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4:13 AM
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12:40 PM
Got my Science Fiction and Fantasy swag yesterday, but my wife failed to mention it then and I didn't have time to check it out this morning before heading out the door. Looking forward to opening the box when I get home. Thanks again, @Gilles, for letting me know about that!
12:53 PM
@IsziRoryorIsznti while I do appreciate, and enjoy, our own swag, I'm sure scifi's swag is immeasurably cooler.
as is gaming's.
1:05 PM
@AviD I wasn't in Gaming early enough to make the cut for swag, so I wouldn't know about theirs.
Even if they did do a second round (hey, an annual swag pack would kinda be cool!) I still wouldn't qualify - I'm on page 4.
@IsziRoryorIsznti I'm just guessing - if the swag is anything to do with the site (and I understand that usually it is, just by us there's not really anything to do for it...) then their's is most probably cool.
though there was a point where they did give out copies of some new games...
I can't wait for Role-playing Games to get their turn! Lots of good ideas in this thread...
Q: What RPG-specific swag would you like?

Brett WhiteThis is somewhat similar to the dead and very old Convention swag for promotion thread, but I also believe it is vastly different. In this meta thread, I want to collect a list of items that Stack Exchange can have made (we have a budget! and a designer!) that will help you, as well as Stack, pro...

very cool
but seriously, wtf kinda swag could we have that has anything to do with IT Security??
unless we go with the dimunitive, but ever so cooler, sec.se. The way it's pronounced, natch.
1:25 PM
@AviD Did you ever get around to joining twitter?
@IsziRoryorIsznti not really.
Ah. Well, for you then...
never intended to, I dont really have any use for it
I dont see any use for Twitter, for anyone...
Siri has been banned from IBM's internal networks over concern that spoken queries might be stored somewhere http://gizmodo.com/5912554/at-ibm-headquarters-siri-is-persona-non-grata
Thanks to @GrahamLee for re-sharing the tweet.
ironically, I do have an account - yknow, sometimes you need to sign in there for some crap... but never use it.
@IsziRoryorIsznti excellent! thanks...
1:29 PM
That's my main use for Twitter, really. Keeping up with random news that gets shared around.
1:43 PM
Well this is just Rory...
It seems my new SN is causing some confusion in RPG General Chat and Ask Ubuntu General Room, since I did a "rejoin all favorites".
Dunno why I replicated the name change across all profiles.
So, I went to revert the change on my other profiles and got this...
@IsziRoryorIsznti oooo nasty. good to know, not to play namechanging games anymore
like we sometimes do during lanparties. yknow, just to confuse the other team...
@AviD Or at least, not to play any you don't want to live with for a month.
@AviD LAN parties... was that a fad, or do those still happen? I never made it to one, myself.
@IsziRoryorIsznti sure. not as often as we would like, though
I think the problem now is there's not so much a need, or even a real use, for them. Almost all multiplayer these days is online-only.
it is a lot of fun, assuming you like playing computer games. And, hearing the screams of frustration when you repeatedly headshot someone from across the room, or sneak up behind them and knife them....
@IsziRoryorIsznti yeah, but its more about being in the room with the people you're playing with. a lot to be said for that, actually, and not just the beer.
otherwise you might as well be playing against the computer...
1:51 PM
...and don't forget Bawls. Gotta have Bawls at a LAN party, or so I've heard...
In semi-related news, it seems Real Life Comics is horribly non-searchable.
Ah, bawls.
Oh, here we are...
@AviD @RoryAlsop Looks like we have a newbie with a NaRQ...
Q: making a start in finding exploits

cobieI am a thorough newbie in computer security but the Google chrome exploit reward has gotten me interested in computer security and I would like to know what is an ideal starting point for one interested in computer security..It may be a reading list, a tutorial etc I just want so

2:38 PM
@IsziRoryorIsznti heh
what is it?
@IsziRoryorIsznti yeah... but this case would call for a proper comment, but I dont have time/energy right now...
feel like commenting, and I'll hammer it?
@AviD What is bawls? Really?
Bawls Guarana is a highly caffeinated soft drink containing natural Guarana flavor and a relatively high amount of caffeine, amongst other ingredients. BAWLS products are owned by BAWLS Acquisition of Miami, Florida. Packaging BAWLS Guarana is packaged in a trademarked cobalt blue, non-slip, glass bottle, while BAWLS eXXtra comes in a clear bottle. Both containers are covered in approximately 122 bumps to increase the traction of the container in an individual's hands, and BAWLS Mints feature 207 artificial bumps on the tin, with no texture. The bumps also add to the distinctive look ...
should I be embarrassed...?
looks interesting, but I've never seen it around these parts.
Hi there
@AviD Done. How's that?
@Mvy Hey! Your move, last I checked.
heya @Mvy
2:51 PM
G'day gents
Howdy @ScottPack. Sleep well?
@IsziRoryorIsznti Not as well as I would have hoped, but well enough.
Yeah, sleep deprivation's a bitch to catch up on especially during the work week. I'm very familiar with the scenario.
On the plus side, today is thesis day, so I'm actually sitting on my back porch right now.
Yep @IsziRoryorIsznti I know. Should be more effective now that I have ended a lot of games
meant : *efficient
3:37 PM
Gotta love ArcAttack.
sound is still imprecise
@Mvy It was good enough to get them to the semi-finals on AGT a few years back.
Speaking of which... @ScottPack are you tracking that this season?
3:53 PM
@IsziRoryorIsznti naw, he's too busy with the Eurogayvision.
@IsziRoryorIsznti Moreso Katie, but yeah. I'm glad they got rid of Piers.
@AviD In a couple of minutes I'm gonna be busy with lunch. Then I'll probably come back outside.
@ScottPack I'm not sure I'm exactly glad they got rid of Piers, but Howard is definitely adding his own flavor to the show in more of a good way than I'd expected.
okay, this room just got officially boring.
I'll need to be careful, though. We had a very wet and warm winter/spring, so it's already mosquito season. I'll probably have to treat that with a tincture of quinine.
<slams the door on the way out>
3:55 PM
@IsziRoryorIsznti Piers tended to really rory me off most of the rorying time.
@ScottPack I found him often a bit harsh, but almost as often expressing exactly what I was thinking.
Howard seems to have picked up the latter, and mostly dropped the former.
So, now we have a Simon Cowell show without a Simon. Which is... odd.
Then again, I think Idol hasn't had a Simon since Simon left either.
I don't watch that one much though, so I wouldn't know for sure.
AGT is the only reality/game show I watch. Even it tends to be a bit much for me sometimes.
so, I always wondered if real people watch those shows.
I mean sane people, of course
Though, I guess I'm still left wondering - since if you watch those shows, you're pretty much excluded from the other group. ;-)
@AviD I think the sanity of anyone in this room is generally considered questionable.
@IsziRoryorIsznti I meant relativistically speaking, of course.
4:09 PM
@AviD What does our sanity, or lack thereof, have to do with the speed of light?
Wow. This question has two top, contradicting answers with equal votes. Isn't that the very definition of S&A?
I like that the two popular answers to this question are "yes" and "no". http://programmers.stackexchange.com/q/149708/4051
Then again, it is Programmers.
4:37 PM
@RoryAlsop @AviD Aren't these duplicate?
Q: How secure are "mobile authenticators" versus traditional key fobs?

Nick TTwo-factor authentication, password + device, seems to be increasingly mainstream among consumers with products like Activision Blizzard's Battle.NET authenticators. However, I am curious what the difference in level-of-security between a stand-alone key fob and mobile phone. Given the connec...

Q: Is tokenless (specifically SMS) 2FA a security compromise over OTP tokens?

NewtI've been looking into the various pros/cons of tokenless (particularly SMS based) and traditional token based two-factor authentication (think RSA SecurID). After doing some research, I think I have a better understanding of the two options when it comes to usability, cost, etc, but I'm having t...

Or are they just "different enough"?
@IsziRoryorIsznti ... username confusion?
@JeffFerland I think you missed some fun.
@IsziRoryorIsznti I don't know... sounds like the party lasts another 29 days :)
@IsziRoryorIsznti Fantastic drink. Hard to find without ordering custom.
@JeffFerland Really? Used to be (haven't checked in awhile) in just about every 7-Eleven around here.
@IsziRoryorIsznti Used to be around here too. :(
4:43 PM
Y'know, I wonder now... Will the at-references to @IsziRoryorIsznti get broken when I revert to @Iszi? @Iszi still works now, for obvious reasons, but will the system continue to recognize that old @IsziRoryorIsznti pointers are supposed to point at me after the change?
@IsziRoryorIsznti I think yes. The system is based on message numbers, so the links will still follow.
Whether the "@" text changes... I think it doesn't.
@JeffFerland On the main site it doesn't. I occasionally find comments written to @packs still.
5:15 PM
If anyone in here is more familiar with the Windows command line interface than I...
Q: Run a second command after the first completes or errors

Iszi Rory or IszntiI know that you can run two commands in sequence, with one line, by putting && between them like this: hostname && w32tm /query /configuration However, this && function has a limitation: It only executes the second command if the first is successful. My preferred use ...

5:29 PM
I'm testing the strength of my own input form that connects to a mysql db. I inputed for username DROP TABLE *; the command wasn't taken and the table wasn't dropped. I haven't yet built in any security features into any of the systems (java app, php api, mysql db). I'm not sure where to even start to ask a good question regarding if i did the sqli injection right or if one of my languages has a built in escape feature or something similar...any thoughts?
6:03 PM
Obligatory XKCD in 3... 2...
Speaking of Bobby Tables, I got to hear a story from a university that ended up with (due to their faculty/staff username algorithm) a username of null.
Apparently Blackboard didn't handle it so well.
Fun Fact: Blackboard converts all usernames to upper case for processing.
1 hour later…
7:16 PM
Is it just me, or does this answer not really relate to the question?
A: What advantages and disadvantages do Palo Alto firewalls have, compared to others in the market

mbnavaEndian firewall can do this job easy. check this report of NSS LAB. jejeje IE9 es estupendo bloqueando malware, dice NSS Labs ... "According to the report, the ability of the Microsoft platform to block malicious URLs, malware and identity theft surpasses Chrome" Do you Believe that? also, St...

@ScottPack Got a flag from me.
I had already hit the edit button to clean up the spelling mistakes when I realized exactly how...yeah...the thing is.
By the way, if any of you haven't checked out @ZulyGonzalez's company yet, I'd say the product is worth a look.

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