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4:52 AM
Q: What is the procedure to carry out temple renovations or relocation?

Carmen sandiegoI read that a lot of temples have been demolished in Kashi in an effort to make the place visitor friendly. And that the same temples are now being relocated elsewhere in the kashi kshetra I would like to know what scriptures say about this. Whats the procedure to follow to renovate/relocate temp...

5:16 AM
Q: How many Gitas are there?

Amritendu MukhopadhyayWe all know about Srimad Bhagavad Gita. Naively, I thought this was the only Gita we have. But, to my surprise, yesterday I found "The Song of the Goddess - Devi Gita". This is basically the last 10 chapters (31-40) of the 7th Canto of the Devi Bhagavad Purana. This is a canonical Sakta text. But...

6:06 AM
Q: In Advaita, what is space, time and causation and how do they operate in relation to Brahman?

The Crimson UniverseFirstly, i would be thankful if someone provides me a simple explanation of space, time and causation. Secondly, Vivekananda said in his books, that Brahman, the Absolute has become the universe by coming through space, time and causation. Then again he says, in Brahman the Absolute there is no s...

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2:46 PM
Q: Questions relating to shakti peetha--matabajreshwari temple in Kangra

sumatraboy1.There are some legends that there is a mysterious rock which would radiate lights during nights in old Kangra town, I wonder if this shakti pitha was located on a huge rock? 2.According to some legends, there is also a scared spring water in the north of the old kangra town, I guess the sacred...

4 hours later…
6:54 PM
Q: Why there are many wedding at night?

Talk is Cheap Show me CodeWhat is actual behind having wedding at late night? Is it because of better muhurta? or is there any historical or cultural reason or it is based on some scriptural advice?


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