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12:31 AM
Q: Is Mayasura a Daitya or Danava? What is the important difference between these two groups?

Rubellite YakṣīIn Mahabharata, Mayasura is said to be the architect of the Daityas. But, in Bhagavata Purana Mayasura is called the Danava King (Canto 5, Chapter 24, Verse 28). Surely there must be some significance to there even being two Asura clans called Daityas & Danavas, or those names and their descendan...

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6:37 AM
@TheLittleNaruto I am well. Sorry for my delayed reply. It's been a very busy time for me.
I came to chat the other day because I wanted some assistance understanding a vision I had the other day. Where I live it is impossible to find guru. The only South Asians I have met here are either Christian or university students who aren't interested in talking about Sanatana Dharma
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8:59 AM
@RubelliteYakṣī No problem! I understand.
@RubelliteYakṣī Yeah majority of Christians live in South Asia India.
@RubelliteYakṣī If it's okay for you, you can share the vision you had.
So, let me first say that I have aphantasia. This means that if I imagine something I cannot actually see an image of that thing in my mind. For example, if I imagine an apple, I know if it is red or green, but there is no colour. There is no shape. In my mind there is no images at all, just the concept.
But this vision was as real as the things on my desk right now
I was in disbelief when I first saw it and opened my eyes and it was not there. But each time I closed my eyes again, it was there, very vivid. And if I looked in a different place with my eyes closed the vision remained in front of my eyes like it was in front of me and "wanted" me to look
So, it was very geometric. There were several versions of the same thing, about the size of plates, in a honeycomb pattern. but all of them were faded colours and blurry except the "main one"
Does this make sense?
Like multiple hexagons connected in a hex-grid
When it started happening?
anyway, after experimenting by opening my eyes or looking in different directions I finally stared into the "main" one and watched.
New Years Eve
9:11 AM
Were you doing something before it actually happened?
So, the content of this main image was this:
very deep blackness that seemed very far away, but coming out of this blackness towarn me were two very geometric .... things? that were twisted around each other
one was brilliant purple and the other was bright green. the colours were so vivid
and they were wrapped around each other and rotating
very slowly rotating counterclockwise
I can't find an image to describe the shape, but it reminded me of the caduceus
two serpents wrapped around each other though, no stick in the middle
but they weren't smoot like snakes, very geometric
Kind of like this, but not really: i.pinimg.com/originals/26/e3/b5/…
because it was 3D and pointing at me, but not getting any closer or further away, just rotating
You didn't answer my question ^^
oh, one second, I was finishing my description
Ohk go on!
and I felt that they were snakes, I guess because the part closest to me was largest, like a head of a snake, but they didn't have eyes or mouths, so I can't say they were snakes, but I just had the feeling that they were. And I can't really say they were "conscious" but it still felt like they were staring at me and wanted me to stare at them
And after a while of looking my memory went blank, so I don't know what happened
But after I felt a sense of shame or maybe embarrassment
9:19 AM
A sense of shame?
So, I tried to find info on meanings of green & pruple and snakes, but I could not find much info except about fear. But I wasn't afraid at all. I just felt.... wonder and amazement
@TheLittleNaruto yes, but only after I became aware again
like aware of what was going on around me in the real world. And the vision went away and I had that emotional response
But during the vision I only felt pleasant
@RubelliteYakṣī That's fine.
Now back to my question...
@TheLittleNaruto Yes, I was hanging out with my friends who are my coworkers. We were smoking hookah, like we normally do, and hanging out before midnight of the new year
And I asked them what happened and they said I didn't do anything shameful, but that I was just being funny saying random words and they thought it was funny
@RubelliteYakṣī smoking hookah? May be it was just a hangover?
I get hangovers from drinking alcohol, which is why I don't like to drink it. It makes my head hurt a lot. I never experienced something like this before
I think... I think my subconcious wanted me to pay attention to something. I think it showed me something and maybe it was hypnotizing me so I could see it. But then, whatever I saw I couldn't remember afterward.
9:25 AM
hookah have tobacco.
@TheLittleNaruto Yes, I work at a hookah lounge, so I'm used to tobacco
Vision may not come just like that imho!
Okay, well anyway, I did see something, so I was trying to figure out why they seemed like luminous geometric snakes wrapped around each other. Since I don't have any special feeling about snakes (I don't hate or fear them like many people, but I also don't particularly like them either) I was most confused about why this would come out of my mind
And I started reading about Nagas, but they were nothing like this
So maybe something to do with kundalini, but I have never heard of it associated with a vision
I tried to draw the shape just now, but I realized it's impossible to draw because...... how do I explain.... when something is in the distance it is smaller than what is close to you, so the part in front should obscure the part behind, but I could see the distant part coming out of the darkness and the near part didn't obscure it. But it was all in the "center" of the hexagon, no going in one direction. So, it's not a shape that can be represented in 2D or 3D 🤔
Oh, also when my eyes were open it was like I was looking through a curtain or a fence. I could easily see through it, but it was like something was between my eyes and reality. Like a veil
this kind of shape. very faint
but when I closed my eyes it was more vivid that reality
So anyway, I thought maybe someone on here, especially you, would know something about the meaning of seeing geometric "serpents"
Do you think it was about temptation toward something bad?
Or were they trying to show me something I had buried in my memory that I hid from myself?
Or show me something I should know about or teach something good?
Since the next 15 minutes or so went blank I don't know what I saw after. So the only thing I can try to figure it out from is that part I described
9:55 AM
@TheLittleNaruto Did you give up??
10:32 AM
@RubelliteYakṣī No! Sorry I had a meeting.
@RubelliteYakṣī If I were you, I would not think about it more. I would rather focus on dhyAna.
Like I said, the vision you're talking about, may not be the vision you're thinking. It could be because of tobacco.
Also tobacco things must be avoided by sAdhaka unless it is part of sAdhanA.
ततश्चाप्युत्तमं जन्म लब्ध्वा चेन्द्रियसौष्ठवम्।
न वेत्त्यात्महितं यस्तु स भवेत् आत्मघातकः।।
।। १७।।
Obtaining a superior birth and bestwed with, a beautiful set of motor and sensory organs one who does not understand the best of his interests is like the one who is self-slayer.
@RubelliteYakṣī ^
10:50 AM
For one, I already know it is rajas. I do not claim to be perfect
For another, tobacco doesn't do anything like visions or hallucinations
I was hoping to get some insight into meaning and symbolism, not a lecture about not being good enough
@RubelliteYakṣī :D
Sorry Rubellite!
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12:57 PM
Q: Is there any instance of rape described in the Itihasa or Purana?

Amritendu MukhopadhyaySome say rape is a western thing and got introduced in India due to western influence. I was wondering whether any instance of rape was mentioned in Puranas or Itihasas. By the way, I am not interested in whether rape is right or wrong, what are the punishments prescribed, whether it is condemned...

1:32 PM
Q: Where does one live after getting moksha?

riverWhere does one live after getting moksha . Some say - Baikunth , some say Go-loka . What is the truth ?

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4:50 PM
@TheLittleNaruto - hey , hows it going ? I was about to ask you about this new user Raghav but now I see he got suspended. I see my latest answer got two downvotes . Do we get reputation points lost due to downvotes back if the member who downvoted gets suspended
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6:39 PM
Q: Why do Telugu Hindus consume chicken on Kanuma (festival)?

Rangu Ram NareshHere is the newspaper article saying chicken prices touches the roof on Kanuma (festival) Wikipedia didn't mention anything related to this. Why do Telugu Hindus consume chicken on specific festival i.e Kanuma (festival)? Is there any backstory to it?


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