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3:21 PM
Q: Why is this question closed?

Jim Thiohttp://hermeneutics.stackexchange.com/questions/8372/why-does-the-net-bible-use-heavenly-assembly-when-translating-benei-israel?noredirect=1#comment17576_8372 First it says that the question is duplicate. I think it's pretty obvious that the question is NOT duplicate. The question is motivated ...

3:52 PM
Q: Why ten commandsments are called ten commandments?

Jim ThioThe number of commandments are more than 10. More like 15. It depends on whether several commandments are lumped into one or not. Different christian denominations combine them differently. For example, I am Yahweh your god You shall not have other god besides me You shall not make statues You...

I've closed this ^^^^. Not sure if it could be re-opened tagged , thoughts?
1 hour later…
5:20 PM
@JonEricson Now look what you've gotten me into. I try the waters with a couple of posts and almost no meta action and somebody goes and nominates me for moderator. If SE eats my life I'm holding you responsible. Think twice before you throw invite links around next time. ;-)
@Caleb @JonEricson bahahaha
5:50 PM
@Caleb You can lead a horse to water but you can't make him... not drink?
4 hours later…
9:36 PM
the little stack bar informed me that i lost 125 rep due to user deletion
@swasheck regrettably, there will probably be further losses for that reason
@Amaterasu what happened?
unfortunately, i feel that i am getting preached at when i write my (science based) questions...
i know those questions, when based on the text are welcome on BH and that atheists like me are theoretically welcome - being preached at does not reflect at -to me, it shows a lack of respect for my beliefs. This site will be great when it evolves to fully embrace these types of questions...
9:58 PM
@Amaterasu Can you give me an example?
well, the onein particular I can no longer find...
but you're a CM aren't you? could you by chance enact my two account deletion requests please?
@Amaterasu I could. But I tend to suggest people just let their accounts sit fallow unless there's a real good reason to remove them. The deletion process is effectively irreversible.
@Amaterasu Looking at your main account, I didn't see anything too preachy. The "star of Bethlehem" question hasn't gotten a great answer, but that's partially because there's tons of speculation and not much in the way of solid fact out there.
i know it is irreversable
with Physics (request 1) it has been a long time coming and with here, some members seem to think that I 'must' be saved - that is irritating to an atheist
and I would rather not have any 'deadweight' to my account
i'd be happier if the bandaid were ripped off now
10:16 PM
@Amaterasu Ok. We recently implemented a 24-hour countdown. I've started it on both your BH and Physics accounts. If you change your mind, there's a link on your profile.
thats a good idea
my other sites I am a marginally useful member
@Amaterasu I'd like to see if we can fix that problem for future visitors. We can't actually stop people from saying stuff, obviously. Like any community, some people will say and do rude things. But we have tools to discourage anti-social behavior that we could use if need be.
the users are not being rude, but they are preaching - I clearly ask for a scientific reson, and in comments - I get messages that preach to me - it is tiresome and disrespectful of my beliefs
there was a comment in particular from a member rhetor..something or other, actually, a couple of them
they seem to be gone now
@Amaterasu I can certainly understand that frustration. It's kinda hard to do much about it.
@Amaterasu It's really likely a moderator deleted them.
I understand that there is little that can be done, but you can understand how tiresome it is to read that kind of thing again and again...
10:29 PM
@Amaterasu I see the comments that were deleted. A moderator responded to a flag on them.
anyway, I don't want to waste your time
thank you for assiting me though
@Amaterasu Oh, it's not a waste. I think this site needs more questions like the ones you asked, so I'm sad to see you go. But I can understand how it can be wearing on you.
there will be others like me, but it was more thn wearing me down, it was almost indirectly insulting
@JonEricson but is it possibe to have the chat here deleted to chat.stackexchange.com/transcript/message/13906584#13906584?
@Amaterasu If you don't mind, I'd really like to leave this as a signpost for others to read. We won't be able to address issues in the future if we sweep them under the rug every time.
okay, at least one thing useful I would have contributed
10:39 PM
@Amaterasu Plus three questions and an answer that I personally found interesting.
people will come and doo far better
I've got to run get my son from school. I hope to see you around the network.
i'llbe around the network - have a great day and thanks again :)

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