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9:23 AM
Q: Are shudras and women not allowed to chant Aum i.e Pranava?

AyusAre shudras and women not allowed to chant aumkara? I heard many purohits and one great saint say that. Is there any scriptural basis? Please give the reference of scripture for such injunctions. I heard that Kulanava Tantra says so, but don't know any reference.

Q: What are the Mangal Dosh Remedies ? To avoid Mangal Dosh, adopt these 5 measures today, your luck will change!

ANU SAINIn astrology, the main reason for changes in the horoscope is considered to be the movement of the planets. The movement of all nine planets directly impacts the life of a person. Mars is also one of these planets. The defects arising due to Mars are known as [Manglik Dosh]. 1 Manglik Dosh is con...

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11:04 AM
Q: What is 8 mukhi rudraksha?

Harekrishna MartThe sacred bead known as the 8 Mukhi Rudraksha Benefits has eight different facets, or "mukhis," on its surface. The blessings of Lord Ganesha, the obstacle-buster, are symbolized by each of his facets. This spiritual treasure is highly regarded for its capacity to improve focus, lessen stress, a...

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3:40 PM
Q: Shreemat Bhagavat mahapuran

Abhinav VermaWhy shreemat Bhagavat mahapuran says that vyas who is the son of satyavati and rishi parashar appear before Shree ram in skand 1 chapter -3

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5:21 PM
Q: What should be next for community events?

SpencerGRecently, we announced the end of Winter/Summer Bash. I posted an answer there, sharing that I was tasked with looking into what could be next to bring the community together. To that end, we would love to hear about what kinds of network-wide events you would enjoy. We don’t have a concrete dire...


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