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2:46 AM
Q: How do you counter Sammohanastra?

Fun lifeArjuna used Sammohanastra in Virat army that put the Kuru army to sleep. Sammohanastra is a weapon that puts an enemy to sleep. If somebody hurled agneyastraor fire weapon, then you counter attack with varunastra or water weapon. How do you counter Sammohanastra?

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12:48 PM
Q: What are the characteristics and verses of the Devi Bhagavata Purana mentioned by Bhaskararaya?

AdiyarkkuBhaskararaya was a great Sri Vidya Acharya from Southern India. Being from the same Sampradaya as Adi Shankaracharya, (whom he credits with spreading the Sampradaya in his Guptavati Bhashya on Sri Durga Saptashati), he was an ardent upholder of Advaita, which is evident from his reference to the ...

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2:03 PM
Q: Why was Jayadratha pardoned by Draupadi and the Pandavas when he tried to kidnap Draupadi?

Fun lifeJayadratha unsuccessfully tried to kidnap Draupadi while they were in their exile. The Pandavas caught him and saved Draupadi. Why was Jayadratha pardoned, only to be the cause of Abhimanyu's death later in war?

2:28 PM
Q: Which bow is more powerful? Sharanga or Gandiva?

Fun lifeSharanga bow is wielded by Vishnu and his avatars Parashurama and Krishna. Gandiva bow was used by Arjuna. Gandiva was said to have been created by Brahma himself. Both of them were said to be powerful bows. Which bow is more powerful?

2:53 PM
posted on October 23, 2021 by Fun life

Mahadeva told Arjuna that if Pashupatasra was used against a weak enemy, it may consume the world. https://www.sacred-texts.com/hin/m03/m03040.htm Bhava replied, 'O powerful one. I will give to thee that favourite weapon of mine called the Pasuputa. O son of Pandu, thou art capable of holding, hurling, and withdrawing it. Neither the chief himself of the gods, nor Yama, nor the k

3:18 PM
Q: Is there any mention of Adhika Masa in Mahabharata War?

Mr Green GoldThe online debate for dating Mahabharata is going strong between 3067 BCE and 5561 BCE groups on Twitter and YouTube. Both these years conjecture that there was an Adhika Masa during the year of Mahabharata War. But are there any explicit mentions of Adhika masa during Mahabharata War or any m...

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4:59 PM
Q: How did Bhishma know about the secret of Karna's birth?

Fun lifeKarna visited Bhishma when he is on the bed of arrows on the tenth day of the war after war is over for the day and Bhishma said he knew about Karna's birth. How did he know about Karna's birth if people said that Kunti kept the birth of Karna asecret?

5:24 PM
Q: What is the punishment for showing or watching other people naked?

RahulWhat is the punishment given to men or women who shows their naked body to other people or men or women who watch it. What is the punishment for to talking sexual subjects with other people? What happens if both are married and when both are unmarried. Things are changed nowadays as people do thi...

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6:39 PM
Q: How did Vyasa become immortal?

Fun lifeVyasa is one of the 7 chiranjeevis or immortals. He is considered to be the author of Mahabharata. How did he become immortal?

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9:34 PM
Q: Did Ravana ever attack Ayodhya in his lifetime?

Fun lifeAyodhya is the city where Rama was born and Ravana was said to have expanded Lanka. Did he attack Ayodhya in his lifetime?

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10:48 PM
Q: What does Ashwathama mean by this sentence? Why was Ashwathama unslayable along with Kripa?

Fun lifehttps://www.sacred-texts.com/hin/m08/m08088.htm Then Drona's son, catching hold of Duryodhana's hand, and adopting a soothing tone, addressed thy son, saying, "Be gratified, O Duryodhana! Make peace with the Pandavas. There is no need for quarrel. Fie on war! The preceptor, conversant with the mi...


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