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8:40 AM
@RoryAlsop My take is this. I really like the taste of tofu. I enjoy it in my miso soup, and I enjoy it grilled with some sauce. I like it for what it is.
But what I dislike is when they try to turn it into something that it isn't.
@MechMK1 Absolutely - if I liked the taste of tofu I'd be the same
I mean, I tried a few "meat alternatives" since my grandmother had a vegetarian phase for a while
Some were tofu-based, some were mushroom based I believe, some were I don't even know what those were
@MechMK1 I'd rather have a vegetarian dinner than "meat alternative" dinner
But none of them tasted like meat
Yeah absolutely! There are countless vegetarian things you can have.
Also one weird thing I encountered is that some vegetarians claim that eggs are forbidden - the reason being because the eggs result in a high death rate for male chicken
When it comes to eggs, I do buy the ones where they keep them alive, but they're quite a bit more expensive
9:14 AM
@J.J Good morning! How's it going?
I am not too bad thanks. Got a very long and futile meeting soon... How about yourself?
@MechMK1 For everything you can think of there will always be someone who says it is "forbidden" :)
@ConorMancone I mean, sure. I just found it strange how widespread it is. Perhaps it's also just a local phenomenon too
9:27 AM
I've never actually heard that one myself, so it could be more local, or it could just be that you just happened to run into a bunch of such people, or I've just missed them
9:42 AM
Who knows?
I am not too bothered if someone says they don't want to eat eggs.
Don't get me wrong, I always buy the eggs where they say they keep the males alive. While I can't prove that they do, I certainly hope it's true
Eggs are funny things though - there are so many options! Vegan eggs, cage free eggs, free range eggs, and (now) "males kept alive" eggs. You can match your "justice level" to your desired price point.
We usually stop at cage free/free range
Oh yeah, organic eggs, antibiotic free eggs
I want "grown by a vat of yeast" eggs, but can't find them in my local store
Vegan Eggs?
I like the vegan hot dog of Ikea. I guess it's the same world wild. They don't try to make it taste like meat, but it tastes very good, and way better than their "meat" one (that taste more like plastic than meat).
I would try it, but I can't resist the Panzerotti....
God they are so gooooood!!!!
Vegan eggs are eggs laid by chicken that only eat seeds/grains. In a lot of factory farming (at least in the US) they get feed that often uses less-desirable chicken parts as filler
9:50 AM
Is that even legal here?
I just tried to google that and now I'm wondering if I made that up. Naturally when I google "vegan eggs" all I find are plant-based egg substitutes
I know importing poultry from the US is illegal here in the EU.
I'm not crazy. Here's an article although it carries a strong slant, so I wouldn't read too much into this article. It may be accurate, it may not, but mainly the idea of "vegan eggs" as I described it is a thing in the US.
I know that chicken farms here pride themselves in not having huge amounts of chicken
And that they let their chicken run outside, where they forage for food
That's why the eggs are more expensive: Because they simply can't upscale, as it would come at a reduced quality-of-life for the animals
Demand is met by having many different local farms
Oh hey, the article points the same thing out
Just let chickens be outside doing the thing they have done since 1823, when chickens were invented by Thomas R. Chick.
10:20 AM
A: Cryptographically prove open sourced source code of server

MechMK1This is essentially an impossible task. If you have read Ken Thompson's "Reflections on Trusting Trust", then you already know everything I am about to say. If not, please keep reading: Imagine I publish an open-source project, that is written in some language, and simply takes input and returns ...

Can't wait for someone to crack that hash :D
10:51 AM
@MechMK1 have you left a wee easter egg?
@RoryAlsop Mhm, of course I did. I can't put a sha-256 hash somewhere without making an easter egg
@MechMK1 heh
I assume you cracked it already :D
@MechMK1 haven't had a chance, sadly - am in meeting
I'll get John on it soon
It's not too long of course :D
11:55 AM
My app to reverse the hash found nothing (I use google).
OK... You know you could have just used AD505B0BE8A49B89273E307106FA42133CBD804456724C5E7635BD953215D92A.
Why the circumlocution?
@MechMK1 benis? what is that?
You don't know Spurdo Spärde?
It's just a silly way of saying "penis"
Because I have a BSc., but also the mental capacity of a 7 year old
Spurdo Spärde? never heard of it... maybe I am too latinamerican to know
so, this was a "crack the hash and get a benis" competition
I won't put that on my linkedin, for sure...
12:39 PM
Spurdo Spärde is a finnish meme of a smiling bear
Usually, when people write as Spurdo, they change all hard-sounding consonants to their soft-sounding counterparts
so "fuck" becomes "fugg", "penis" becomes "benis"
It became a bit infamous because it's just soo annoying do lisen do someone sbeag lige dis
I'm puzzled by this question, and the two answers given so far
A: Can here be SQL Injection

reedYour program might not be vulnerable because of some restrictions you have (maybe the variables cannot be changed by any user input), however I still think you are using prepared statements incorrectly. Prepared (or parametrized) statements are meant to be used with "parameters" in order to be se...

IMO the answers are either wrong, or are missing the most important point: the OP is not even using parameters in their parametrized/prepared statement
So I have written my answer, I hope I'm not wrong
that question is weird...
I just noticed I linked my answer, however I'm referring to the whole thread (questions and answers)
It's not really that weird
The guy uses PDO wrong and just happens to be secure by coincidence
select with fields from a variable won't work unless both tables have the same fields
12:45 PM
ok, so I was right. I was just puzzled that no one had pointed that out yet, and the other answers also had votes (plus one answer by a guy with over 20k points).
for example, if table1 is (int, int, char(12)), table2 must be the same...
@ThoriumBR That could be the case though
Reminds me of the "data of different customers go into different tables"
or different databases...
That feeling you get... when you open a website, it doesn't load everything you want it to load, so you click on NoScript to see what needs to be enabled, and you find 18 different domains in the list
(that's what happens when you open knowyourmeme)
Some websites are a disgusting bunch of scripts, they load stuff from tens of different domains
ads, tracking, more ads, more tracking...
12:54 PM
Ghostery and uBlock Origin catch most of it
that reminds me to reinstall noscript... got a new computer and forgot to reinstall it...
I have uBlock origin installed
@reed I put one there too...
I think I now understand what the OP is trying to do, the original question was confusing. Basically they need to construct the query dynamically, so variables are needed. However they need to make sure no user input can end up in those variables
not even indirectly, in any case
1:12 PM
uMatrix blocks all of it (by the author of uBlock Origin)
one day I would like to write my own browser extension for privacy and security, reinventing the wheel
Real men do not use browser, they interpret HTML in their head and decrypt TLS by hand.
I sometimes use links to access some sites... most of the internet cannot be rendered on it, but some sites render pretty nicely on it
There are websites that waste up to 30% of my CPU for nothing, either for background videos, gifs, or cool canvas animations.
or loading ads, or other crap that is not needed. I wish everything was still plain text and images
sometimes I turn off NoScript, and I'm like "Whoa, is this really what the web looks like to normal people? Disgusting"
BTW, if you waste 30% of the CPU just for cool animations, I think you should go to jail for crimes against the planet earth
1:35 PM
noscript installed again...
2:00 PM
This reminds me of a talk about why you don't need jquery
The speaker said "Plus it costs 4 Joules. Who cares about 4 joules? Your mobile users with limited battery life do"
every time I need to code something in JS, I go to youmightnotneedjquery.com
sometimes it cannot be helped, but for a lot of things, jquery is overkill
Although I put my AWS server behind cloudflare, the server's ip is still visible in DNS history sites like securitytrails.com. Is it worth changing the sever's ip address to make it more difficult for people to find the server's true ip?
you could, it's not a difficult change
2:16 PM
jquery IMO is needed because of those damn differences between browsers, even though now that IE is almost completely dead, things might be better
Front-end coding is probably the worst kind of coding. You are coding for browsers that are known for not following standards (on purpose) and that might break compatibility or add custom functionality all of a sudden
@ThoriumBR do you think its worth it or makes no difference?
it depends on how knowing your server IP will hurt your security
i think it might be worth it because by having the ip, attackers can access server directly instead of going through cloudflare
theoretically that shouldn't be an issue because the server should be secure anyway. But in terms of ddos protection, cloudflare's protection would be evaded.
I think it's an easy change, and can help
Ok. Thank you, I agree. And it's so easy to do I might as well.
2:21 PM
if you use cloudflare, doesn't every connection come from cloudflare's servers? If so, you can block other connections
so even if an attacker knows your IP, their connections will be refused. So if I'm not wrong, in this situation, Cloudflare helps even if your IP could be looked up somewhere
only for http (80)/https (443) for other services such as ssh i can't block
I see. However I still think it can help
it's not useless, that is
some people need to use a div.hide(), and throw in jquery for that
they need to download some json and display a message? jquery... click on a link and load another page? jquery. display an image? you know... jquery...
@reed This is a bit outdated. The only relevant browser engines today are Gecko (Firefox) Chromium (Chrome, Edge, and others) and WebKit (Safari). For major features (and just about every feature in jQuery) the javascript implementation is pretty consistent and powerful. Many jquery features have been adopted into the specs in the last couple of years in various forms.
You really only see inconsistencies when using more advanced API's which jquery doesn't handle anyway.
In any event, modern day transpilation and polyfill tools such as babel can handle supporting old browsers (even IE in most cases).
3:13 PM
@JBis You should be able to set firewall rules on your server so it only accepts traffic from cloudflare. That won't protect you from volumetric DoS attacks, but it is still helpful. Otherwise you just have to decide for yourself if the potential security benefits outweigh the cost. If you are worried and changing the IP takes a few seconds, then do it.
3:50 PM
@ThoriumBR I'm one of those people, LOL
please don't!
look at that link I posted... you will see A LOT of things can be done without jquery
jquery is never the answer
sometimes it is...
I have a web page that uses jquery plus sparklines to show diagnostic data on two of my servers... it's personal, I look at the page a couple times per day, and I am the only client of it
Nooooooo :-)
The reason is that if I need something, chances are I will need other functionality later (or other plugins that use jquery). The code I touch is generally so bloated by default that jquery won't make a difference. Of course if I had to code something for optimization, jquery wouldn't make sense. The other reason is that I hope to delegate any portability issues to jquery, getting a uniform consistent interface for JS.
3:56 PM
or you want to make sure people with slow computers, or older phones cannot use your site, so you do a Jquery-heavy site when EVERYTHING is created/updated using it
I saw a site with both jquery, dojo, prototype, and custom code mixed there...
So I don't really consider jquery "bloatware", compared to other things like: loading multiple fonts (I've seen like more than 5 fonts loaded by a page, in bold, italics, etc.), multiple huge images (over 1MB, etc.), multiple trackers and ad scripts, background videos with autoplay, cool canvas animations (argh, CPU goes crazy)
@ThoriumBR, I'll read that link anyway, ok
do it, you will become a better dev
you may end up creating your own library...
and in a couple years, you may read this on the interwebs:
"you may not need reedjs"
"10 reasons reedjs is slowing your code"
"replace reedjs with jquery-xp"
"reedjs or not reedjs?"
Exactly, reinventing the wheel is so cool. Everybody says you should not reinvent the wheel, but at the same time that's what everybody does, LOL
There's an xkcd for that of course
meetings, meetings... I have a client that scheduled a 15-min meeting that lasted for an hour and a half... and I am 2h on another meeting that should take 1h...
so if the pattern repeats itself, there are 3h left on this meeting
4:29 PM
@ThoriumBR Comms links and VPNs often drop without warning... just sayin'
no comms issues here... just a 2h30 hour meeting to explain how sftp works...
and it's not the protocol side, the crypto, key exchange, anything... login, password, folder, done
4:51 PM
@ThoriumBR, I checked out that link, I didn't expect vanilla JS to be so simple after IE 10. IE 8 apparently is still a bit of a problem, but after IE 10 things seem to get pretty straightforward. I suppose if you could drop support for IE completely, it would be even better.
drop IE8 support... their numbers don't justify the costs...
Well I've dropped that long ago, actually
I think the only IE version that is still officially supported is IE 11, actually
"boss, I can finish the module in 3 hours if we drop IE8 support. that's less than 0.01% of the population. Or we can support it and will take 3 weeks to finish and test"
so IE11 you go, and no jquery needed for most of the tasks
But to tell you the truth, I've never really bothered to much with IE. My boss would be like: IE doesn't work? Client will have to switch to a better browser (Chrome or Firefox)
A lot of time ago, I saw an online retailer on Australia that had an "IE surcharge" with a large yellow bar on the top of the site, explaining that by using IE, they needed more dev hours to fix the site, so if you insist on using IE, you will pay extra
4:55 PM
yeah, it makes sense, because in the past supporting IE was actually such a pain

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