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12:00 AM
[Minesweeper] 29 Games Played. 18 Bombs Used. 4279 Moves Performed. 5 New Users
[rubberduck-vba/Rubberduck] 1 issues closed. 8 issue comments
1:00 AM
it seems I will need to read up on github actions
12 hours later…
12:49 PM
> **Rubberduck version information**
Version 2.5.2.x (debug)
OS: Microsoft Windows NT 10.0.19042.0, x64
Host Product: Microsoft Office x64
Host Version: 16.0.14527.20276
Host Executable: EXCEL.EXE

When both the Test Explorer and Code Inspection windows are displayed, running unit tests (one or more) causes the Code Inspection window to enter a constant state of refresh (spinning ducks).

**To Reproduce**

1. Open Code Inspections window
2. Open Test Explorer
3. Ru
3 hours later…
3:20 PM
@Vogel612 nice! I ended up re-putting everything into one repo/solution and dropping the idea of dispatching actions across repos (and then questioning the relevance of all that layering and separation), since both could be made public after all the needed secrets are nowhere in the appsettings!
So actions only trigger a build for now; if I understand correctly it should be possible to configure them to publish to hosting when [main] gets merged into.
and they can also be configured to build on multiple OS and OS versions!
I need to log into GD and create another database now, because the schema is changing a little and it would break the site that's online :/
4:32 PM
fml I can't create a 2nd SQL Server db, it would have to be MySQL - not happening.... ... ...I'll ...change the scripts to use the same db (named rubberduckdb) and the old data will live in [dbo] and the new script will have it live in a new [content] schema or something.
1 hour later…
5:35 PM
woot, the hosted database is ready
6:04 PM
...and the deployment script works
6:39 PM
well locally anyway
7:01 PM
almost there, just gotta work out the correct path to pick up build artifacts at
1 hour later…
8:14 PM
at last!
> Error: The add-path command is disabled. Please upgrade to using Environment Files or opt into unsecure command execution by setting the ACTIONS_ALLOW_UNSECURE_COMMANDS environment variable to true.
8:47 PM
> *** Could not deploy package.
Error SQL72014: .Net SqlClient Data Provider: Msg 5011, Level 14, State 9, Line 5 User does not have permission to alter database 'rubberduckdb', the database does not exist, or the database is not in a state that allows access checks.
9:02 PM
> Updating database (Start)
Update complete.
Updating database (Complete)
Successfully published database.
done updating database
now the API deployment
9:36 PM
ohhh promising changes
~trots off to delete the local copy of Rubberduck.API that has been merged into RubberduckWebsite
> Running tests should not affect the code inspections window in any way, so that interaction is somewhat worrying...
10:00 PM
> would be nice to have a LIKE option so that it could exclude all filenames that match
would be nice to be able to Exclude Folders section too
10:12 PM
I'm this close to just moving everything to Azure
GD webdeploy is a PITA
@MathieuGuindon does that surprise you in any way?
> For clarification: Are you referring to filesystem folders or Rubberduck @Folders? The first one is going to be easier than the second one, because we need to do at least some parsing to get the @Folder of a module.
> Hm, I wonder why I have not implemented it that way in the first place.

It should be easy to allow specifying regexes and matching on them at the one place where we filter out the ignored projects.
@Vogel612 @Duga I think it has to be filesystem folders since we can only ignore projects in their entirety.
that would make sense (and I didn't think of that yet), but better safe than sorry :D
10:25 PM
Folders can then be dealt with via the regex option as well.
10:38 PM
Hm, we will have to keep the patterns a bit separated because Windows file paths need to be escaped a lot to for the right regex.
> Vogel612, I believe the filesystem folders. I'm specifically talking about choosing RubberDuck, then Settings, then Ignored Projects. it would be nice to be able to match excluded names or folders. the reason is I increment my filenames from time to time and it takes time for RD to scan the new filename, which I can then exclude.
Thanks MDoerner. you guys are very responsive. thanks for all your efforts.
11:45 PM
[rubberduck-vba/Rubberduck] 1469 stars vs. [decalage2/oletools] 1827 stars

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