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11:00 AM
@TheDictator which nexus?
about laptop, I bought one for me, whats your budget? so I can recommend you the model I bought
I didn't got what he wrote hinduism.stackexchange.com/a/594/124
@TheDictator delete it
nah you can keep but just edit it out nicely
@Mr.Alien i already bought the laptop....just need to pay remaining credit card bill
@AnkitSharma aaah ok ok, gratz :D
@AnkitSharma cool
ankit has invited everyone to bangalore for party
11:08 AM
Now its price increased in fk but i bough it in 43
so let me know who all are in
hhahahhaha....good joke. I am already lacking in money
he is lyin, he just messaged me, ki come here and lets celebrate, I was like fine
yeah I got the message too
^^ see
11:10 AM
Sorry ankit I can't come.. busy here
ohh......so i just sent that message to everyone but in private ;D
@Mr.Alien anything wrong in my answer?
yea and probably you forgot after doing that
@TheDictator I feel its almost similar :)
@Mr.Alien oh ... so what should i do? should i include some more facts? as i got many but thought to write my own
nah its fine, just take care of your grammar thats all you need to do
11:14 AM
@Mr.Alien i know... i am bad at grammar.. :D
but atleast its understandable i guess
yea but no harm in making it better :)
As i have studied in local laguage.. only my clg was in english but as all the professors either prefers to speak in either hindi or Gujarati... :D
yah i will make it better...
so, you are from Gujarat..
caught red handed
11:18 AM
I am gujarati bt I hate gujarat
@Mr.Alien shame on u...
May be he is alcoholic :p
I cant bear their pure gujju accent
@AnkitSharma rofl'
hahaha.... point ^^
11:20 AM
I don't drink though
@Mr.Alien even I hate Gujarati :D
@Mr.Alien have u herd anything in gujju hindi?
I hate gujrati aliens....
@Mr_Green u too??
11:21 AM
no offence but may be am from an area where we found the accent funny
just joking
hahahaha... the secret reveals
so ankit hates me
kind of :P
even I hate you
nobody likes you :P
11:21 AM
you guys will be banned soon by me here
One of my friend was talkin and he was like Esa kem hota hai?
nice question coming up guys
instead of saying esa kyu hota hai as kem is a gujju of why
where? @Mr.Alien
link please
Q: Why do we light ghee lamp in the house while praying?

pritywizBefore starting any prayer it is required that we light a lamp which is made up of oil and cotton wick. But it is considered "uttam" or best if ghee is used instead of oil. Why is ghee considered "uttam"?

is this the question u were talking abt?
11:29 AM
yah its nice....
whats the english word for ghee?
Q: What is the significance of "Akhanda Deepak" while doing puja?

pritywizIt is considered very good to have the lamp that we light be lit through out the prayer. During Navratra, the lamp if lit till the end of the 9th day is considered to bring lot of luck, happiness, prosperity etc. Why is this so? What is its actual significance?

48 mins ago, by The Dictator
is it off-topic if i ask the methodologies of any temple?
i found one but dont see that it will work as an answer
too many wrong facts but still a good question
Q: Who are the children of Vishnu and Lakshmi?

ShriroopSince the beginning of my childhood, till now I have read many mythological stories and seen many films and TV series that depict the stories written in various books, Vedas and Puranas. Most of us are aware about the children of Shiva and Parvati - Kartikey, Ganesh and many others. I have neve...

tried to answer it but op doesn't look satisfied
11:44 AM
Q: Why is it necessary to burn incense stick while praying?

pritywizIf you do not light a lamp while doing a prayer and reciting any mantras. But it is necessary to burn an incense stick. This is practised by Buddhist too. Why do we need to do so?

12:06 PM
@pritywiz Sorry, than you are at a wrong place, we don't provide scientific reasons here, you can ask the same question on Physics, Chemistry or Biology whichever you may is fit for your question — Mr. Alien 30 secs ago
can anyone explain that guy please, he wants a scientific answer
@AnkitSharma i got an answer if u would like to see...
12:29 PM
@TheDictator which answer
Submit it yourself
@AnkitSharma its not a oficial source i just got this... and i just wanted to show u...
see last answer...
@TheDictator i got similar answer but from the similar unreliable source
yah,.,,, really kaamdev was the son of Vishnu and Lakshmi??
@TheDictator why not ask Kamadeva
12:35 PM
@Mr.Alien where can i find him?
now you expect me to answer everything and thats not fair
look who's in the room, ssup @hims056
@Mr.Alien u said to ask him.. so must know the address of him...
@TheDictator I can say ask doesnt mean I know the person always and his address details
Mi Yodeyajudaism.stackexchange.com

Launched Q&A site for launched Q&A site for those who base their lives on Jewish law and tradition and anyone interested in learning more.

not that impressive but made it to graduation
@Mr.Alien lolz.... ok
1:00 PM
Q: Answers asking for Scientific reasons

Mr. AlienI think this is in a way duplicate to my other question here but thats for questioning and I recently hit a bump with a user where he was asking for a scientific reason. When I tried to explain that site is on hinduism and we don't answer scientifically, if they want scientific reasons, refer ot...

you always say done but I never see your caste vote

I have done that u can check... I have given flag
you flag or you close?
I can't see your flags, I don't have access to mod tools
I dont have rights now
To close
After 350
So all I can do is flag
1:20 PM
@Mr.Alien I think we should allow some sort of question which needs some sort of scientific resons
no, I don't think so, this site will end up in a disaster
@TheDictator I proposed a new site for that
think of an example I contributed on the question
will you explain big bang theory on a religion website?
eww.. I got two downvotes
1:29 PM
hatred and public now entering the game
I have seen the answer and even I was the first who upvoted that..
I dont see any downvotes
on the example question
@TheDictator yea, so it makes no sense discussing science on a religious website, I can literally bang every question by asking scientific reasons
whats the funny part, scientifically, its not possible to have 10 heads, 10 arms, etc like our gods have
1:31 PM
^ true
I am back....want did i missed?
I am talking abt the rituals that we are following
@Mr.Alien did you see my proposed site?
Thats why I said not all but somewhat
Q: Users asking for scientific answers / reasons

Mr. AlienI think this is in a way duplicate to my other question here but thats for questioning and I recently hit a bump with a user where he was asking for a scientific reason. When I tried to explain that site is on hinduism and we don't answer scientifically, if they want scientific reasons, refer ot...

@Mr_Green yes and I told you that the idea is somewhat broken :) I've a bit of experience here now so I suggested you on first place that things will be redundant
1:33 PM
hehe ok let it be.. just add any questions if you have in mind as example
Ok let it be... I was just suggesting..
this goes also to @TheDictator @AnkitSharma
@Mr_Green sure I would :D if I get the concept perfectly
@TheDictator always do that :) you have freedom to do so and will be helpful
1:36 PM
I didn't do it because in a way it is different but the answers same
yeah that is why I kept question mark..
but the answers are same
ok...willl think on it later
Did we had this before? = hinduism.stackexchange.com/q/655/124
@Mr.Alien you should only answer that..
1:38 PM
@Mr_Green nah, he is a tough guy, he needs scientific reasons, I don't answer scientifically, I answer the way I was taught by our grandfather and grand mothers
that guy is asking all similar questions
I would like more scientific reason for the same. All that is said here is mainly about beliefs. But in the modern world people would like to know how these are connected scientifically. Talking to God -- by lighting a ghee deepak does not really convince ones who do not believe in these system. Looking for scientific reasons. — pritywiz 2 hours ago
read the last line
yup all are similar
I will never get convinced in a way that brahma created the whole universe
^ any reason?
1:41 PM
@Shriroop ping
for not being convinced that Brahma created the Unverse..
@Mr_Green you didn't get my point :) I said if he wants scientific reasons than no one will be convinced that brahma created universe, people will start writing scientific answers
ohh I see
1:43 PM
how will I prove him that lord ganesh has 4 hands?
even scientifically?
Q: What is the base of Hindu?

ShriroopThis question has been separated from the question "Who and What is Hindu?" on suggestion. The question revolves around the fact that every religion has a base, so what is the core principle on which Hinduism functions or is practiced by any human being, who calls him or herself a Hindu? I will...

crazy people, just dont get the point of the site
He has asked that again
1:44 PM
ya and says they are not same..
and thats why I pinged him
people are confused, we need to draft a proper help center soon
@Mr.Alien you will be mod for the first time here right?
But when moderators selection will be happening?
lol you sure that they will be selecting me as a mod?
@TheDictator in 2 weeks almost
ofcourse.. they have no other option :D
1:47 PM
hehe thnx for the trust
Haha... Yah
lol someone down voted the answer for science answers, I think people want science here
I don't know about Ankit.. he is not being active these days
@Mr_Green office work is bit tricky but i am still active here.
1:49 PM
he is busy going for dates
dates.. plural.. wow
I hope i can
@AnkitSharma I can't see your posts these days
see, omg, he leaked out my secret <--- his upcoming words
@Mr_Green weekend was very busy.....but from today i am back.
1:50 PM
I don't see a valid candidate for 3rd mod
Hahaha.... U need to mention sources gere
she won't, she is in the SO team and not a user
I think she is community moderator.. not sure
1:52 PM
who is laura......dirty jokes coming in my mind ;D
about scoda
I will give my nomination.. but I am sure I will not be selected
@AnkitSharma haha its her
Laura ♦, New York, United States
101 4
and yes, she is beautiful :)
@Mr.Alien we have a tie
nice pic
@AnkitSharma who cares, at the end, its one of us to be selected, cheers :D
@Mr_Green if you are confident to handle up the site, go ahead
1:54 PM
What about vineet?
He is intrested?
or not?
I pinged him, but it seems like he is not much active
Ive these choices in the same order
jabahar - vineet - rbk - cheenbabes - arunningbird - hims056
^ yeah they can be the third
as I told you, he down voted my answer lol
I say hims056
i will go with jabahar or vineet.....
@Mr.Alien who?
1:56 PM
yea hims056 is perfect when it comes to the knowledge of sites working
@AnkitSharma check the post
ahhh.......will check it after office......
So much work after office.......ahh.....
when you leave for home?
Stilll didn't got featured tag for election question
@Mr.Alien not fixed....depend on mood and work
shog isn't online
Should i ping someone else? robert?
1:59 PM
nope, they have their eyes on the site :)
Answer a scientific reason for this question "Why do we hang chillies and lemon outside our house"Mr. Alien 7 secs ago
actually, I am somewhat satisfied with the post of pritiwiz guy..
for example, once you had answered a question related to milking snakes.
I am not.. I feel things will really go weird once we start discussing science but feel free to upvote his answer really if you feel that he is right
the scientific reason was necessary for that post
@Mr_Green ya but there was no science behind the answer
I shared the story, I shared the truth, science is nowhere :)
i think this question can work but with restrictions and close eye
2:03 PM
And as per my observation on Movies and TV regarding idenfication question......don't allow anything which can bring trouble
once we start allowing scientific reason, we will have opinion based answers and war between reality and mythology
@Mr.Alien true..
what was that?
56 secs ago, by Ankit Sharma
And as per my observation on Movies and TV regarding idenfication question......don't allow anything which can bring trouble
thats what i am saying
@Mr_Green my sp name ;P wrong copy paste
lolz copy paste issue
2:05 PM
So i am with alien.....
@Mr.Alien don't take it personal...i still hate you :P
anyways am out of this discussion now, I don't want to piss off that user, I provided my views, I don't want to attract public and pull them on either side, let people decide and than draft the rules...
@AnkitSharma awesome, thnx :D
@Mr.Alien @Mr_Green where do you guys work?
upvote this if you feel its good -> hinduism.stackexchange.com/a/656/124
@AnkitSharma crazy web dev
rockstar web dev
i am the one who made alien go crazy :P
haha we often used to bump on similar questions
2:25 PM
@Mr.Alien what similar questions? and who is "we"?
on the main SO, as far as CSS was concerned
ahh yes I actually didn't get the point before.. hehe
you should improve your english :P
hehe ofcourse..
just kidding
2:33 PM
Grats on public beta!
thank you :)
thank you :)
and can you help me out to clear some crap over here?
You want me to take out the trash?
yes please
2:34 PM
I don't have close vote privs.
But I can edit stuff.
sigh, its bad that the crappy posts gets accumulating here...
but thanks anyways for clarifying :)
@Mr.Alien do you Surya namaskar everyday?
used to
but stopped
because of back pain
doc told me not to do that
Q: Questions will now start appearing in HNQ's. Please make questions good in appearance (yes)!

Awal GargAlright, as private beta is over, questions of the site (which get lots of activity) will now start showing in the Hot Network Questions list. Which means, they will have a lot of audience, almost the entire SE userbase. This is a very viable tool to expand the site, attract more users and ultim...

2:41 PM
hmm strange.. were you doing that 12 steps yoga surya namaskar?
standing straight hands up -> down
than body stretch
etc etc
actually they are 6
the other 6 you do the same in opposite order
The two Misters in a convo.
yes sir
hmm, site is public now?
2:46 PM
@Mr.Alien Suggested edits are disabled on meta sites. You'd need 1K rep to edit.
Q: Correct way of Surya namaskar?

Mr_GreenIt is stated in Hindu scriptures that every Hindu must do Surya namaskar. But I am confused how to do this? I always just do namaskar by facing towards east in sunlight. I know two ways of Surya namaskar but don't know which one to do always. The two ways are: 12 steps of Surya namaskar in Yog...

@Shog9 thanks for the info, I need a clean up and feature tags, are you free?
@Mr.Alien the other day, you were saying mods appear in blue name. does that mean the skull guy is a mod?
@user4972 yes he is a mod as well, but kinda super mod, as he moderates too many Stack Exchange websites
2:50 PM
hi super mod!
@Mr.Alien will be in a bit - gotta finish waking up
@Shog9 pm once you online, thanks
hmm, its a bit scary though... a super mod!
slash going through emails
3:06 PM
Hi vishal @user4972
long time
3:22 PM
1 hour ago, by Mr. Alien
@AnkitSharma crazy web dev
just add .com to check. what about you?
I am turning like you :p
I saw that in your fb page but just asked
@Mr_Green is it ok if i set rss feeds in our facebook page.
OMG 624 views for this post
Q: Why Hindus remove their footwear before entering temples?

Mr. AlienWhy is that people don't wear shoes and sandals when they visit a temple? Sometimes they remove outside of temple premises and sometimes outside of the temple steps... Its a common practice amongst Hindu people whenever they visit a dharmik sthal/temple, so whats the reason behind removing footw...

3:25 PM
@Mr_Green if i am not wrong then you have 2 fb profiles.
I think Mr. Alien invited aliens too
yeah true.. hehe
one family and other company
I love alien but not the gujju one :P
So i will love to see other
I hate gujju aliens too.. hehe
I think he is listening ;)
2 mins ago, by Ankit Sharma
@Mr_Green is it ok if i set rss feeds in our facebook page.
ya sure
didn't check that msg.. hehe
3:28 PM
@AnkitSharma All you need to know about me -> decodingweb.com/cv
k will do it after diner because i forgot how to do that ;) need to research again
someone should abduct him/froze his account untill this mod elections over.. and then leave him
@Mr.Alien i love abducting aliens.....done this with 3 yet
But its secret
@Mr.Alien nice cv.. HR will fall in love with you
@Mr.Alien marathi....gud .....i doesn't even know my own mother-tounge ...lol
@Mr_Green human-alien marriages are prohibited as per hinduism :P
So no profit for this kind of love :P
3:32 PM
@AnkitSharma don't* and hehe don't abduct me
@Mr_Green did already, got an offer from Booking.com, yes the one who advertises here
@Mr.Alien ohhh great.....so are you interested ?
@AnkitSharma nope, I dont want to go for a job currently
thanks for giving opputunity for other devs
3:35 PM
lol I am no special
not special but good in front end field I say :)
thank you :)
A: Correct way of Surya namaskar?

pritywizThe video Learn the 12 Steps of Surya Namaskar shows how surya namaskar is done in yoga. There are 12 mantras chanted along with the poses, they are listed in the following image

^ How to say this guy that the link can broke in future?
ohh its the same guy with whom I debated over science
I won't get in the fuzz
Then i love this user :p
Give him few bounties ;D
3:45 PM
even I don't.. I had commented as being your side in meta question
ok bye leaving for now.. lets meet tomorrow morning.. shubh rathri :)
i will be back after dinner
Feed not working :(
Wil try something else
@Mr.Alien ok - what's up?
need some crap clearance ..
umm I think that would suffice for now, rest was mod questions but I think you guys are going to take a different approach for this particular site
and that was pretty quick, thnx

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