wants
@jabahar and anyways, I know you know that these stories are true because they fit in so well. imagination is bound to have some loops. in our scriptures and stories, we don't have any plot flaws, do we?
@jabahar how do I get that yogic power?
@jabahar stay right here, I am coming back in 5 mins.
@AwalGarg why are you asking the wrong questions?..... let me know first why you want to know all these skeptical things.
in our scriptures (esspecially the puranas and stories) many things are true and also many things are not entirely true for some reason, so don't take everything you read seriously
@jabahar lol, you said you will make fun of everything.
yeah, i can
5:50 AM
@jabahar like what is not true?
answer my previous question, why you want to know these things?
@jabahar ok, but do we need a reason to know something? I am just curious. And I find these things really interesting.
yeah, no body does anything without any reason
@jabahar I am just curious. And I find these things really interesting.
yeah, but it seems you have a biased view
5:55 AM
biased towards what?
towards an atheistic conclusion
do you like arguing whether god exists or not?
no, cus i know the answer. but i enjoy it,so yes
@AwalGarg yes, that's why i said you are biased. i don't know what experiments or researches you did in your 16 years so far to reach the definite conclusion regarding God, but in my opinion you should not be so sure so early.......
i don't say this because I am a believer or a nonbeliever, but because its true
@jabahar and if i make you believe the same? do we have a bet?
i don't argue or debate with anyone, but sure....why miss the fun? So prove to me that God doesn't exist...
let me see, why you are so sure
btw, as you know i am neither an atheist, nor a theist, nor also an agnostic
6:02 AM
@jabahar the idea is, i prove all reasons for the existence of god wrong, so we get the result that god does not exist.
ok please do so..
@AwalGarg also, if you can give arguments that are not from the western people, then that would be great
@AwalGarg you can give a website or link if you like instead of typing here
@AwalGarg hii...u thr?
@jabahar sorry was doing breakfast.
here you go
brkfst at noon ! :D
I will state the proof of existence of God first, then prove it wrong, ok?
6:15 AM
Proof 1: how did the universe came if God isn't there?
Contradictory: the same way God came
wait, I'll write all of them in a word file and paste here later.
yeah, its ok... i got the points...
ontological, anthropic, design, ultimate boeing 747 etc..
@AwalGarg don't write... i got ur points
what is this??
@Creator arguments why god doesn't exist
you mean to say you are talking about athesism? then why hinduism?
@Creator yeah... please say that to Awal :D
6:25 AM
I am saying why are you using Hinduism in this /
like make this something about athesism
Q: When was Ravana hit by the Sudarshana Chakra?

Keshav SrinivasanIn the Sundara Kanda of the Ramayana, Hanuman sneaks into Ravana's house and sees Ravana sleeping. And in particular he sees Ravana' arms: That Hanuman also saw the wealthy Ravana's arms tied with golden armlets thrown apart, resembling flag staffs raised in honor of Indra. Those arms had w...

@KeshavSrinivasan- Ravana was killed by lord vishnu avatar rama and with an arrow from sharang dhanush
Hey guys.
@Creator My question is about Vishnu fighting Ravana before his Rama incarnation.
as you see ravana was fighting for devaloka and he accedently met lord shri krishna there that is where lord krishna hit him with his sudarshana for his deeds as well as for his harsh words about lord vishnu or himself
@Creator When Hanuman goes to Lanka, he sees that Ravana's shoulder has a mark from Vishnu's chakra.
@Creator Where did you hear that?
6:33 AM
a story in bhagwat purana
I did'nt hear it
Can you find it?
@Creator Here's the Bhagavata Purana.
I have to search entire bhagwad purana of 2000 or more pages I don't rembember exactly where this story was written
and when did this community started?
Are you asking when Hinduism.stackexchange was started?
6:37 AM
yes are u d one to start?
No, I didn't start it, but I was one of the initial members of the private beta. It's been in existence for about a month I think.
Oh I was looking for hinduism community since last 3 months now finally I found it
so who is the creator of this communituy?
Well, I think Manishearth is the one who proposed it, but he's not very active around here.
okay good for us the third largest religeon in world!
How stackexchange sites get started is that someone makes a proposal, then a bunch of people start following, defining, and committing to the site, and once the scope of the site is clearly defined and there's a large enough committed user base, it gets created.
Yeah, it's about time for there to be a good Hinduism site.
6:44 AM
yeah all refrences are needed here
I mean we needed a refrence site and exchange our spiritual knowledge
Yeah. By the way, I just searched the Srimad Bhagavatam by Googling using site:vedabase.com/en/sb followed by various search terms.
But I couldn't find the story you mentioned.
so what happened did you find it?
7:06 AM
nobody invited me to the party? very very bad @jabahar @KeshavSrinivasan @Creator @anyOneElse
@jabahar what should you say to me?
@jabahar how do you get that yogic power?
@KeshavSrinivasan body
7:47 AM
Hi all
Shubh dopahar
8:15 AM
@Mr_Green subh afternoon! :D
@AwalGarg May be those powers are just imaginary like superman, spiderman, etc. in comic books these days...
@jabahar Hi whazzup?
hii..watching movie
which movie?
back to the future
kk continue
8:29 AM
@Mr_Green whts u doing?
playing chess
losing :(
haha... still in chess !!
playing against computer?
oh...so human players then..!
i thought u were losing against computer which is also great :D
8:33 AM
@jabahar where have you been?
morning everyone
try once it is really addictive game
and guys, who voted to reopen the yum question?
ye bache kabhi nahi sudrenge
@Mr.Alien have been doing some search
@Mr.Alien i don't understand what's wrong in asking a question that has already been asked so that they keep changing it everytime....
8:35 AM
@Mr.Alien I didn't
@jabahar nah, this week was very very hectic, yesterday I deleted many comments and cleaned the site too much
strange mod doesn't have idea of who voted it..
I thought mod can do anything
they dont understand that it's no offense if someone points out a question is duplicate...
to all - I don't mind even if you vote to reopen, obviously its personal opinion to do so, but avoid voting on questions which drastically changes, hence I have closed the question
yeah, your action was right
8:37 AM
@Mr_Green yes, we can, but after the post opens, because this thing isn't imp
@jabahar that happened for the second time and FINALLY chrome notifications are working
chrome notifications?
yea, chrome browser has desktop notifications right?
for the emails you say?
@Mr_Green the chess site?
@jabahar nah nah not the emails, say if am on some other tab and someone pings me here, I get a desktop notification, see, ping me once
8:43 AM
ping me once
nice nice feature...
@Mr.Alien ping
see, like this
what! :O
just like the email..!! i dont see it on my browser..
ping me
hehe are you using chrome?
8:46 AM
yes 36.0.1985.125 m
to enable and disable notification
i don't even see that option :(
may be only for mods?
nothing like that
actually the desktop notifications were not working for me before
but now they do after I restored a backup yesterday
i dont see the option
but its a good feature
@jabahar @Mr.Alien want to play one game in chess?
not necessary.. just asking
8:49 AM
yes sure, how?
@jabahar yes indeed
@Mr_Green so now you want to have the fun of winning with us poor players? :P
my username is "sniperhunter"
I am not good really
@Mr_Green btw, I don't exactly know all the rules of chess
then you are really poor :P
8:51 AM
@Mr_Green sniperhunter! are you into counterstrike or something?
I recently bought this
buy if you guys want to ^^
now that's a game.... invite me sometime and get headshots :D
@Mr_Green give me 10 - 15 mins, we will play
ok sure
8:52 AM
it seems you are downloading some big game
@jabahar yes, its a beast and its awesome
@Mr_Green 16gb
which one?
role playing game?
8:56 AM
what's that?
play DOTA. I love the above character.
He got less powers but still kills enemies very easily
i have no idea about DOTA
It is a map in warcraft game
i have not played RPGs much
nor I am.. I used to play more than 2 years back.. left it when I got job :(
God.. I love those days
san andreas, dota, hitman, cs, max payne..
8:59 AM
i love max payne
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