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10:00 PM
@TildalWave oh?
And of course the only real rep train on SEx.SE these last few days was visited by The Bear :P @ThomasPornin welcome to Space Exploration, you Big Rep Dipper you!! :)
Big Dipper is the 7 brightest stars in the Ursa Major constellation, to those that didn't get the reference ;)
@tylerl that VPN anonymity one
Q: How can you be caught using Private VPN when there's no logs about who you are?

jcho360I know there are 2 services of VPN (free and paid). Normally, free VPNs need money from somewhere and sometimes they can sell your information to any agency that needs it. Now, if we are talking about a paid VPN where they use encryption and don't keep any logs or information about the user, IP a...

If you use a "privacy" VPN provider and get caught doing illegal stuff, you deserve your fate, cause your an idiot.
That's right, "your" an idiot
@tylerl indeed, but that's not my issue with the question... I'm angry I missed easy rep points... I've been fairly busy on Space Exploration last weeks and barely have time even for the review queue here
@TildalWave It'll be ok <3
@Simon yeah... pre-launch anxiety :)
10:12 PM
I wonder if it would be possible to setup a cloud based VPS that provided a VPN service that didn't take any logs. Host it in some country that doesn't observe the rest of the world's view on internet laws.
@Tilda Oh yeah, congrats on the mod stuff. Quite happy for you
I have no idea how some of the guys here do it... @RoryAlsop, or @Gilles to name a few... they don't miss a thing here, and then they dare to take time to have fun too? How the hell do they find the time??
@DavidFreitag Your name would be on the account. Not a bright move.
@Simon NICE! 3 +1s Good job!
10:15 PM
@Adnan Yay @@@
@Tilda I update the answer.
@ungerade I've update my answer to cover the case of that provider and other Swedish service providers. Case #1 is a general case when it comes to court orders, and case #3 talks specifically about the "unauthorised use of an electronic communications" which is the legal jargon for hacking/cracking. — Adnan 5 mins ago
@Adnan What mod stuff? It's just a nomination proposal that I've accepted after being convinced by @ManishEarth ...
@Adnan cheers, going over to read it
@TildalWave Doesn't sound so bad to me
No i mean hypothetically speaking. Like the example i had earlier, banks in the cayman islands don't adhere by US tax laws, thus people hide money there. An anonymous donation to a local business in the country in question and suddenly you have a VPN that wont log users.
@DavidFreitag Are you the same PHPhobic guy?
You seem to have a new avatar
10:17 PM
I got bored with the stock gravatar pic.
@DavidFreitag I'd pay with a prepaid credit card or bitcoins instead of that.
Not PHPhobic, just PHPilliterate.
@DavidFreitag Damn! Connecticut is one of most difficult state names to pronounce
@Adnan Well dunno actually, I have no idea how much more work would that involve considering I'm already fairly active in meta, reviews, edits,... it's uncharted territory to me
at least to me
10:18 PM
@Simon To get the business setup, buy servers, pay for ISP, etc, not to actually use the VPN.
@DavidFreitag Oh, build your own farms. Quite pricey.
@Adnan As far as states in the US are concerned, i would think so.
@DavidFreitag Or embed a raspberry pi into a power strip, plug it in at [establishment here], and suddenly you have a VPN that won't log users.
@TildalWave Nah, I don't think so. You've already done plenty of mod tasks, now you'll just have a bit more authority.
@tylerl Exactly, just on a huge scale that thousands of people can use, and i make profit on.
10:20 PM
@Adnan So you think it's gonna be easier even?
@TildalWave how we do it? Bit of an intimate question, innit? Oh, well, it comes naturally. You'll figure it out one day I'm sure. I mean, your mom did.
@Gilles I could use some visual explanations :P
@TildalWave Well yeah, at least now you won't have someone like me telling you "why did you close that?" or "why did you deleted that?"
You see, when a man loves a woman.
@DavidFreitag What happens?
Suspense is killing me!!!!
10:21 PM
@TildalWave good thing you have a web browser handy then
@Adnan Damn.. you got me, i don't actually know. I think something to do with a stork, some scotch, and barry manilow.
@Gilles Honestly tho, how in hell do you handle it all? You found the way to make time run slower, or what?
@TildalWave innuendo aside, handle what?
@TildalWave Pure methamphetamines, that will make your world go real slow.
@Gilles All the mod stuff here on SE + answer tons of questions and good at that too + other stuff (you CTFs for example) + work + family + spare time??
10:24 PM
Jun 4 at 20:22, by Adnan
@Gilles Wait what?! I do have a fairly good idea about sex. You hold hands with a girl then rub your head on her back while eating ice-cream!
@TildalWave mod stuff actually doesn't take that much time, I do it on small sites
though I spend far more time on community mod stuff than on diamond mod stuff (review, edits, etc.)
@Gilles This just made a rock fall off my chest! :) Glad to hear that!
answers: mostly either I answer something that interests me anyway, or something where I know the subject well
I enjoy writing when there's no constraint, so it counts against fun time
@Gilles well yes sure but it still takes time... I have one answer I write for space open now for 3 days, and I've realized I need to watch some documentaries I wanna reference in it... and I'm about 15 minutes in (out of 2 hours +) in about two days LOL
But it's true it's barely made it to public beta and there's still question that'll prolly later be closed as too broad a lot faster ... but we need canonical Q&A and some are still worth the trouble in the long run IMO
@TildalWave I do have a backlog of hundreds of questions that I haven't found the time to research or to write up
10:32 PM
@Gilles oh?
@TildalWave don't worry about canonical questions much in the first few months
it takes experience to figure out what canonical questions are right
it's all too easy to end up with something no one cares about, or with a dud that tries to cram everything and the kitchen sink
@Gilles Yes ... it makes sense what you say of course. :) But is still nice to hear this from guys with experience, because I have almost none
for your enjoyment, I think these are the two answers that took me the most time to write (there may be a few other contenders where I spent a long time thinking or experimenting about potential solutions):
A: In The Lord of the Rings, what important background information is contained in the poems?

GillesFor sure, some of the poems merely set the mood, while other convey background information, though I think you can get by without reading most of them. (This will however reduce your enjoyment of the book — they're there for a purpose after all.) The Fellowship of the Ring, book one: hobbit and ...

A: What do the flags in /proc/cpuinfo mean?

Gillesx86 (32-bit a.k.a. i386–i686 and 64-bit a.k.a. amd64. In other words, your workstation, laptop or server.) FAQ: Do I have… 64-bit (x86_64/AMD64/Intel64)? lm Hardware virtualization (VMX/AMD-V)? vmx (Intel), svm (AMD) Accelerated AES (AES-NI)? aes TXT (TPM)? smx a hypervisor (announced as such...

@Gilles Have you considered writing a Linux bible? Or maybe you have already? LOL
@TildalWave there are plenty already
what annoyed me with /proc/cpuinfo is that all the information is available somewhere, but it has to be collated from a squillion different places
10:43 PM
Hm, think starbucks would get mad at me if i setup a VPN with a raspberry pi with a wireless adapter hidden in one of their potted plants?
@Gilles Yup, that sounds like the answer I'm writing now... maybe I finish it till the weekend LOL
for this one:
Q: Radiation shielding magnetic or mass, which is more efficient?

James JenkinsAs I understand it; being away from earth subjects you to significant health risks from radiation. On Earth most of this risk is deflected by Earth's magnetic field. I did not find a reference but presumably this magnetic field could be duplicated in a spaceship given sufficient energy. I also ...

Problem is, the question only mentions two methods of deflecting harmful particles (there's more than 2), and is not specific about any particles out of many... and then there's loads of mission parameters on which it would depend upon... and so on and so on...
I think the question would come down to weight. I get the feeling that generating a magnetic field to repel particles would be lighter than a mass-based deflection setup. But by the same token, it might be too difficult to generate the necessary power to sustain such a field.
@DavidFreitag well yes, but with a single source of radiation and assuming you don't need to shield the whole of the spaceship, just the habitable space, you could save on weight substantially with the "umbrella" (inverted dish) for example...
@TildalWave Yeah, but then you have to worry about expanding the field to areas that, for example, need servicing etc. You also have to worry about power outages/fluctuations.
@DavidFreitag yes... my list is: proximity, number, activity of radiation source, exposure length, size of habitable areas, reusability of naturally shielded areas, active shielding energy requirements, durability / reliability / servicing, EVA, spacecraft design parameters, mass ratios,... the list goes on
@Adnan you want me to delete my comment there?
10:56 PM
@TildalWave Sounds like this guy should be expecting one heck of an answer in the next few days. Should be a good read.
@DavidFreitag I'm actually looking for shortcuts, because similar stuff was already envisioned by many space engineers before,... so I have this 2h docu movie open, waiting... and then a few other PDF documents e.t.c.
@TildalWave I might answer that one
but I'll refrain if you have an answer in the pipe.
@ThomasPornin Go ahead ;) You can reuse from our conversation here, if it helps.... I was thinking something along the lines of what BBC envisioned with Pegasus:
lol, denied.
@DavidFreitag what is?
11:00 PM
@DavidFreitag furthermore, denied in Korean. This is demeaning.
The picture you pasted has invalid image reference, unless that's what you were going for.
^^^^ that's what SE sees, and what I see too, and presumably David and Thomas as well
The ability to use a chrome extension to inject whatever javascript you want into a page makes this whole hacking thing much easier. I mean, the stuff on HTS is pretty much childs play to anyone who actually knows what they are doing.
@DavidFreitag HTS?
11:08 PM
@TildalWave hackthissite.org
@DavidFreitag Oh
Although i hate the word "hacking." everyone uses it as an umbrella term, it's over-used and beaten to a pulp. It's so annoying.
I hate "Cloud" more.
I suppose. I use it because i understand the concept.
11:23 PM
two words I hate the most: hive and cyberspace
speaking of space exploration
(and I really recommend reading the rest of the comic, it's both interesting and funny)
LOL this made me think of the Dyson sphere idea
> For the swarm of independent solar panels - yes. We would just need to build a hell of a lot of them - might need to take apart a small planet for raw materials though...
talking of medium sized ideas :)
space exploration isn't the main theme of this comic. If you move forward a few strips, it gets into AIs, well, I don't want to spoil it

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