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12:53 AM
@JonEricson, I just defended your turkey question on meta
@Ami Thanks. I think the original wording was too loose, so I've edited it.
Leviticus is tough to understand, but Milgrom's book is incredible and deals with these issues in a really rigorous way.
I've sent a sample of it to my (new) Kindle. It sounds interesting.
1:11 AM
for you
I just had a weird idea
do you know of a blogging platform that would facilitate the collaborative writing of a commentary on the Bible?
it sounds like a pretty simple thing that should exist already.
If so, wouldn't it be cool for hermeneutics.SE to have a sister site housing a commentary on the Bible being collaboratively edited by members of this site
And they could cross link to each other
and hopefully drive more traffic to hermeneuitcs.SE
@Ami I think Stack Exchange has a per-site blog. It would be a good idea, I think if we had enough writers.
Other sites have blogs at: blogoverflow.com
What I'm thinking about is more than a blog...I'm thinking about a net.bible.org UI where on one pane you have the Bible text and on the other pane you have a commentary wiki
The idea being that people would go to this site to read a bible with commentary just like they might go to net.bible.org or biblegateway to read a bible with commentary
There's also taggedtanakh.org, but that doesn't look very active. (I use it to get the NJPS online.)
@Ami That would be really cool.
I don't much like the new net.bible.org, however. It's too clunky.
Actually just being able to add links from a Bible site to specific questions here would be helpful.
I'm currently watching the "tagged tanakh" video
Well, I have to shut down and head home to my family.
1:24 AM
have a good night
Having looked at Tagged Tanakh for a few minutes...TaggedTanakh is a frustrating place to be because it's almost a well designed site.
2:14 AM
@JonEricson, I think I figured out a way to implement my commentary idea. Next time we're both around, we'll talk about it.
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3:08 PM
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7:39 PM
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8:08 PM
@Ami I think I've found something related to what you are suggesting. YouVersion created the iOS app that I use to read the Bible on my iPod.
One of the features of their website is the ability to write notes on specific Bible passages. Most of the notes are not high value, but I think it's acceptable there to link to other sites.
I created an account (my handle there is Ichthydion) and tried making a public note on one of our favorite passages.
8:37 PM
Poking around over there, it seems like they don't exert any editorial control and linking somewhere else in the notes isn't against the terms of service. I'm not sure yet if a link from there to here will be worth the effort, but I don't think it could hurt.
There's a lot of confusion about the Bible out there.

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