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8:22 AM
Good morning, my friends
I'm at the doctor right now, just to make sure that weird lump isn't cancer
Because that would not be very spicy
8:50 AM
Mooooooooorning all you beautiful people.
These flags in a TCP dump are confusing me, as I've not seen them before.
Probably means someone was sending too fast
Ok, that's what I thought
ty :)
We had the firewall Hardware swapped out last night, yet it shouldn't of effected this traffic which at that point is within a VPN.
9:32 AM
So yeah, probably not cancer
Or like, a probable Woooooo!
Q: Why does the Wuhan coronavirus genome end in aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa (33 a's)?

Rebecca J. StonesThe Wuhan coronavirus's genome was released, and is now available on Genbank. Looking at it... 1 attaaaggtt tataccttcc caggtaacaa accaaccaac tttcgatctc ttgtagatct 61 gttctctaaa cgaactttaa aatctgtgtg gctgtcactc ggctgcatgc ttagtgcact 121 cacgcagtat aattaataac taattactgt cgttgacagg acacg...

> Scientist: You can clearly see the long sequence of A's. Nobody knows what those are for.
> Hackerman: It's a NOP sled.
2 hours later…
11:34 AM
In other news, has anyone seen @forest recently? I'm starting to worry about him
Q: Sent money, bought and mailed phones. Am I getting scammed?

Jacob BielI follow big give aways on Twitter because I am currently in college debt and need money. This guy direct messaged me asking me a few questions. One thing led to another and next thing you know he tells me that he wants to send me money to help me out. So I signed into my bank and he sent me $1...

It is amazing that in this day and age - with so much information around - folks still fall for basic scams like this. I mean, does anyone still fall for "Nigeria" scams? Maybe! Bummer. :/ — Fattie yesterday
You know, schools should really cover a subject called "Common Sense"
And the test is like: "A stranger contacts you online and offers to give you money. What is this scenario?"
- a.) A scam
- b.) A scam
- c.) A scam
- d.) All of the above
- e.) A nice stranger who just wants to help me out
And anyone who ticks e.) will immediately be shot for the greater good of humanity
11:55 AM
I saw an interesting video, where they were breaking hash tables using gaming GPUs. Basically, the greatest flaw is the users. Microsoft thinks 8 characters are enough https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/security/threat-protection/security-policy-settings/password-must-meet-complexity-requirements - then when you look at their complexity, you end up realising that Password01 meets their requirements and people use that.

They then just tried all the terrible passwords, using them they reverse the hashing, salting and anything else you throw at it. It is the people using weak passwords
12:32 PM
passphrases for the win
Then you turn out on a website that says, password must be between 4 and 12 characters, have a number, lower and uppercase and a special character.
After that you hit dictionary bots.
12:50 PM
@M'vy If your maximum character limit is anywhere below 256 characters, you fail at everything
1:07 PM
@M'vy I used to aim more for passphrases, but finally ditched it for password managers for just that reason.
@MechMK1 I'm glad you're probably okay! If you need it, let me know as I can suggest a number of options that are proven to kill cancer in a petri dish! (and yes, that's an intentional XKCD reference)
@ConorMancone I'll have a sonogram soon
Hopefully then I'll be almost certainly okay :D
Also, I love the culture of the DMZ
If I had suggested to shoot someone in the Tavern, I'd most certainly have been banned for 30 minutes. In the DMZ I just get a star and someone chuckles :D
Ironically, I found your comment funny but not Fatties
I was mildly tempted to sign up for that site just to comment on Fattie's comment
Because, you know, "Kids". This kid was obviously desperate and did something dumb, but scammers literally make a career out of finding desperate people.
The fact that he's there asking about it means that he will at least learn his lesson.
So I would personally be a bit more sympathetic to a particular person in a case like this. The kid is already learning an important lesson the painful way - no need to double down and insult him too (which, I think Fatttie's comment is mildly insulting)
Man, I despise scammers as much as the next one
Making fun of the general case though? Sure, absolutely. Especially today, people need to get better at recognizing scams, and sometimes the best way to do that is to move humanity forward by giving natural selection a little help!
But here is the thing: Common Sense is a thing
And "Nobody would ever gift me thousands of dollars for no reason" should be obvious
I mean, this kid went to college
You might assume that someone like that would actually have an IQ above room temperature
1:22 PM
@MechMK1 It really should be. And we really do teach the wrong things in school. Still, scammers literally making a living out of finding gullible people, getting them to turn off all the safety switches, and then asking them to do something that is clearly questionable. There is legitimately an aspect of, "Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me".
There are some people out there that are just vulnerable to this kind of thing. With some better education they might be able to avoid it. If that doesn't happen though, and they get found by the wrong person in the wrong time, it's like shooting fish in a barrel.
I mean, I'm not trying to excuse the guy all together. He made a bad choice and is going to learn an important lesson in a very painful way. This will not go well for him.
I think it's a valuable lession for that kid
And 1200 USD is comparatively cheap
People got scammed out of way more
And as I said, schools should teach common sense things
I remember we had some kind of "workshop" class, where we were supposed to be taught how to use tools properly
We were given tasks like - and I kid you not - build a functional mechanical pinball machine out of wood. I was 12 at the time.
How many 12-year-old's do you know that can build a functional pinball machine out of wood?
@MechMK1 wow. Talk about unrealistic expectations. Also, a complete waste of time anyway - that sort of skill is largely useless for just about everyone.
@ConorMancone Yes, I agree. It would have been much better to do something actually useful. Like, making a small thing, and actually plan everything from start to finish
Teach the kids how to measure stuff correctly, how to use a bandsaw, etc...
At the end of that course, the kids should be able to correctly assemble any furniture they might buy in the future
Or just, you know, do simple things around the house.
But our teachers(!) were absolute slackers. They thought we were all retards, didn't want to spend any time explaining anything, and instead insulted us when we did things wrong
Like, most kids only knew how to operate a jigsaw because that was the only tool they were taught to use. And then they tried to cut through a 1.5" thick, 5" wide wooden beam with a jigsaw. For HOURS
This is why I like homeschooling (although obviously it's not for everyone)
And for the teachers, that was fine. They didn't say "You are using the wrong tool for the job. You should use the correct saw for that". Instead, they considered that kid "occupied" and that was good
I mean, I am supportive of public schools
But the quality of education dropped so much in recent years
There was even a government funded report about how the influx of immigrants destroyed some schools
Literally, some teachers simply didn't show up anymore, because they were teaching classes that were 100% migrants that didn't speak german
So they just considered it a waste of time
The problem is that something as complex as public education has soooo many moving parts, and it's hard to get all of them right. And as I said before, people like easy solutions and being told that it's easy to fix something.
1:34 PM
We homeschool to make sure our kids get an education that actually matters. There are plenty of failing schools in our area, and regardless some things that I consider most important are never even taught.
I wish that was an option for me. But I couldn't homeschool a kid, even if I had all the necessary skills
I prefer private auxilliary education
@MechMK1 Indeed. One-size-fits-all solutions tend to be a great fit for a minority, a bad fit for many, and only an okay fit otherwise
Honestly, the most important part is just parental involvement
I agree. Parents that give a fuck are in general better prarents than "We tried nothing and we're out of ideas"
Even if my kids went to school they would still learn plenty of the things I consider important because we talk about them all the time anyway
@MechMK1 or, "My kid is doing bad at school - what are you guys doing wrong?"
@ConorMancone I know both this and the flipside of it
1:36 PM
The funny thing about kids is that they are just gigantic sponges.
In one story, the kid tried his hardest to learn, and needed real help from his parents and support classes.
The will absorb everything they can from their environment - whether it is being intentionally taught to them or not.
@ConorMancone I agree absolutely
If they go to school and no one cares, and at home no one cares, they learn that everything is a joke and nothing matters
@ConorMancone Best example: My grandparents, sitting in the kitchen, smoking a cigarette, teaching my dad that smoking is bad.
1:38 PM
@MechMK1 yeah, that ones not going to get far. It would be funny if not a true story...
As I wanted to say before, the parents didn't want to hear it, and instead wanted to blame the school and the teachers for everything. Because they were convinced that the role of the parents in education is to bring the kid to school and buy school books and nohing else.
@MechMK1 very sad
In another story, there was a kid who genuinely struggled with math, and his parents tried everything to help him understand. And when the kid asked the teacher, the teacher said verbatim "It's not my job to teach you math"
That one is actually me
I'm that kid
I still don't know how integrals work
@MechMK1 What a weird thing to say. Seems that would literally be a teacher's job. At least you had some support from parents
It's funny, after that school where I struggled with integrals, they told me I will need this in university
Then I went to university and they were like "wtf no, why would you ever need that?"
@ConorMancone That teacher was...well, I don't want to call her incompetent, though I guarantee I tried my hardest to understand and I could not
This was the kind of instructions we got
1:42 PM
@MechMK1 Indeed. Very few people need to know about integrals. I haven't needed them in a long long time, and doubt I ever will again
This xkcd comic really speaks to me
I was continuously stuck in the ":( <--> ???" loop on the right side
@ConorMancone I've been working with a password manager for a while, and it really gets painful to use when you are not allowed to plug your USB stick in your work computer.
So now, I'm passhprasing and using the password manager
1 hour later…
3:02 PM
I was fortunate enough to get a Cambridge colonial education. These days, kids apply to join my IT department, they supposedly have done A level IT and can't even tell me what OS they are running at home.
Education has become a package that is sold as a result, not as an enrichment of the mind.
@ITGremlin It's funny, we at university had some applicants with 0 IT knowledge
Never touched a computer before
And they wanted to study information security
Like, I don't want to be the guy who says who can and can't study something
But if you have 0 knowledge on some underlying topic and then want to study this on a university niveau, you're just lacking the basics
Imagine I had never touched a guitar before and then applied to a music school
If you guys get me started on "kids these days" I'll never shut up, lol!
3:34 PM
Kids these days with their NeuroLinks. Back in my day, we had to put on goggles with screens on them!
That's what we called "Virtual Reality"
Anyways, see y'all tomorrow
4:35 PM
I fell for the imperial trap again
Dude: "So this will be 5 pounds, 9 ounces. And I need one tenth of that"
Me: "So, 5.9 ounces?"
Dude: "So a bit more than half a pound"
Me: "What?"
@MechMK1 Yeah, pounds and ounces definitely suck
Yeah, I naively assumed if you needed 1/10th of something you could just divide by 10
5:09 PM
Would you use a neural link? I wouldn't trust it. If you can read information, it means they can put information into your head and alter your thoughts.
@ITGremlin In all honesty, not in its early years
But if it has been on the market for like 5-10 years, maybe? Depends if there have already been Black Hat / DEFCON talks about the Shit4Brainz vuln or not
@ITGremlin I don't use IoT devices. That should answer the question for me...
5:24 PM
@ConorMancone it wouldn't be IoT though
at least not necessarily
more like a fancy HID
@MechMK1 Oh yeah, I understand. But if they can't even get simple devices connected securely, what are the odds they can do a brain link properly? I'll take the length of time until people only build secure IoT devices (hasn't happened yet, I'd give it another 50 years at least), triple that, and wait at least that long before I start using a neural link
@ConorMancone Yeah, I understand your reservations. As I said, I would wait until the first hackers spent a while with it
It's like a crypto algorithm
The reason why you don't see any new crypto algorithms around is because there is really no big need for it.
Look at SHA-3 for example. What does it offer that SHA-256 or SHA-512 does not?
You could say, "Oh, SHA-3 does this thing 3.7% better than SHA-2", but that's not really a big thing
Whereas if you said "Bam! Video Games! INSIDE YOUR MIND!" I'd be like "FUCK YEAH!"

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