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Pure sattva doesnt guarantee enlightenment although it's good quality that can progress faster in your quest to seek The absolute Brahman
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@TheLittleNaruto namaste
4:37 AM
Q: Why Krishna Yajur Veda is contrdicting RV 10:53:4?

Sanatan DarshanKrishna Yajur Veda prohibit a shudra to perform sacrifice. was created, the Vairaja Saman, of men the Çudra, of cattle the horse. Therefore the two, the horse and the Çudra, are dependent on others. Therefore the Çudra is not fit for the sacrifice, for he was not created after any gods. ...

5:18 AM
@ParabrahmanJyoti Kalai vannakkam
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6:35 AM
Q: What exactly is Abhinava Anyatha Khyati of Madhwas?

Mr Green GoldKhhyativada is the theory of error in Hindu an Indic philosophies There are eight other Khyatis (Refer for detailed information) Atma-Khyati A-Khyati Sadasat-khyati Anirvachniya-khyati Asat-Khyati Anyatha-khyati Sat-Khyati Viaparita-khyati But then the Madhwas introduced a novel idea ca...

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8:07 AM
Q: When are you born a Hindu?

Micky von EagaliaWell so my question is, when are you born a Hindu? So must a parent be Hindu or both? (Like in Judaism where the mother must be jew in order the child to be too) does this exist in Hinduism? If no, how do we know that we're Hindus?

8:33 AM
Q: Is Advaita Siddhi in English available online?

Mr Green GoldIs Complete Advaita Siddhi in English by AnantaKrishna Shastri or any other author available online? Its all in Sanskrit. If yes, please provide the link.

9:23 AM
Q: Did Madhusudhana Saraswathi, in his Advaitha Siddhi depart and deviate from the opinions of Adi Shankaracharya regarding Advaita philosophy?

Mr Green GoldBNK Sharma, a well known scholar and author belonging to Dwaita school of Vedanta has written this in his book Advaita Siddhi vs Nyayamrita, an up to date appraisal. Here's the excerpt Is this true? Afaik Madhusudhana Saraswathi is one of the orthodox Advaiti, and other Advaitins would consider ...

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12:33 PM
Q: What is Akhyati vada of Prabhakara school and how does it compare with Anirvacaniya khyati of Advaitins?

Mr Green GoldHere, this is what's said of Akhyati Vada A-Khyati Advocated by Prabhakara school of Purva-Mimamsa. Does not admit of error in the logical sense. No logical distinction between knowledge and error. Believe in intrinsic validity of knowledge. So, all knowledge is valid per se and error...

1:22 PM
Q: Is the atman in every being eternally unique and fundamentally individual?

MatkoIn the Gita Krishna uses the word soul seemingly ambiguously, as it might be taken to mean the universal soul in the first few chapters, and the individual soul in the later chapters when he is describing a "rare soul" that realise its universal aspects. Is the innermost essence of every being al...

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3:21 PM
posted on April 18, 2021 by Pasham Vishnu Vardhan Goud

Can any one keep translation of Devi bhagavatam 4:20:36-37

Q: Do Devi bhagavatam as interpolation?

Pasham Vishnu Vardhan GoudDo Devi bhagavatam as interpolation Do any one maked commentary on it

3:43 PM
Q: What is the source of the claim, that the Vedas are 1960000000 years?

Dark KnightMost hindus claim that vedas are 1960000000 year old, What is the source of this claim, can this claim be found in the Vedas or upanishades?

Q: What Devi bhagavatam 4:20:36 tells?

Pasham Vishnu Vardhan GoudWhat Nilakanth explain to Devi bhagavatam 4:20:36-37 and translation that commentary [Devi bhagavatam 4:20:36-37] : O King! When Mahādeva, being infatuated with Kāma, went into the forest of Bhṛgu and becoming naked, began to copulate, the ascetic Bhṛgu, seeing him in that state, exclaimed “O Yo...

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5:38 PM
Q: How can consciousness and or Brahman be attached to maya?

EzioIm confused by the whole mechanism of enlightenment or self realization. If one's self is actually the universal self or bhahman which is beyond maya how can it get attached to it?


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