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8:36 AM
@Susan - re: Job 19:26, if you can get access to Clines, Job 1-20, he treats this fairly fully on pp. 461, 463-4. Modern handling still rooted in history of exegesis, it seems. Clines cites Speers' 58-page article on this, inter alia.
Would like to offer something in yr Q&A, but time is at premium just now. Trying to be disciplined ... failing miserably ... :/
@Davïd @Susan Drat - didn't catch bad link until edit grace period elapsed - trying again! So hope you can get to Clines, Job 1-20 ... with a better link!
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2:55 PM
Q: Why is Revelations canon?

BlochAs a source, the book of Revelation is something of an outlier for a book of the Bible that got accepted into the canonical New Testament of all the major branches of Christianity: it is the only explicitly eschatological work in this common New Testament, its date of composition is generally tak...

Q: Questions about canonicity

maj nem ɪz dænSomeone brought up a question that had been closed as being off topic (correctly, in my judgment) that had the canonicity tag. The canonicity tag wiki says: The study of how a text came to be placed in a Canon of Scripture. Questions about whether a text should be included in the canon are ...

Can't figure out where we quite landed on the question of canonicity.
Seems the question about Revelation was asked before and closed. But Jack's question about 1 Enoch and the answer that accompany it are highly upvoted.
3:42 PM
@Davïd Did you just ping yourself? Did that work?
Will work on getting that, thanks!
4:07 PM
@Susan pinging yourself does in fact work
as does responding to yourself
though you have to do it manually
: and then your own message id
you can get it from the share link
or permalink
@AJHenderson a fount of essential chat tips you are!
@Susan yeah, I'm a kinda former IRCop, so I tend to lurk in chat a lot
(kinda former because technically my o-line is still valid, I just am hardly ever on the network I have an o-line on)
so I pick up a lot of tricks as I go
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5:41 PM
> Trust in the LORD forever, for the LORD GOD is an everlasting rock. Isaiah 26:4 ESV
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8:01 PM
@Soldarnal Both the Revelation questions seem to me to have other issues than the question of topicality that might have pushed them over that slightly fuzzy line - I've asked the core question anew and let's see if it gets closed :)
@Susan it would be possible to move Richards original answer over to my new question if you feel that would be appropriate.
8:26 PM
@JackDouglas You know that Enoch question where I answered from one of my seminary papers? That assignment had two parts. 1) study a book that was excluded from Western Christianity; 2) study a book that was debated but accepted by Western Christianity.
I'll work on formatting it for here. The two parts should both be around.
That book in part 2 was Revelation.
8:54 PM
@AJHenderson @Susan I did in fact even get the dreaded rubber-metallic BONK!, so that made it an official reflexive ping. ;) The process was just as AJ described it - I just wanted to keep the conversation linked.
@JackDouglas It would have the happy bi-product of restoring his 7 UV's at the same time. Must have been a nuisance to get them deleted. Jack's form the question is certainly more cogent than Bloch's (the newish one), but the deleted one might almost have passed muster.
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10:06 PM
@JackDouglas Good question. I could put my $0.02 if I could get some time. :)

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