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7:31 AM
Q: What is the birth-time, birth-date, birth-place (and possibly birth-chart) of this site?

TezzIs it possible to get the date and time this site 'Hinduism Stack Exchange' was formed? Also is it possible to know where the servers are located? We might be able to form a birth chart for our site based on all this information. Pieces of information needed are: Date of the formation Time of th...

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9:12 AM
Q: Are there any proofs in Hindu Scriptures as well as cited by scholars that Shudras might have / can read Vedas?

Sethu Srivatsa KoduruCan there be any proofs from Hindu Scriptures where we could say that Shudras read Vedas ?

3 hours later…
12:08 PM
Q: The future of Community Promotion, Open Source, and Hot Network Questions Ads

JNatIt's now May, and if Community Promotion or Open Source Ads are something you care about, you may have noticed that there hasn't been a 2021 refresh yet. In case you missed this post, please check it out for some details about why the refresh was pushed back, and why a project around the rethinki...

Q: Why does ramakrishna say god need the help of vedas to create preser, and destroy?

Dark Knight The whole body of supersensuous truths, having no beginning or end, and called by the name of the Vedas, is ever-existent. The Creator Himself is creating, preserving, and destroying the universe with the help of these truths. According to Ramakrishna God needs the help of vedas to do things. W...

12:34 PM
Q: Do Sanskrit literature is really oldest?

Pasham Vishnu Vardhan GoudDo Sanskrit literature is oldest ? The history is showing proofs that Sanskrit literature is only in 1st century But Hebrew literature is 10th century B.C.E But we are saying that our puranas are written in 5000 B.C.E. years ago Then any inscriptions are there in Sanskrit which is oldest 5000 B.C.E

Q: Is Krishna still in hell according to Jains? Which Raakshasi vidyaa (demonic knowledge) do Jains use according to Anoop Mandal?

R. KaushikAccording to few people associated to Anoop Mandal, Jains are creating all kinds of problems in the world like environmental degradation, diseases and women turning into men. Please go to this link to see some of what they are alleging - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AdkB50HFrss This is suppos...

1:24 PM
Q: Do some Shaiva sects think that Rudra is different from Shiva?

IkshvakuI have heard from some Shaivas that Shiva is another being from Rudra. They say that Rudra is tamasic whereas Shiva is sattvic. Is this really what some Shaiva scriptures say?

1:49 PM
Q: When kalyug will end then yug cycle again rotate to Satya-yuga then what will happen like Shree Ramji take avtar?

Ravindra KushwahaAs we are living in the Kaliyuga when it will become end then again yug cycle rotate to Satya-yug. Then my question is that then there will be same leela of my god like they will take avtar of Lord Ram, Lord shyam in their respective yuga. Please resolve my curiosity. Thanks Hare Krishna

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3:05 PM
Q: Glorifying others as a bad act

hanugmConsider the following statements of Sisupala from Mahbharatha. O king, what can be done by me when (it seemeth) thou hast not heard anything before from virtuous old men giving lessons in morality? Hast thou never heard, O Bhishma, that reproach and glorification, both of self and others, are n...

3:31 PM
Q: Are the human sacrifice based practises by "tantrika babas" a part of any tantra system, as popularly shown in the tv shows?

ViviktaSeveral Indian tv shows have portrayed the popular trope of a "tântrik guy" performing some rituals and ultimately sacrificing a human, especially a Child. In fact, occasionally one can read these kinds of news itself, in real, when a human was apparently sacrificed by a tantrik baba, as part of ...

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4:47 PM
Q: Which 4 Vishnu / Vaishnava Puranas are called Tamasic and not meant for Brahmins?

R. KaushikSholkas 45-50 in the 2nd Adhyaya of Sambhav Khand which is part of Shiv Rahasya Khand of Sankara Samhita of Skanda MahaPurana, plainly state that the 10 Shaiva Puranas are Sattavik and 4 Vishnu Puranas are Tamasic. दशशैव पुराणानि सात्विकानि विदुर्भुदः वैष्णवानि च चत्वारि तामसानि मुनिश्वरः। Mo...


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