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1:38 PM
Anyone who worked with PCB implementation ever have to drill a hole bigger?
why would you? just produce it with the right size
I made the mounting holes the same size as the datalogger's, but
I will next time I order it
@PlasmaHH ^
but the standoff screw end will not fit in my board's mounting holes
so you're screwed...
ha [straight faced]
So can I drill holes in the PCB for the standoffs? It's not connected to the electronics.
as long as there is no copper anywhere you can drill as much as you want
1:47 PM
ok. thanks. Searched a bunch of different phrases, but PCB + holes...no dice when plopped in the middle of the sea (i.e., interweb)
3 hours later…
4:58 PM
Hi, Is anyone else (>3000 rep) now suddenly unable to edit questions/answers?

I was able to do it earlier today, but now the "Save edits" button stays grey, can't be clicked, and the "tags" are not correctly recognised (which is probably why "Save edits" remains grey, as there needs to be at least one recognised tag).
I've logged out then logged in again, no change...
I've now clarified that only the editing of questions is affected, since only questions have tags. Something has changed with the website code (since we now have highlights (from CSS?) around text boxes). I suspect the problem with editing questions has started at the same time as this change to the site's code.
5:43 PM
@SamGibson I don't see that problem
@PlasmaHH - Thanks. I've just done a close & re-open of the browser (IE11 on Win 7 - it's required for other purposes). No difference - when trying to edit a question, all the tags show as unrecognised (no box around the words) and so the Save edits button remains grey and unclickable.
Next step will be to try another browser - which one are you using, please?
Ie, No wonder that nothing works
Thanks - that's a potential problem for unrelated reasons, but it's good to know one which works.

Yeah, yeah, I know, but I deal with some sites where specific actions have *other* problems with other browsers, and so IE was the least bad option. What a surprise, huh?!
Clearing all temporary / cached IE files has also made no difference.

At least if anyone else has problems editing questions and looks here in chat, they'll know that they're not alone. It does seem to coincide with the change to the site, introducing a "glow" around the text box which has the focus.
Thanks again, I'll leave the chat and go and work on this. Cheers!
They won't because stuff Scrolls quickly up
2 hours later…
7:30 PM
@PlasmaHH Scroll? What scroll?
Is it a magic scroll?
With dangerous incantations?
Or deadly recipes?
Why is it fast?
Is it strapped to the back of something?
Maybe a dragon?
Or can it fly itself?
1 hour later…
8:43 PM
Hi, could someone explain to me the meaning of "spectral impedance" in this answer?
@Blue tonys words mean whatever tony wants them to mean
@PlasmaHH Well, umm, tbh the answer doesn't make much sense to me. In any case, do you happen to know the answer to the original question?
Spectrum usually means frequency or wavelength range of interest. As in Spectrometer and Spectrum Analyzer — Tony EE rocketscientist 17 secs ago
That doesn't seem to explain "spectral impedance" either...
well, arent lattice networks based on electrical waves? those propagate through transmission lines, or similar things?
I'm not sure how they're based on electrical waves. Only the relation to two-port networks is obvious i.e. a lattice network can be treated as a two-port network.
9:05 PM
at certain frequencies everything is a transmission line
@PlasmaHH - Hi again, Yes understood that the earlier discussion will scroll off the top of the page soon. Thanks for the info about Chrome.

For anyone else who is impacted, the bug affecting IE11 has been reported on Meta.Stackexchange: https://meta.stackexchange.com/questions/312875/unable-to-ask-new-questions-or-edit-questions-from-internet-explorer-11 and https://meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/371290/tags-arent-working-correctly-when-writing-or-editing-a-question
9:23 PM
Huh, I thought Amazon links got special formatting here
maybe in some other hcat?
Anyway, it was a good book. About a scroll. That is all.
10:07 PM
Q: Who said, "all sensors are temperature sensors, but some are better than others"?

DanOne of my favorite electrical quotes goes something like "all sensors are temperature sensors, but some are better than others". Unfortunately, I don't remember where I read this. What is the origin of the quote?

1 hour later…
11:26 PM
hey there @laptop2d
11:50 PM
@ThePhoton 💚💛💜

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