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2:31 AM
Q: What was guru tradition of Sridhara Swami?

vcx34178Are there any references of guru tradition of Sridhara Swami (commentator of Bhagavatam)? I did not find any information on him, his life etc., besides some blogs such as https://gaudiyascripture.blogspot.com/2019/10/srimad-bhagavatam-sridhar-swami-commentary.html

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4:12 AM
Q: why is adultery allowed in kamasutra?

green parkAdultery The Kamasutra, states the Indologist and Sanskrit literature scholar Ludo Rocher, discourages adultery but then devotes "not less than fifteen sutras (1.5.6–20) to enumerating the reasons (karana) for which a man is allowed to seduce a married woman". Vatsyayana mentions different types ...

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12:31 PM
> Once Goddess Parvati asked Lord Shiva: "What is Videha
mukti (state of emptiness)?"

Lord Shiva said, "It is like a life without a head. You only
do your business by following the flow of nature. You do not desire anything because you feel nothing. Your mind
can no longer deceive you by showing you pleasant and delightful mortal objects. This does not mean that you are blind! You can see everything, but you see the true nature of this mortal realm, so you do not get attached to these things. You just do your job like a machine. Nature, which is nothing but You, mine Beloved, she uses this
> Hearing this, Goddess Parvati said, "What does this
Videha look like? Is she invisible? Is she like a ghost?"

Shiva replied, "No, Darling. She is not a ghost or invisible.
She is somewhere in between."

Parvati said: "O Lord of the entire universe! Please show
me this state of Videha! I cannot understand this!"

Shiva smiled at Devi and said: "Then look, my beloved!"
> And then He showed the headless but perfect form of a man holding a trident and a skull cup. He sat on a lotus
and was red in color. He had three eyes on his chest and
his navel was his mouth. The hair on his body was an
eyebrow and a mustache. He was very handsome, but it was scary to look at him.

Devi was surprised to see her Beloved in this form. She was frightened. But Lord Shiva told her, "Oh my beloved! Do not be afraid! I am not a ghost. I am in a state of emptiness. My love, this form of mine is known as" Kabandha. "I have attained this state only by serving Your lotus feet. Reme
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4:21 PM
Q: What is purification process of chandala to change to shudra?

Pasham Vishnu Vardhan GoudHow chandala change his varna to shudra ? What purification process is mentioned in scripture ?

4:46 PM
Q: If Siva has five faces, then why Statues of Siva has only one?

Amritendu MukhopadhyayDoes Siva have five faces (Panchanana)? Is there any scriptural reference? If he has five faces, then why do the statues (Murtis) of Siva have only one face? What happened to the other four faces?

5:11 PM
Q: Should a person discuss his income with his family? if yes, should he disclose to his and inlaws, if no, what are the benefits of not disclosing?

Pradeep AcharyaI have seen families making fun of low income individuals and also the respect given to higher income family members. Upto what extent a family should know the income of individuals and, what are the pros and cons. Seeking answers according to dharma and duties to be followed in such situations

3 hours later…
8:33 PM
Q: Bhishma departed on Astami?

KanthriBhishma astami is celebrated on Magha Shukla Astami as the day he departed. However Mahabharata says: O Yudhishthira, the lunar month of Magha has come. This is, again, the lighted fortnight and a fourth part of it ought by this (according to my calculations) be over. māgho 'yaṃ samanuprāpto m...


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