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1:06 AM
Q: Who is Maghavat?

K Vickneshvara It is written in the Adi Parva of the Mahabharata that: Then those Indras, of their shorn glory said, 'We shall go from our celestial regions even unto the region of men where salvation is ordained to be difficult of acquisition. But let the gods Dharma, Vayu, Maghavat, and the twin Aswins be...

10 hours later…
11:03 AM
Q: Why are we so sure about everything while commenting or answering?

iammilindIn spirituality, we can't be assured like maths. Many times, there is a sense of "statement" in our comments & answers. We state them as of that's the ultimate truth for sure. e.g. Recently, I came across a user who posted an answer in Quora which related "BrahmA --> Rajas" & "Rudra --> Tamas"...

2 hours later…
12:57 PM
Q: Who is Shamalla Devi?

K Vickneshvara This goddess,Shamallaa Devi, is worshipped by Tamils in Batam,Indonesia.Can someone give eme her story?Does it have any scriptural basis or is it folklore?Please clear my doubts.

5 hours later…
5:59 PM
Q: Curse(s) on Gyatri

YogiIn some sandhyavandan books there is a procedure known as Gayatri shrapvimochan/Gayatri Curse removal (गायत्री श्रप्विमोचन ), and it has 4 curse removal steps 1) Bramha Shrapvimochan (ब्रह्मा श्रप्विमोचन) 2) Vashistha Shrapvimochan (वशिष्ठ श्रप्विमोचन) 3) Vishwamitra Shrapvimochan...


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