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1:42 AM
Q: Kaekayi's background

Nipun Joshia) Where can I read in detail about Dashrath's wife Kaekayi , her background and the battles she fought along side. b) There is also a legend that she already knew about Ram's purpose so and was persuaded to play her part by Agastya Rishi and Vishwamitra. What is the source of this?

11 hours later…
1:00 PM
Q: Which scripture talks about 'Hreem' bija mantra other than Devi bhagvatam? I am talking about Hreem/Devi Pranava/Tantrokt Paranava

Devi DasIn devi bhagvat I saw some description of Devi Pranava Hreem.But those were not sufficient. I want to know the power of Hreem. And what does it can do. I want to destroy all of my sins of every birth. How much crores of Hreem mantra jap shall be sufficient for this?

3 hours later…
3:31 PM
Q: Isn't the decision that this question is opinion based itself an answer to this question?

Aupakarana AbhibhaaI asked this question on how is someone supposed to know their own varna. It got closed because it was deemed opinion based. However, is the decision that this question is opinion based not an answer to the question itself? If the methods used to classify your own varna are based on opinion, you ...

7 hours later…
10:13 PM
Q: Uttanka was student of Gautama or Veda?

KanthriIn Adi Parva of Mahabharata it is detailed that Uttanka was disciple of Veda, who was disciple of Dhaumya. Here the story explains how he tried to get the earring from king Paushya's wife; Takskaka takes away the ring and so on. In Ashwameda parva, Uttanka is disciple of Gautama. Ahalya asks for ...


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