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> Partially addresses the warnings from #5881

Because certain supertypes can have foreign names, they may require bracketing. However, we also need to handle cases where the supertype names might be already bracketed or contains qualified names (e.g. `Excel.Worksheet` or `VBAProject.Class1`), we need to be pessimistic about the legality of the name when resolving the supertype in the `TypeHierarchyPass`. The new method introduced will attempt to split the supertype name on the `.` and bracket
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[rubberduck-vba/Rubberduck] build for commit c106c802 on unknown branch: AppVeyor build succeeded
@Duga Please also note that we have inspections relying on the supertype names, AFAIK. So, we should really only introduce brackets if we have to to make the name parsable.
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1:43 PM
> As I mentioned in the OP, this will cause the tests on the implicit worksheet inspection to fail because it does not handle the bracketed version. I want to avoid making it conditional to bracket the name because that would devolve into whack-the-mole game trying to find all possible offensive characters that could appear in a supertype name. When running the bracketed name via the expression parser in the TypeHierarchyPass, it gets stripped away for the purpose of comparing against other de
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> Just to take some notes based on the PR #5888 that may be relevant for full resolution of hidden interfaces.

The supertypes are also provided from the `Implements` statement, handled within `DeclarationSymbolsListener`. This is deferred until the resolution in `TypeHierarchyPass` and for that reason, the `GetText()` is used there. That made me wonder whether it was possible to implements a poorly named module. Thankfully, VBA does not seem to permit names like those:
Implements [Bad N
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10:26 PM
> Thanks for reporting this since it is a bug, indeed.

However, could you see whether this still occurs in a newer prerelease? This should be fixed since the overhaul of the inspection in prerelease
10:47 PM
> Thanks, I've just installed

You're right, it appears to be fixed now - the inspection is not showing.
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